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An Intermediate Guide to Clerics


I’m not exactly happy yet with this layout yet, but it should be as ready as possible for our update now. Gl and HF.


Welcome to my cleric re:build guide, here I will attempt to help you figure out how clerics work in this new and daring(ly boring) update.
As usual, please read the bolded text on top to ensure this guide is still up to date first.

Just like the previous patches a lot of mechanics have again changed, but unfortunately, there isn’t quite enough documentation or testing that shows just how much and how exactly things changed yet.
We do have dev blogs for their initial plans, but most changes to said plans are not mentioned even if they are made which can make them quite misleading.

I will still link to relevant blog posts and try to verify them asap when we get rebuild though, just don’t trust them entirely asap.

The current class pages are pretty good in terms of descriptions, though I still need to verify a few bits here and there:

Otherwise also check out the english variants of the blogposts at:

And thanks to rjgtav1 we do have an amazing new dabase that lists almost anything you can find at (Replace ktos with itos when we get rebuild ofc.)

But let’s start with a few changes we do know so far:


Class selection:
With the arrival of Re:build we will only get to pick 1 base class (Wizard, Archer, Scout, Cleric or Swordsman) and 3 subclasses that belong to those classes.
What is important however is that every base class only gets 15 levels and thus 15 skill points, whereas the others all get 45 each.

Class changes:
Bokor and Taoist both were handed over to the wizard tree, so sadly we won’t be using those anymore.
Chaplain is now a regular rank to boot, and the r8 classes no longer have specific quest or rank requirements either.
Miko however is still our one and only hidden class!
The rest of the class changes I’ll tackle in different sections however.

Class Specializations:
As part of rebuild the 5 base classes each get their own unique stat boosts, however I need to stress that I don’t know when they are calculated or what stats are or are not affected by them yet.

Source: &

Stat Factors:
With Re:Build you will still retain a small amount you can invest as you please, around 50 or so, but the vast majority of stat points are now replaced with set stat factors tied to your class selection.
These stat factors determine how much stats you get based on your subclasses and level combined.
Do note that these are retroactive as well, so there’s no point in delaying classes or anything of the sort.

You can see stat factors listed as percentages when you get a class advance option, and I’ll post a link to a google doc that includes a simple calc to show total stat blocks: Click here
Percentages don’t take the 2 stats per level into account, but the numbers do. So I find that slightly more representative and would prefer to use that notation, but your mileage may vary.
Thanks to @Nekorin for listing the changed stat factors.

Stat factors for enemies:
Even enemies get their own stat multiplier now, but for them they’re based on size and race instead.
Google doc for obvious reasons: [Click here]

Only chortasmata changed stats on enemies, however it will get an attribute soon™ to disable that conversion as plant race crit res is extremely high and thus often a loss of DPS.

Stat effects:
Str, Dex, Con, Int and Spr are also streamlined now in terms of what effects they give.
But keep in mind that from what I saw the percentage bonus only applies to your base + level amount. (Basically it’s quite low.)


  • +2 physical attack per point.
  • +5% patk per 10 points.


  • +0.3% max hp per point, based on max hp?
  • +1.0% max hp per 10 points, based on max hp?
  • +2 pdef/mdef per point.
  • +10% pdef/mdef per 10 points.


  • +2 matk per point.
  • +5% matk per 10 points.


  • +((Spr / ( LvL 1 + 1 )) * 100) minion dmg%
  • +1 healing power per point.
  • +3% healing power per 10 points.
  • +2 mcrit atk per point.
  • +5% mcrit atk per 10 points.
  • +specific buff scaling unique per skill.


  • +(Dex / 1000) ^ 0.5 attack speed.
  • +2 pcrit atk per point.
  • +5% pcrit atk per 10 points.

Based on level:

  • +1 atk (patk, matk, crit patk and crit matk)
  • +1 pdef & mdef.
  • +(400 * base class hp modifier) + ((Level-1) * 80 * base class hp modifier) Max HP.
  • +(200 * base class sp modifier) + ((level-1) * 18 * base class sp modifier) Max sp
  • +1 block per level.
  • +1 block penetration per level.
  • +1 accuracy per level.
  • +1 evasion per level.
  • +1 crit rate per level.
  • +1 crit res per level.
  • +1% hp resilience per level.
  • +3% sp resllience per level.
  • +1 healing power per level.


Targeted ally mechanic:
IMC has been removed a number of circle/tile effects and replaced them with targeted buff/heals instead.
So for now Heal, Healing Factor and Ein Sof all target a single ally based on your input instead of their prior mechanics.

Attribute Enhancement changes:
Enhancement has also been streamlined, so every enhance attribute should not cost the same amount.
Likewise most debuffs, buffs and healing skills now also feature enhance attributes.
Although the amount they improve for most is the default cap at 60% there are a few outliers still that have a 50% or 100% cap.

Altered Armour Mastery:
The prior attributes that each class had for place, leather and cloth have been removed.
Instead there are new base mechanics that aren’t tied to attributes that only work with 4 pieces of said armor type.
These effects are now mostly tiered based on the raririty of your armor, and only your lowest rarity counts.

Cloth: Reduces magic dmg by 5 - 15%.
Leather: Increases crit rate by 4 - 20% (should be multiplicative) and adds a flat +10% crit chance cap.
Plate: Reduces physical dmg by 5 - 15%.

There was mention of eventual class unique armor attributes, but we haven’t gotten them yet or IMC abandoned that goal already. Who knows …

Formula changes:
We know from the dev blogs that the crit, evasion and block formula’s changed.
They gave this “representative” chart to illustrate at what point both stats reach an equal 50%, but it may not be a 100% correct. (aka accuracy vs evasion, block pen vs block, crit rate vs crit res)

There also may be other formula changes, but I haven’t seen of any confirmation yet.

Dash changes:
Basically all classes now have access to the dash, but there are specific differences per class.

Swordsman can dash while mounted and it doesn’t end when they are hit.
Wizards have a regular dash that’s 4 movement speed slower.
Archers can only dash out of combat, but are 3 movement speed faster.
Clerics get the old swordsman dash and Lycanthropy gets a 50% stamina cost reduction.
Scouts get the Dash +3 movespeed but with double stamina cost.


Gem changes:
See this google doc for a english overvieuw.
Sources ofc: &

Damage changes:
A lot of skill factors got lowered, enemy health and damage was also lowered in return though.
I don’t even know the exact values at this point, and it doesn’t really matter either.
Just keep in mind that we will be doing a lot less dmg, but also won’t need to deal as much dmg either.

There are plenty of other changes, see the ktos thread for far more information.
But I’d say these are the important bits to help us understand Re:Build just a bit better.

What this and other changes mean for clerics as a whole:

So before we can go even further we need to discuss what this means to cleric.
And its obviously just me stating several obvious predictions:

The altered state of being a “healer”:
With the removal of most invuln effects and mostly sub-par alternative preventative measures left to use the focus now primarily lies on simply healing enough to keep allies alive.

Which fortunately is easier to how much less dmg enemies deal, often a single rank of priest is already overkill for such a purpose.

Unfortunately however almost all healing skills now scale of the heal stat, which is primarily if not solely derived from Spr.
Which due to the stat factors is now going to be a bit harder to get for a good chunk of builds.

All round builds still exist, but they essentially need to meet two criteria’s:

  • You need a solid amount off Spr to have enough of a heal stat, though that can be remedied with Spr on gear to a degree.
  • You will need an additional heal to get the job done, as the regular heal is now just single target, which translates into requiring either druid, paladin, pardoner, priest or kabbalist. (Restoration scrolls may also get the job done, but are a likely expensive alternative.)

There will be fewer healing + dps type clerics in the re:build patch that stand up to scrutiny.

The futility of remaining utility:
Which such sweeping changes you might expect support to be even more important than ever, and to a large degree it quite is.
But clerics don’t get to benefit much from that concept as it is right now.

In terms of healing, you don’t really need more than priest. Anything beyond that is wasted.
In terms of dmg boosting (de)buffs Oracle is king by huge margins atm, due to it getting a +88% dmg Death Sentence that now works on bosses, Divine Might and a 50% uptime +30% dmg buff via a prophecy attribute.
In terms of regular utility not much can beat dievdirby’s cd and sp reductions.

But that’s what stands out. The rest is quite underwhelming:

  • Paladin has a +30% dmg debuff on conversion and +30% holy property sanctuary for 10s on a 40s cd.
  • Krivis has a +50% dmg debuff in Divine Stigma on a 50% upkeep.
  • Miko still has sweeping, clap and a +50% dmg boost for magic circles only? ugh.
  • Kabba still has gevurah and the buggy merkabah.
  • Pardoner’s Discerning evil is very good atm, but only affects 1 enemy unless you combine it with kabba/exo/miko…
  • Plague doctor has haste and condi prevention/removal.
  • Sterea Trofh and Zalcai boost crit dmg, but it likely still only affects crit atk for god knows what reason.

Some of these are decent picks like paladin/krivis/druid/pd.
But they are decent picks because they also offer a decent amount of dmg. (though krivis is debatable with it its 3-5 target caps…)

But as it is right, there’s one undisputed king of support:
Priest/Oracle/Diev and I can’t see anything else compete even remotely in that terms of that utility provided.

Out with the old crap, but the new stuff is still kinda meh:
Some of you might remember that I ranted somewhat about how clerics got shafted by poor weapon selection and gem effects.

Well, finally those worries are resolved.
All clerics can now use two handed maces, and gems finally work the same on shields as they do on offhands.

But of course the new gem stats are not as desirable as they used to be, as we now have to chose between patk or matk (and clerics tend to benefit of both). But it’s a far smaller loss than before.
And for most magic based clerics stuff like a rod or even asio mace are quite good atm, but it that may not persist into later updates.

I still need to test how def reductions work in Re:Build, so I’ll leave that part open for now.

Minnion masters missing in action, and other Spr related drivel:
Not a very length topic, but bokor was stolen by the wizards and turn undead conversion got outright removed.
Owls are now our only confirmed minion type but they do have a new 50 hp max and may be to squishy for a miko+diev build. (but are potent enough for any spr/int build now.)

And who knows what the new carnivory falls under, some were saying they weren’t even minions. Time will tell.

Since Spr no longer gives sp, Zealot’s blind faith no longer has any spr synergy either.
But on the flip side our haste from Plague Doctor does scale with spr, though it’s hardly build defining.

So Spr only clerics are now limited to Dievdirby and Priest. Jay.
(You also need to pay attention to spr factors when building one.)

Stats are still largely irrelevant:
You probably should have guessed it already, but str and int are still largely irrelevant.
They can add a nice bit of dmg, but it pales in comparison to what weapons can provide.

Dex still has a bit of niche due to its atk speed benefits, which AA focus builds like chaplain can benefit from.
Spr is mostly for its heal stat, which is important for anyone attempting to heal. But its buff/minion aspects are important for priest/dievdirby as well.

Con is still useful for PvP, but for PvE its mostly overkill especially with how much you already get at base.

Card Info:

Temporarily deleted, will try to rebuild it again once the patch hits.
And probably important to note that Glass Mole & Chapparition cards now give phys/magic dmg buffs instead of attack boosts.


Q: Is Dex still good for cleric builds?
A: For Chaplain yes, to a degree monk and sadhu can also benefit but their auto attack values are very low.

Q: What’s up with the thread name?
A: The original title was meant to indicate that it was a guide for cleric despite lacking the later ranks. But Since I wanted more space to properly process the information of the latest update I decided to make a new thread.
Credit for the name goes to @Kertes by the way.

I should expand this section tbh, oh well.

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Minor disclaimer:

But before we do go further, I wanted to stress that these are merely my recommendations and interpretations and as such have some caveats:

  • The skill point distributions and template example builds are just examples.
    Many other combinations are possible, some of which may even be a better fit for your playstyle & preferences so I don’t recommend blindly copying anything I say.

  • I never know all changes, though I do try to, but far to many times it’s made very hard to stay up to date to undocumented changes, bugs, undiscovered interactions and the far to often misleading descriptions.
    As such, do not assume this list is final or infallible. If anything please point out if you spot something inaccurate.

  • PvP just isn’t an area I enjoy or one I’m familiar enough with to speak about it with enough certainty. I can make some obvious predictions still, but for anyone with PvX or PvP focus please seek additional advice just in case.

  • I’m fallible, so I do make mistakes at times, so always try to be critical and verify whenever possible.

The Current Category Conundrum:

Most Re:builds follow a very different pattern when it comes to putting one together, so I wanted to go over that in detail first.

Synergies, or the lack off decent options thereof:
Technically there are still plenty of interesting synergies for cleric classes, but as of right now the vast majority of those synergies are incredibly underwhelming and not something you should build around.
This is both due most classes gaining better relative dmg and dmg boosts in a single rank, options being limited to 3 sub-classes total and how specific synergies were removed, replaced, nerfed or are just minor benefits at best atm.

As such, for most classes you will want to focus on getting additional dmg skills, dmg boosting skills or additional benefits.
Building around synergies is now a luxury only available to a few builds.

Rise of the boosters:
Most of the buffs or changes now make generic dmg boosting classes incredibly effective options.

  • Zealot and Druid are still mostly the same, they offer good dmg and decent mostly self only dmg boosts.
  • Krivis has decent dmg on its own and a decent party dmg booster in Divine Stigma.
  • Paladin’s Sanctuary did get nerfed a fair bit, edit: conviction is bugged and doesn’t improve dmg atm, but it still has decent dmg and good healing on top of all that.
  • Oracle is outright overpowered right now, let’s just that vs mobs it can easily reach +100% dmg so I don’t make this to lengthy. Though it is weaker vs bosses.

Anyway, I think you get the point.
Instead of having specific synergies there are now 6 interesting dmg boosting options available for almost any build. (Excluding minions and OoB ofc.)

Relatively competitive damage options:
Most classes are now relatively well balanced in terms of dmg, though there are still some balancing failures, but most can fit in almost any build with ease.
Which opens up a ton of options, outright to many for me want to bother with listing them all manually.

So let’s talk about the broad categories classes can be put into:

  • Stand alone Damage class:
    Basically anything op enough to not need further dmg, allowing it to pick 2 utility/healing/flavor classes.
    Currently only Exorcist really fits that mold for us though.

  • Secondary damage classes:
    Classes best combined with another dmg or dmg boosting class to get decent enough damage.
    Currently that includes Zealot, Inquisitor, Druid, Plague Doctor, Chaplain and Krivis.

  • Amplifiers:
    Classes that primarily boost the dmg of your other skills, regardless of whether they have some dps on their own. (Read the respective skill info first though as most are quite different.)
    Currently includes Oracle, Krivis and Paladin for a group focus or Druid & Zealot for a focus on self buffs.

  • Healers:
    Classes that pack a healing skill that is capable enough to let one act as a healer. Don’t try to grab 3x healer though, one aoe heal tends to be well enough for most content atm.
    Currently Priest excels at healing but does little else, Paladin and Druid offer good healing over time with additional benefits. Whereas Kabba and Pardoner also offer good healing but their other skills are lackluster.

  • Utility:
    Anything that offers something useful aside of damage, healing or damage boosts and worth a rank alone for that.
    Currently limited to Dievdirby (cd+sp reductions), Plague Doctor (haste + condi prevention) and Oracle (loot skills, sp recovery and condi prevention)

There will sadly still be a few classes left out, I’ll tackle in their section why that is.
Anyhow, now that we have the broad categories we can talk about templates:

  • Specific synergy cleric builds:
    These can still follow templates, but heavily depend on your first class chosen. See specific class sections for possible synergy templates/builds.

  • All-round cleric aka [ 1x recommended dmg class | 1x amplifier | 1x healer ]:
    Will net you one of the Ideal cleric builds, as its combination of dmg, dmg boosts and healing typically gives you all you’d want out of a cleric.

  • Hybrid Damage with another Niche aka [ 2x recommended dmg class | 1x amplifier, healer or utility ]:
    Will result in a hybrid build that is more focused on its damage but can still offer decent healing, utility or dmg boosts for the party or itself.

  • Full Damage focus aka [ 3x recommended dmg classes ]:
    Will get you a simplistic dmg focused cleric build, though they often have additional benefits as well they mainly build around dmg first and foremost.

Full support clerics aren’t really a thing at the moment though, building one currently always ends up with at least 1 damage class with spare skill points to use its dmg skills. (I don’t really want to list all the permutations and go over why that is tbh.)
If you wanted such a build just follow the all-round build instead, and use a dmg class that also has dmg boosts, healing or utility on the side.

And in terms of popularity; Oracle+Priest is bound to become meta with ease given how it has some of the best defensive skills (foretell/res/revive/), plenty of healing (mass heal) and has a ton of damage boosts for most content (Divine Might, Prophecy attribute and Death Sentence)

Anyway, with the groundwork now done let’s go over specifics for each class.

Subclass run down, now includes the skill point and build guides:

“Clerics heal and protect allies through the blessings of the goddess, while knocking down their enemies with powerful blows.”

Summary and rank advice:
Cleric is now simple a mandatory block you can’t improve upon anymore, though it lost a lot of healing and magic dmg it did gain smite in turn.

Skill point guide:
[ 0/5 ] Heal: Could ignore it if you take priest or 2 other aoe heals. Any other build should max it for the self-healing or party member healing.
[ 1 ] Cure: Lousy dmg, but removes r1 debuffs at least.
[ 1-5 ] Fade: Decent duration gain of +2s per skill level, but it ends when you deal dmg so any build with ongoing dmg effects will often see it end prematurely and should leave it at 1.
[ 5 ] Patron Saint: Quite frankly there’s no reason not to, other options here suck.
[ 1+ ] Smite: Damage is low normally, but try to get it as high as possible if you take paladin since conviction triples its dmg.

Build guide:
See specific class sections instead ofc.

“Priests are clerics who give blessings and resurrect the dead with their holy powers.”

Pro’s and Cons:
+Offensive buffs: Blessing & Sacrament.
+Healing: Mass Heal, Revive and Resurrection.
+Damage Prevention: Revive prevents dmg when someone would die for 1-5 seconds.
+Resurrect: The ability to return players back to live.
+1hit ko potential from Turn Undead.
+Evasion Reduction: Monstrance can lower evasion by 50%.
+Pardoners no longer compete with priests as both buffs now stack!

Summary and rank advice:
Priest are now almost solely dedicated to healing, and do so extremely well due to mass heals 15s cd and heal:linger giving it additional healing over 10s afterwards. And it is the sole healer option with fail-saves revive and resurrect to boot.
Still they do have a few neat other skills you can make good use off like Blessing and Turn Undead but they’re not exactly build enabling.

Skill point guide:
[ 15 ] Aspersion: Best with high Spr, but since it now stacks with spell shop buffs it’s a pretty good option.
[ 0/15 ] Monstrance: Try to get it if you want to PvP, but of no use in PvP. take points out of aspersion/blessing for it.
[ 10 ] Blessing: Bit more questionable as it still can fall of quite a bit, and Aspersion is also tempting.
[ 1-5 ] Resurrection: Skill level affects HP recovery only now, still best to max it ofc.
[ 0 ] Sacrament: Not a bad skill, but just not one I’d recommend over blessing/aspersion or the other healing skills.
[ 5 ] Revive: Really cheap point wise atm, so max it.
[ 5 ] Mass Heal: Max it, it gains a lot of healing factor with skill level and heal:linger scales off how much it heals to boot!
[ 1+ ] Turn Undead: Lousy dmg but can stun and 1hitko demons/mutants. I tend to put leftover points here for its aoe ratio.

How to build your priest:
Basically, there are two approaches, you either try to get as much spr as possible with decent class picks or just aim for dmg/utility instead and pick lower spr factors.

  • [ Priest | 2x high spr factor classes with dmg or amplifier roles ] for its specific spr focused priest template.
    [ Priest | Oracle | Plague Doctor ] stands out as Plague Doctor is one of the few damage classes with a high spr factor.

  • [ Priest | 1x amplifier | 1x recommended dmg class ] for an all-around priest template.
    [ Priest | Oracle | Exorcist ] for the default priest build that excels at almost anything.

  • [ Priest | 2x recommended dmg classes] for a hybrid dmg + healing priest template.
    [ Priest | Exorcist | Sadhu ] though sadhu is an unconventional option due to its low dmg that only works well due to exorcist accompanying it. But it does offer a nice chunk of cc and moblity at least.

“Krivis are priests who use divine fire to help allies recover or to deal massive damage to enemies."

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Damage: Divine Stigma and Zaibas.
+Stat boost: Divine stigma gives your team an Int & Str buff if an enemy is killed under its debuff. Aukurass boosts fire dmg for all magic hits if it wasn’t bugged out.
+Accuracy booster: Daino adds up to 50% accuracy.
+Crit rate booster: Zalciai with its debuff that removes 15% crit res and adds 5% crit rate.
+Damage boost: Divine Stigma increases dmg on enemies by 50%, for 15s with a 30s cd.
+Buff extension: Melstis now adds +100% of a current buff to its timer, up to a max of 20s. Cd of 90s and only works for you.
-Only Divine Stigma and Zaibas are worthwhile tbh, all the other skills are often worthless.

Summary and rank advice:
Krivis is oddly good for a class with so many skills you won’t care about. Carried entirely by just divine stigma and zaibas alone at this point.

Synergy of note:

  • Zealot’s Fanatic Illusion offers a lot of dmg on a short duration, Melstis nicely extends that duration but also extends its inability to get healed.

Skill point guide:
[ 0 ] Aukuras: Not bugged, just a victim of how I suspect resistances work atm. Aka most mobs have enough res to lower this considerably if not outright negate it. so, don’t bother.
[ 0+ ] Zalciai: It’s junk, but better junk that aukuras and daino (excluding pvp ofc).
[ 0/10 ] Daino: Only useful for PvP in theory atm.
[ 15 ] Zaibas: Still your main dmg skill on krivis, always max it.
[ 10 ] Divine Stigma: Scales its own dmg and +x% debuff dmg increase so max it asap.
[ 0/5 ] Melstis: Max it if your build can use it, otherwise it’ll do nothing.

How to build your krivis :
You can at least fight 5 mobs at a time quite well with Krivis, but I’d still give it a minor preference for combining it with an AoE heavy dmg class.

The closest synergy krivis has is zealot, but that follows a generic all-round build anyway so I’ll include it there.

  • [ Krivis | 1x AoE heavy recommended dmg class | 1x healer or utility ] for an all-round krivis template.
    [ Krivis | Zealot | Priest ] for a lightning based hybrid with plenty of dmg boosts and healing on top. Use it with Electra necklace and at least 1 Frosterlord card ofc.

  • [ Krivis | 2x stand-alone or secondary dmg classes ] for a dmg focus krivis template.
    [ Krivis | Druid | Dievdirby ] for a mix of dmg, healing and utility.

“Dievdirbys can carve and place sacred statues. Their statues can protect allies or attack enemies."

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Minion Damage: Carve Owl.
+Physical Damage: Carve Attack.
+Crowd Control: Carve World Tree (AoE Silence) and Statue of Goddess Laima.
+Cool down reduction: -20% for all skills used within range of Statue of Goddess Laima or with active ausrine buff.
+Group Teleport: Carve Vakarine.
+Sp reduction and SP regeneration: Statue of Goddess Zemyna.
+20% bonus damage vs plants with blunt weapons while dealing physical dmg.
+Carve Vakarine gives you nearly free teleports, but it does still cost wood to cast.
-Silence is now a pretty crappy debuff as most mobs resist it.
-Owls are rather squishy atm and almost mandate priest to ensure full dps potential.
-Ausrine has a design oversight in that it has the same range as laima/zemyna but will only extend those buffs if the zemyna/laima range stops while still inside Ausrine range. (ergo placement is key, put em apart.)

Summary and rank advice:
Dievdirby is still an excellent utility class, but damage wise you do need a high spr to make good use of it and it pretty much requires Priest to keep them alive well enough.
That being said, the Diev+Miko synergy is still doable, but Oracle is even outperforming miko in that build archetype nowadays.

Synergy of note:

  • Druids can turn all non-flying enemies into grass type for +20% non-elemental physical damage.
  • Miko’s clap extends statue durations by up to 75s.

Skill point guide:
[ 1 ] Statue of Goddess Vakarine: It’s only a 1 pointer now, so get it.
[ 15 ] Statue of Goddess Zemyna: Its duration is lower than its cd atm, so try to max it. Bit lower priority than others though.
[ 10 ] Statue of Goddess Laima: Should be maxed for its -20% cd.
[ 0/1 ] Carve Attack: ok-ish single target dmg, but used solely for the chance to gain wood to sculpt with. (no, not that kind of wood) its new attribute allows it to carve wood even from non-plants somehow so it got better at it.
[ 15 ] Carve owl: Your main dmg skill on this build which scales dmg and duration so try to max it.
[ 0/1] World Tree: Its silence gets resisted far too often, but decent with miko as clap can extend even a lvl 1 world tree permanently.
[ 1+ ] Statue of Goddess Ausrine: Skill level adds 1m duration to mobile laima/zemyna buffs and 1 hp. Would recommend trying to max it. Not bugged, just crappy design.

How to build your dievdirby:
Keep in mind that minions do not benefit from most damage boosting effects like kagura, sanctuary or most +x% damage buffs, so the 1x secondary dmg class | 1x amplifier combination should not be attempted on a dievdirby build!
Debuff dmg increases now do properly affect Dievdirby, so krivis and oracle are decent combinations for it now.

And since owls are minions Spr is a very important stat since it scales your minion dmg% directly, which means dievdirby builds heavily favor classes with high spr factors.

Specific synergy dievdirby builds:

  • [ Dievdirby | Miko | Priest ] The easiest and support heavy variant of a dievdirby build. Only requires clapping + mass heal when you’re done setting up to kill stuff in a single area. But also the most immobile diev build, with pretty poor dmg comparatively.

  • [ Dievdirby | Oracle | Priest ] For the highest owl dmg and best support variant of the dievdirby builds. Rather spammy with skills and requires constant attention, but also solely draws power from Owls which give it a medium startup speed. Insane sp recovery to boot.

  • [ Dievdirby | Druid | Priest ] For a dievdirby + Corpse plant hybrid build, its owls are not that strong but it more than makes up for it with an additional summon type, a ton of dmg vs ground mobs from chorta and the ability to use full lycan vs anything that takes to long. Fastest start up time, great dmg, but far less supportive then other options.

  • [ Dievdirby | Plague Doctor | Priest ] For the most mobile dievdirby variant that benefits from its overall good spr factor to scale modafinil, owls, aspersion and blessing while also having additional dmg on the side from bds/incin.

Placeholder for kabba variants, could still work as a less sturdy alternative but it’s rather sketchy.
(max matk should boost owl dmg though, and r7 + gevurah + nachash isn’t bad either hmm)

Hybrid dmg dievdirby builds:
These won’t have strong enough synergies between the first two classes, but remain capable options for anyone interested enough. There isn’t to much to say about these tbh. Oh well.

Dievdirby Card advice
You need to pay special attention to the cards used as a dievdirby, as +x% dmg effects on cards do not affect minions at all.

Red Cards: Diev itself can ONLY benefit from the +magic attack ones which are quite rubbish. They’re not worth using even imo.
Purple Cards: 1-3 Gazing golems to prevent kd spam from ruining owl placement. Get these early!
Green Cards: 3x Linkroller for its +30 spr.
Blue Cards: Kind of irrelevant, Owls tank a ton of dmg already.
Legendary: Asiomage, Marnox or Helga based on your preference. Owls do not have a min-max atk spread so frosterlord is useless to us.

On hit effects will not work from minion hits, so only use those type of cards if you have skills that hit a ton of times like Druid’s Chortasmata+Thorn or PD’s bds + incin.

“A Sadhu can use their soul to assault enemies with unseen attacks or convey their powers to other players."

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magical damage: Out of body, Prakriti, Vashita Siddhi, Astral Body Explosion & Possession.
+Crowd Control: Possession binds up to 16 enemies, Vashita Siddhi can stun and ABE knocks back.
+Added Property Attack: You gain soul property atk based on your matk via Transmit Prana.
+Utility: Prakriti acts as a self-heal and movement skill.
-OoB is now be affected by select buffs (Blessing, Sacrament, Last Rites, Visible Talent, Aspergillum and entity.) but since it loses out on Build Capella chap will lose dmg by using Out of Body.
-Transmit prana only has 50% uptime atm.

Summary and rank advice:
Sadhu took quite a hit as TP got nerfed in both values and duration, and most of its dmg was also severely lowered with only Possession being average when TP is active.
It does have a nice amount of CC, but it tends to be overkill as it only affects regular mobs anyway.

Skill point guide:
[ 1 ] Out of Body: Needed for the other skills mostly, auto is still low dmg. Only scales evasion atm and has no loss of defense while using it.
[ 1+ ] Prakriti: Somehow only hits 6 times, but does scale off TP for each hit.
[ 1+ ] Astral Body Explosion: Low dmg, but with multihits. Lower priority tied with prakriti imo.
[ 10 ] Possession: Your best dmg skill from sadhu by far with the best cc, always max it.
[ 1+ ] Vasihti Siddhi: Not enough dmg and just a single hit, lowest priority skill with ease.
[ 5 ] Transmit Prana: It got nerfed quite badly, but you still need it to deal decent dmg.

How to build your sadhu:
You probably shouldn’t, to be honest.
At best it offers dmg and a bit of soft cc.
Will try it more later.

“Paladins use their holy power to protect allies and vanquish enemies through the blessings of the goddess."

Pro’s and Cons:
+Physical damage: Conviction, and Demolition.
+Crowd Control: Barrier, prevents enemies from walking into said circle.
+Damage Reduction: Barrier and Sanctuary increase defenses whereas Resist Elements and stone skin reduces (elemental) damage taken.
+Aura Healing over time: Restoration.
+Damage Boost: Sanctuary adds 30% of your def as added dmg to allies while channeling. Conviction increases dmg for smite, demolish and god smash and fire/lightning elemental skills.
-Barrier can be turned, destroyed or stolen. Which is now common in PvE as well.
-Resist elements now only lasts 45s with a 90s cd.
-Constantly in need of more holy water to fuel your skills.

  • Conviction is bugged and is not working for poison elemental dmg, so druid and pd combo’s are less ideal due to that.

Paladin was supposed to be one the better classes with re:build, and it still kind of is but only for specific class combinations due to conviction only working well with god smash and fire/lightning elemental dmg for now.
But Convictions bug prevents it from being a good combo with pd/druid atm, which kind of sucks tbh.

Skill point guide:
[ 1+ ] Restoration: Scaling is not that great, but it’s healing so why not?
[ 0+ ] Resist Elements: It’s still a really good buff with an awful uptime.
[ 5 ] Barrier: You’ll want to max it for the duration, but may face competition from simony pardoners.
[ 1+ ] Conviction: As long as the debuff doesn’t work you won’t need it past lvl 1. Max it when it does though.
[ 10 ] Sanctuary: With the new innate weapon swaps there’s almost no reason not to get sanctuary.
[ 1+ ] Demolition: Has rather poor dmg atm, low priority at best.
[ 0+ ] Stone skin: Only reduces up to 9.6% of dmg, which is not that bad tbh.

Synergies of note:

  • Inquisitor + Paladin is quite good since conviction adds a good chunk of dmg to god smash.
  • Oracle + Paladin is ok-ish due to the Death Sentence x Conviction explosion synergy, but it is incredibly niche and requires conviction to land the killing blow so it’s more of a solo dmg/party support build.

How to build your paladin:
Paladin does favor damage over time effects since Sanctuary itself is a channeling skill, so plague doctor(if it wasn’t for a bug), druid or zealot stand out for it.
Conviction + Demolish isn’t the best dps either, so I’d try to get additional dmg skills to boot.
And since it already has pretty good healing It doesn’t benefit much from getting even more healing.

  • [ Paladin | Oracle | 1x amplifier or Kabbalist ] for the Death Sentence x Conviction synergy build template, since you need conviction to kill the finishing blow boosting its dmg is all that matters. Oddly enough Kabba’s Gevurah is actually quite excellent for that. This is an odd mix of a niche solo farming build with plenty of utility and healing for any party.
    [ Paladin | Oracle | Kabbalist ] as the example build I would suggest, as +100% is stil a good option.

  • [ Paladin | 1x recommended dmg class | 1x amplifier or utility ] for an all-round paladin template.
    [ Paladin | Plague Doctor | Oracle ] for basically anything you’d want.

  • [ Paladin | 2x recommended dmg classes ].
    [ Paladin | Inquisitor | Druid ] for a more burst oriented class combo with to much healing.

“Monks are clerics who train in martial arts through the blessing of the goddess."

Pro’s and Cons:
-nothing matters because its a dps only class that has next to no dps.

Summary and rank advice:
Monk is still the one trick pony of just dps, but sadly its skill factors are so low that it doesn’t quite fit that category either.
And to make it worse Palm Strike + Hand Knife are incredibly clunky to use. (Need to get the timing just right or you miss or hand knife greys out.)
Or the absolute disappointment that is Energy Blast, a 10s channel for that low dmg? No, Imc, bad IMC.

Skill point guide:
[ 0 ] Iron Skin: 15 points for a 7.5% dmg reduction with no enhance? hell no.
[ 1+ ] Double Punch: Only level it if you want more atk speed, as hitting the 0.05s cap is incredibly easy atm.
[ 15 ] Palm Strike: Your best chance for dmg atm, so take it.
[ 1 ] Hand Knife: Basically the follow up to palm strike with similar dmg.
[ 1+ ] Energy Blast: I rather like it, esp if it were to get that kd removed. Skill level only scales dmg though so you can be cheap and pilfer a few points from it.
[ 1 ] One Inch Punch: Can be nice to lvl for PvP if you want to remove SP.
[ 1 ] God Finger Flick: Umineko lied, what else is new. Its debuff is 5s regardless of skill level.
[ 5 ] Golden Bell Shield: Max it for the dmg boost I guess.

How to (not) build your monk:
Don’t fall prey to depression on how IMC is handling monk, seek something else to entertain you or put your time in something else you enjoy.
Alternatively, you could try to somehow get through to IMC that monk is in need of a major overhaul. But that’s no easy feat.

“Pardoners are clerics who don’t shy from increasing their wealth through the goddess’ blessing."

Pro’s and Cons:
+Can provide scrolls and buffs to sell or for personal use.
+Indulgentia is now a decent AoE heal buff.
~Has ok ish physical dmg atm, but is rather expensive due to the silver cost.
~Discerning Evil is quite good atm, but with it only affecting 1 enemy its essentially only for 1 on 1 fights…
-Current pardoner spell shop buffs offer very low-value buffs that aren’t that tempting to buy tbh. Though they do stack with their regular counterparts now.

Summary and rank advice:
Pardoner is actually quite a bit better then it used to be, though it did lose its 1hitko potential sadly enough.
But even with decent dmg and good healing it just doesn’t quite come close enough as a competitive class pick yet.
It’s very close however.

Synergy of note:
~ Only Aspersion, Blessing, Sacrament and Increase Magic Defenses can be sold via Spell Shop.
~ You can only craft Cure, Monstrance, Aukuras, Daino, Zalciai, Restoration, Turn Undead, Barrier, Arcane Energy and Clairvoyance scrolls for now.
~ Discern Evil can be spread via holy circles, which does make it useful for annoying to build for.

Skill point guide:
[ 1 ] Simony: It’s all you can put into it anyway.
[ 15 ] Indulgentia: It’s a good that scale heal factor and duration, so max it.
[ 0/15 ] Discerning Evil: It’s quite good, but its single target limit makes it rather meh.
[ ? ] Oblation: I genuinely don’t see the point in using this skill at all atm.
[ 5 ] Spell Shop: Sell those buffs!
[ 10 ] Increase Magic Defense: Why not? it’s cheap enough.
[ 10 ] Decatose: Max it for the dmg. or not, what do I care. It’s not like anyone reads this anyway.

How to build your pardoner:
Even if spell shop no longer requires Priest, that 1.3 spr factor is still really hard to pass up on as you’d want to be as competitive as possible. So only the reason for wanting priest changed tbh.

Sadly the main draw of Discern Evil, it’s debuff extension, cannot be spread with its new synergy which just means it’s not something worth building around.
If that ever gets improved than pardoner+exorcist+debuff class might be tempting again.

  • [ Pardoner | Oracle | Priest ] is its only synergy build since Oracle offers divine might to further boost your spell shop and even some scrollable skills.
    You could replace Priest with some other high spr class, but there’s not much point to that tbh.

  • [ Pardoner | Paladin | Oracle ] as a scroll seller/crafter variant, needs to have Simony, Arcane Energy, Barrier and Restoration maxed. But they are somewhat expensive (500 silver + parchment per skill level, scrolled skill must be max lvl now.) and thus depend heavily on how the supply & demand for these is.
    or for personal use ofc.

[Class] Druid Class Thread
Cleric DPS builds
Builds for a noob?
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Stale Chaplain AA build with sprinkles
PvE Inquisitor build?

Army Chaplain:

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Holy Damage: Aspergillum.
+Holy Damage buff: Last Rites.
+Atk speed buff: Binatio.
+Holy damage boost: Build Capella.
+Auto atk aggregation skill: Visible talent.
+KD immunity buff.
-Deals a lot of damage through auto attacks, which can be very easy to avoid in PVP.
-Always to short on skill points sadly.

No longer requires priest to function and works quite well.
Though it is a bit of a one trick pony that relies solely on auto attacking.

Skill point guide:
[ 0/15 ] Last Rites: Should perform better than sacrament due to higher skill level, but it’s benefit is to small in my opinion to be worthy of 15 points.
[ 10 ] Build Capella: Adds +100% holy dmg which works on aspergillum, so always max it.
[ 15 ] Aspergillum: Now scales on its own rather decently, max it.
[ 15 ] Binatio: Adds a chunk of atk speed, should also max it.
[ 0/10 ] Paracelsus time: Makes you immune to kd, neat to have but you’re low on skill points. Considering gazing golem cards instead.
[ 1+ ] Visible Talent: Lowers cd of the skill a tiny but, so try to max it if possible.

How to build your chaplain:
Sadly most other forms of auto attack skills or effects are rather worthless atm.
Sadhu is especially worthless as its an outright loss of dmg since OoB ignores build capella (and needs rebuffing every time you cast OoB…)
Ergo, go with grabbing different types of dmg to supplement it instead.

And since chap solely relies on auto attacks you would do well to grab AoE heavier classes to help it deal with larger crowds.

  • [ Chaplain | 1x Amplifier | 1x healer ] for an all-round chaplain template.
    [ Chaplain | Zealot | Priest ] as an ideal combination for both aoe dmg, dmg boosts and healing.

  • [ Chaplain | 1x recommended AoE dmg class | 1x Utility, Amplifier or Healer ] for an damage + x hybrid chaplain template.
    [ Chaplain | Druid | Plague Doctor ] for lots of aoe, aa dmg, healing and a movespeed buff that stands out in this template.

  • [ Chaplain | 2x recommended dmg classes. ]
    [ Chaplain | Druid | Zealot ] for a heavy focus on AoE and AA damage.

“Druids are clerics who use the power of nature. They control plants to help allies, or transform into monsters to use that monster’s abilities."

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Damage: Carnivory, Chortasmata, Thorn and Seedbomb.
+Hybrid Damage: Lycanthropy deals physical damage but scales off both patk and matk and can crit.
+Healing: Chortasmata now heals allies inside it every second, it’s quite good.
+Crit atk boost: Sterea Trofh.
+Stat boosts: Lycanthropy and transformations all provide passive buffs.
+Skill level boost: Henge Stone adds +1 skill level to all objects, circles and tiles used while in its range.
+Chortasmata and it’s related effects can no longer be removed.
~Chortasmata turns enemies into plant types, which may vastly increase crit res…
-Struggles vs flying enemies as chorta does not hit them.
-There’s no point in using transform/shapeshift atm.

Summary and rank advice:
Druid is in a pretty decent shape, or it will be once we get the no-plant conversion attribute.
Carnivory is pretty good dmg, but design wise only works when you farm regular mobs in a single spot. It might even outperform diev at that role even >…>
I can’t quite figure out how the new crit atk stuff is calculated, it’s better than the old method but until I can pinpoint how it scales I don’t feel comfortable on declaring it to be good or bad.

Skill point guide:
[ 0/15 ] Carnivory: Great if you want to solo farm in a single spot, like cm or anywhere else and have decent spr + matk. Completely junk otherwise.
[ ? ] Sterea Trofh: Still don’t know, and likely won’t for anytime soon. But its a self only dmg increase so if you can’t benefit from carnivory then take this.
[ 0 ] Transform & Shapeshift: Nerfed into oblivion, I’m not amused. This how you alienate a fanbase IMC, fyi.
[ 15 ] Chortasmata: Healing and dmg, yes max it.
[ 5 ] Lycanthropy: You want it maxed for its respective dmg boosts.
[ 1 ] Hengestone: It’s now only a 1 pointer anyway.
[ 1+ ] Seed Bomb: Pretty darn good scaling, but only works well if you have allies/minions/objects constantly around to use it to its fullest potential.
[ 1+ ] Thorn: Dmg scaling is just lousy on it, but hey dmg is dmg.

How to build your druid :
Druid has plenty of healing already and can just ignore picking another healer option with relative ease.
And it has sufficient dmg vs anything that doesn’t fly to boot, and decent dmg buffs for yourself only.
What’s not to love?
(Aside off that the transform mechanic is utterly destroyed because IMC couldn’t be arsed to balanced it ofc.)

  • [ Druid | 1x recommended dmg class | 1x amplifier or utility ] for all-round druid template.
    [ Druid | Inquisitor | Oracle ] for a generic example that I totally didn’t solely because it resembles a gardener.

  • [ Druid | 2x stand-alone or secondary dmg classes ] for a damage + healing hybrid druid template.
    [ Druid | Plague Doctor | Oracle ] for an AoE centered high dmg build.

“Oracles are clerics who possess foresight. They can predict or interfere with an enemy’s attacks and determine their fate."

Pro’s and Cons:
+%HP based Damage: Twist of Fate.
+Damage boosts: Death Sentence, Divine Might & Prophecy attribute.
+Condition + CC Removal & Prevention r1: Prophecy.
+SP recovery: Arcane Energy.
+Damage prevention: Foretell.
+Loot adjusting: can see and alter loot drops with Clairvoyance and Resetting.
+Sex Change: You can change people’s gender for profit…
~Death Sentence has a 50% dmg and duration penalty versus bosses. (so a 88% 15s turns into 44% 7.5s.)
-Twist of Fate can heal enemies if not timed well.
-The loot skills aren’t very useful as killing mobs tends to be quicker. Resetting is ok, but its 2min cd is not ok.

Summary and rank advice:
One of the outright better support ranks for cleric at the moment. As it has consistent and large dmg (de)buffs, divine might, an invuln and cc/condi prevention to boot.
It, however, does have two main downsides:

  • Death Sentence has a 50% less dmg and duration penalty vs bosses, which means that it loses most of its dmg vs bosses.
  • Multiple oracles on a team have diminished effects, as (de)buffs can’t be stacked. (1 is ideal vs regular content, and 1-2 vs bosses.)

Skill point guide:
[ 1 ] Prophecy: A 1 pointer you do not want to miss.
[ 0/1 ] Gender Change, Clairvoyance and Resetting are all optional, but cheap as hell.
[ 1+ ] Arcane Energy: A good sp recovery tool, but it only lasts 1s per skill lvl.
[ 1+ ] Counterspell: It’s still a decent magic dmg reduction skill even if it has 50% uptime.
[ 10 ] Death Sentence: Best dmg debuff around atm.
[ 5 ] Foretell: An invuln, one of the last ones of its kind. max it.
[ 0/5 ] Twist of Fate: Skill level affects its damage considerably, but it is rather niche. Still if you want to use it then max it.
[ 5+ ] Divine Might: At lvl 10 you get access to 5 extra uses from its attribute, so consider aiming for that at least.

How to build your oracle:
Oracle lacks damage entirely, so it should be combined with something that adds damage to it and maybe some healing too.

  • [ Paladin | Oracle | 1x amplifier or Kabbalist ] for the Death Sentence x Conviction synergy build template, since you need conviction to kill the finishing blow boosting its dmg is all that matters. Oddly enough Kabba’s Gevurah is actually quite excellent for that. This is an odd mix of a niche solo farming build with plenty of utility and healing for any party. Copied from paladin section because it’s the same.
    [ Paladin | Oracle | Kabbalist ] as the example build I would suggest, as +100% is still quite decent for that purpose.

  • [ Oracle | 1x recommended dmg class | 1x healer ] for an all-round oracle template.
    [ Oracle | Exorcist | Priest ] for a standard jack of all trades mix.

  • [ Oracle | 2x recomended dmg classes ] for a more dmg focused template.
    [ Oracle | Plague Doctor | Inquisitor ] for a dmg focused oracle.

Miko (Hidden Class):
Requires the miko quest line to be completed.

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Holy Damage: Hamaya & Gohei.
+Damage Prevention: Gohei blocks missiles when used. (may be removed?)
+Debuff removal: Gohei removes 1 rank 1 debuff from nearby allies per use.
+Buff removal: Gohei removes 1 Rank 1 buff from nearby enemies per use.
+Skill level boost: Sweeping places circles that add +1 skill level to other circle or tile skills.
+Crit rate buff: Omikuji, but it’s effect is rng based.
~Object duration extension: Clap, only really works for diev statues tbh.
+Magic circle damage boosts: Kagura.
-Sweeping can be a bit clumsy to use, and it doesn’t always show what it is or is not affecting.

Summary and rank advice:
Miko is still quite lackluster, especially now that other dmg boosts are replacing it with far less hassle.
It has decent holy dmg, but their cd and small area are not in miko’s favor either.
Its diev synergy remains, though oracle now outperforms it at that same role…

Skill point guide:
[ 1+ ] Gohei: Skill level still only affects dmg, which it isn’t very good at anyway.
[ 1+ ] Sweeping: Need to test what skills it does work on atm as we don’t have many circles left.
[ 15 ] Hamaya: Level scales skill factor. Might as well max it since its your best dmg skill here.
[ 0 / 15 ] Clap: Excellent scaling, but it only works for diev statues that I know off.
[ 5 ] Kagura Dance: Each skill level adds 10% magic circle dmg, and you’ll want to use it for hamaya at the very least.
[ irrelevant] Omikuji: It had a neat idea, but it’s 10s duration 45s cd leaves far to much desired. Values are actually overkill tbh. And its a party buff, not self.

How to build your miko:

Is all I can think of for a build in which Miko is justified, I really wish IMC would balance this class better…

Plague Doctor:
Plague Doctors are priests who can heal the status ailments of allies, or incinerate an enemy with a status ailment. Their special Bird Beak Mask has a special drug to block status ailments.

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Damage: Incinerate & Black Death Stream.
+Healing: Healing Factor.
+Condition removal and prevention up to rank 3 : Methadone, Fumigate, Beak Mask.
+Condition spreading: Pandemic.
+Utility: Methadone gives kd, stun and interrupt immunities for the party alongside the cc prevention.
+Utility: Modafinil increases movement speed. (it’s haste.)
+Incinerate gets a +1 second per debuff/condition scaling which is very little.
-Incinerate requires a debuff for it to work.
-Most debuffs cannot be spread by contagion or pandemic.

Summary and rank advice:
Not a lot has changed for plague doctor, it’s a support heavy dmg circle with decent single target healing.

Skill point guide:
[ 1+ ] Healing Factor: Can easily be overkill, but it can be nice.
[ 15 ] Incineration: Your main pd dmg skill atm, so max it.
[ 1 ] Fumigate & Beak Mask: They’re both 1 point wonders, get them.
[ 3+ ] Pandemic: You just want a decent target count and that’s all.
[ 1+ ] Black Death Stream: Not the best dmg atm, but still decent.
[ 5 ] Methadone: Always max it for all those benefits.
[ 1/10 ] Modafinil: Based on how much movespeed you want.

How to build your plague doctor:
Like I said above, PD builds do have a preference for additional debuffs to use incineration asap and to extend it a bit.
As such Druid and Zealot stand out a bit since they can easily apply 3 debuffs, but most cleric classes do have debuffs anyhow.

  • [ Plague Doctor | 1x amplifier | 1x healer or utility ] ]
    [ Plague Doctor | Oracle | Druid ] for a pretty standard mix of dmg buffs, healing and damage.

  • [ Plague Doctor | 1x recommended dmg class | 1x amplifier, healer or utility ] for a dmg + x hybrid PD template.
    [ Plague Doctor | Zealot | Priest ] for a more selfish alternative.

  • [ Plague Doctor | 2x recommended dmg classes ideally with debuffs ] for a pure dmg PD template.
    [ Plague Doctor | Druid | Zealot ] for a debuff heavy damage focus that can still heal somewhat though its own healing suffers due to fanaticism.

Kabbalists are priests who practice an ancient magic known as Kabbalah. They can support allies by using infinite power, or attack by using a defense formation to disintegrate the enemy’s name.

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magic Damage: Revenged Sevenfold, Merkabah and Nachash
+Damage boosts: Merkabah: Divine Protection, Gevurah and the staff attribute.
+Damage Prevention: Revenged Sevenfold and Merkabah: Divine Protection attribute.
+Healing: Tree of Sepiroth.
+Health Buff: Ein Sof.
+Extra loot skill: Clone.

Summary and rank advice:
Kabba got nerfed quite hard in most of its skills.
But more importantly it’s now just overkill in terms of healing, while ein sof just isn’t very good anymore.
And Gevurah is wholly outpaced by Death Sentence to boot.

Skill point guide:
[ 1+ ] Revenged Sevenfold: good dmg atm, just need to time it properly vs a large hit.
[ ] Nachash: A decent enough aoe.
[ 0/10 ] Ein Sof: should probably grab it if you go kabba, but it’s rather meh atm.
[ 1 ] Merkabah: Avoid the bugs, use 1 wheel ftw!
[ 1 ] Gematria & Notarikon: Must haves if you plan to use Double Chance, Clone or Gevura!
[ 1+ ] Clone: Duration scaling is a bit better, but cd got much worse…
[ 5 ] Gevurah: Max it, it’s still a dmg boost. But works best with high hit skills.
[ 5 ] Tree of Sepiroth: Excellent healing, should max it.

How to build your kabbalist:

  • [ Paladin | Oracle | Kabbalist ] for the Death Sentence x Conviction combination is all I can come up with tbh. And even that’s a highly specific solo farm or group utility char only.

I guess it’s better than nothing. But kabbalist has so many interesting skills and mechanics that underperform I can’t help feel it’s a shame its left in this state.

The Inquisitor is a class that judges those that are defying the goddesses. It has strong offensive techniques and is specialized in combat against magic users.

Pro’s and Cons:
+Physical Damage: God smash, Pear of Anguish & Breaking Wheel.
+Magic Damage: Malleus Maleficarum.
+Damage debuff: Malleus Maleficarum adds damage based on an enemies magic attack.
+Debuff: Malleus maleficarum silences pve enemies and in pvp it inflicts -50% spr, -50% int, x2 sp costs.
+Crowd Control: Iron Maiden locks a single enemy into place.
+Utility: Breaking Wheel spreads melee attacks with its attribute and Judgement turns enemies into demon types.
+PvP Pressure: Pear of Anguish and Malleus Maleficarum can both put pressure on enemy magic users. (Threat of more dmg / Making them run out of sp faster)
-Not very defensive.

Damage wise inquisitor is quite good atm, though I did vastly prefered it’s better cd it had in ktest…
Oh well.

Skill point guide:
[ 15 ] God Smash: Really strong, max it asap.
[ 1+ ] Pear of Anguish: Good single target dmg, esp for PvP.
[ 1+ ] Breaking Wheel: Can be nice to max on a PD for example, but usually low priority.
[ 15 ] Malleus Maleficarum: Scales the additional dmg, so max it if possible.
[ 0+ ] Judgement: Should benefit inq itself quite a bit, especially when it gets that bug fixed.
[ 0+ ] Iron Maiden: off some niche use in PvP.
[5] Breast Ripper: Max it, your best aoe dmg skill.

How to build your inquisitor:
Inquisitor doesn’t have any real limitations when building it, but as I’ve stated they do somewhat favor being combined with an amplifier since it gets a cd reduction whenever wheel/ripper kills enemies.
The debuff synergy doesn’t seem to exist anymore, so that’s out.

And any PvP Inquisitor will want oracle or Plague Doctor for the condi prevention, I’m not sure as to what a 3rd rank for that would be though.

  • [ Inquisitor | 1x amplifier | 1x healer or utility ] as the all-round Inquisitor Template.
    [ Inquisitor | Oracle | Priest ] for a inquisitor build with unusually high spr for easier healing.

  • [ Inquisitor | 1x recommended dmg class | 1x amplifier, healer or utility ] for a damage + x template.
    [ Inquisitor | Druid | Paladin ] would be my top pick from that category as it kind gets everything it cou

  • [Inquisitor | 2x recommended dmg classes ] for a dmg focus inquisitor template.
    [ Inquisitor | Exorcist | Plague Doctor ] is one of the few combos that has plenty of dmg and only a bit of utility and enough healing to keep itself alive on the side.

Suicidal clerics incorporated, recruiting more followers at your local TOS provider in the foreseeable future!

Pro’s and Cons:
+Physical Damage: Immolation, Fanatic Illusion and Empathic Trust.
+Holy Propery Damage: Blind Faith.
+Damage boost: Fanaticism, Blind Faith, Blind Faith: Sacred Shock, Immolation: attack power and Beady Eyes all add dmg in some form or another.
+Utility: Invulnerability provides a pain barrier and Beady Eyes is a teleport skill.
-Immolation drains health while in use, while Fanatic Illusion drains spr while in use
-Zealot2’s sp costs are quite high due to blind faith’s 50% sp cost and FI’s 60 sp per second drain.
-Fanatisicm’s dmg buff prevents all healing.
-Blind Faith isn’t very good atm.

Summary and rank advice:
Blind Faith got nerfed into the ground, but otherwise zealot is a very strong and suicidal physical damage class.
SP drain on it is insane though, even without using blind faith.

Skill point guide:
[ 0+ ] Invulnerability: Worst name ever, you’ll lack skill points and other effects are just outright better. can be replaced with gazing golem cards or ignored outright.
[ 1+ ] Beady Eyes: Now scales crit chance with skill level which is quite nice.
[ 1+ ] Immolation: Not the best dmg skill to use tbh, but far from useless.
[ 15 ] Fanatiscm: Always max it for that sweet dmg increase.
[ 10 ] Fanatic Illusion: Your best zealot dmg skill so max it asapo.
[ 1 ] Blind Faith: You’ll want the crit debuff attribute but that’s about it.
[ 1+ ] Emphatic trust: The worst dmg skill for zealot, but with the best element. Low priority.

How to build your zealot:
The only real issue with building zealot is that you have to take Fanaticism into account as it prevents healing for 15s every 30s.
Which means that most Heal over Time effects are less effective for zealot itself and that priest is ideal due to mass heals 15s cd. (which ensures you can heal asap after fanaticism.)
I’m not entirely sure on whether Zealot can work well with just heal and hp potions as it is rather squishy, so, for now, I’ll only recommend zealot builds with a healer class in them.

Its insane sp cost can also be reduced by Oracle or Dievdirby, which were already good combos with it.

  • [ Zealot | 1x amplifier | 1x healer or utility ] for an all-round Zealot template.
    [ Zealot | Oracle | Priest ] would be my top pick for that category with ease.

  • [ Zealot | 1x stand-alone or secondary dmg class | healer or utility ] for a hybrid dmg + healer or dmg + utility zealot template.
    [ Zealot | Plague Doctor | Priest ] for dot focused zealot with excellent mobility and healing.

  • [ Zealot | 2x recommended dmg classes ] for a full dmg focus zealot template.
    [ Zealot | Inquisitor | Druid ] for a heavy aoe focus example.

Become part of the hidden elite group of exorcists, who specialize in dealing with demons and other unwanted spirits by nuking everything in their path with holy fervor.

Pro’s and Cons:
+Magical holy damage: Rubric, Entity, Aqua Benedicta, Gregorate and Koinonia.
+Damage reduction and kd immunity: Enkrateia.
+Utility: Stealth reveal from Entity.
+R2 Debuff Removal: Gregorate.
-Koinonia needs 3 team members nearby to work.

Summary and rank advice:
Exorcist is still insanely strong, but it does spend less time casting now.
You may want to invest in some form of kd immunity as well, but that’s about it.

Skill point guide:
[ 15 ] Rubric: The easiest to use and one of the best cleric dmg skill atm, max it asap.
[ 1 ] Entity: Dmg is irrelevant as it only hits invisible enemies.
[ 1+ ] Aqua Benedicta: decent dmg, but not your first priority.
[ 1+ ] Engkrateia: Can be quite good actually, but is up to the user.
[ 1 ] Gregorate: Mostly for utility tbh.
[ 10 ] Koinonia: Probably the highest dmg cleric skill atm, but is difficult to use properly.
[ 1+ ] Katadikazo: Worse dmg than AB, but hits flying so I’d recommend this over AB. (also no item cost.)

How to build your exorcist:
Exorcist does have a unique synergy in Chaplain as Build Capella adds up to +160% holy dmg for 30s every 1m 5s.
Which in turn makes chaplain a decent option as it still good aa dmg on the side.

Inquisitor is rather nice as well due to Judgement’s considerable benefit to Rubric, Katadikazo and Engkrateia. (turns enemies to demons, stat changes will be added again after a bug fix eventually.)

  • [ Exorcist | Chaplain | 1x healer or amplifier ] as its unique synergy build since build capella boosts holy dmg. Focus on healing for an all-round build or an amplifier for a heavy dmg focus.
    [ Exorcist | Chaplain | Priest ] for an all-round option that’s a bit selfish.
    [ Exorcist | Chaplain | Oracle ] for a heavy focus on damage, has decent utility to boot.

  • [ Exorcist | 1x healer | 1x anything ] for an all-round exorcist template that can even use pardoner or kabba if you want for healing.
    [ Exorcist | Oracle | Priest ] for a more group friendly jack of all trades exorcist that deals less dmg vs bosses.
    [ Exorcist | Druid | PD ] for an alternate take that uses druid and paladins dmg boosts for itself.


Current listed synergies:

  • Priest’s Turn Undead gets +50% AoE ratio while Exorcist’s Engkrateia is active. (and stuns enemies under Inquisitor Malleus Maleficarum If I got it right.)
    Verdict: A neat little bonus.

  • Druid’s Chortasmata hp recovery is increased by 10% when in range of a Dievdirby’s Zemyna statue.
    Verdict: Far to low of an amount to build around tbh.

  • Sadhu’s Vashita Siddhi will deal 30% extra as holy property damage while an enemy is being hit by Exorcist’s Aqua Benedicta.
    Verdict: May work on all ab hits? needs testing but sadhu is still a underperforming circle so this won’t save it.

  • Monk’s Energy blast will hit twice as often vs enemies debuffed by Krivis’s Divine Stigma.
    Verdict: a really good synergy, but monk itself is still underwhelming.

  • Pardoners Indulgentia gets another 10% healing bonus from Cleric’s Patron Saint.
    Verdict: Nice bonus you can pretty much always get, a bit low statistically though.

  • Pardoner’s Discern Evil is spread to nearby enemies when enemies are dealt damage by holy circles. (Aqua Benedicta, Nacash & Hamaya atm)
    Verdict: Sorry about my previous nonsense, apparently it only spreads the dot’s damage around and does not act as a AoE Discern Evil. As such it’s quite worthless.

  • Paladin’s Restoration gets another 10% healing bonus from Cleric’s Patron Saint.
    Verdict: Nice bonus you can pretty much always get, a bit low statistically though.

  • Paladin’s Conviction debuff causes enemies to explode (and harm nearby enemies ofc) if they are also under the effect of Oracle’s Death Sentence.
    Verdict: Need to see how this effect scales, but it certainly could be useful.

  • Kabbalist’s Revenge Sevenfold will inflict a “Deathfire” debuff on enemies when Miko’s Omikuji buff is active.
    Verdict: I have no idea what that debuff even is, but likely won’t work everytime as Omikuji can give a debuff or nothing instead as well. Plus kabba and miko are bad options atm regardless.

  • Exorcist’s Entity causes Miko’s Hamaya to split up into 4 smaller Hamaya copies that each last 4s.
    Verdict: not that bad, but timing is a bit finicky. If Miko was better this could be interesting.


I’m so glad you’re making a new guide thread. I just returned from quitting and this is a godsend since I relied on you and your advice when I was first starting out.


Cleric C3 = Overkill

Why you spreading that old ass misgiving --.
C2 Cleric, C3 Priest can heal for more -
C2 Cleric, Diev C1 Priest gets somewhat close due to CDR.
Not to mention Heal Factor PD’s.
Particularly given Heal bombing for damage has been buffed and damage has been made harder to mitigate.
Other than that :sunglasses: Nice job


Nice guide with the basics for every cleric class, specially with all the changes.

My only doubt is why picking Priest for a Monk build when Cleric 3 > Diev or Cleric 2 Diev 2 seems more worthy in my opinion. Except for revive, all Priest skills can be bought.


Love the guide.:slight_smile: Yet another dude wanting to make a case for C3: at least for C3>P3>Chap>Inq, I find I’m benefiting quite nicely from the 15 Heal, 15 Cure (more hits = more Bless) and 10 DM. Also have a few points to get 3 DepZone, which can also nicely enhance your damage.

Happy to be proven wrong of course.:slight_smile:


I agree with @Teifu

I personally made a scroller that can do Arcane Energy scrolls, moonstrance scrolls and diano scrolls…

there is absolutely no reason to get those classes for 1 skill only type of thing.

(at least that is an option if anything)


Isn’t it?

I mean most builds can heal just fine with just cleric2 atm.
And granted priest3 or diev1 are also overkill in terms of healing, but at least they offer more on the side.

Damage wise heal bomb isn’t so bad I agree, but I can’t see a case outside of monk where it would be a competitive option.

  • at low ranks it competes vs diev1’s -20% cd and -movement pseudo cc or priest1’s res.
  • at later ranks its damage doesn’t compare well to carnivory or hamaya either. (though avoiding the miko questline can save your sanity.)
  • Chaplains got plenty of healing already. I’d far rather grab a more support oriented circle.
  • And I already got it listed on monk because I do think it’s the one exception.

Mostly resurrect, and revive+mass heal from priest2 allows for a more aggressive playstyle.
The other skills don’t really compete due to scrolls. Though monstrance1 can be nice to have without needing vis.

For diev2 my major current gripe is that Laima5 is already very capable. Who cares about silence when most can’t move. Both carves deal crap dmg and even silence doesn’t work on elites.
(Though I kind of do expect it to get nerfed, and it bugged out occasionally.)

Diev2 is definitely a close contender though.


Cleric C3 fits in with
Monk, Sadhu and Paladin to a lesser extent than the prior two.
Basically you consider Cleric 3 if you’re taking a R4 or R5 class because it can comfortably slot into those picks. Cleric C3 as a general rule is “pick at rank 3 or forget about it”.
Sadhu can fit it in comfortably. It’s been the common C3 Sadhu pick prior to the Transmit update and it benefited as well given Heal and Cure don’t mind the extra damage. It’s slightly more mobile then the Diev build given its doesn’t rely on statues fields or their cast time. You already mentioned Monk. Paladin again is to a lesser extent. pardoner is interesting. Particularly because you left out Pardoner C3. If someone for whatever reason chooses to push into Pardoner C3, that also pushes them out of PD C2. With Pardoner C3 the things to look at are what will complete by R5. That’s Cleric C3, Priest C3 (as you mentioned) and Krivis C3, all of which have skills working with Pardoner’s gimmick. When you break down a class decision to only those first four ranks that’s when Cleric C3 is easily able to enter the discussion due to there being such a small amount of class choice that early on.


Hi @Wurmheart, are you still here ? long time no see, im returning now after a long time and im lost in gear department, i see now that HG exist and im testing builds right now but i am pretty sure that i will end with something like C2>P1>S3>PD2, so theres my question what gear i need to focus ? the ones from HG 320 are the best ? Plate is still the best for PD2 ? also dagger or shield offhand ?

im still using the old gear including arde dagger on my character lol


Welcome back, I’ve only gotten back a few weeks ago or so myself :smiley:

Gear wise:

  • Offhands suck royally for int clerics atm. A high con shield is nice, but that means Lionhead or Emengard. Both are far too expensive for what it gives. Otherwise just grab a cheap but high property atk dagger. Aka an Arde dagger…
  • Armor set wise, you can’t really go wrong with the highest level&rarity plate or cloth set. Depends on whether you want sp or hp.
  • Weapon wise I’m not sure yet, there was some talk about using the lower rarity HG ones with high enchant values and that they could be on par with the dungeon weapons. But I haven’t verified it yet.

But HG gear all drop from cubes now, so you can’t farm specific items like you used to.
I’d recommend trying to focus on a high matk rod or hammer first, ideally the dungeon ones. (they look nicer :smiley: )


[ 0 or 15 ] Aspersion: The defense portion is worthless atm, only max it if you want to use aspergillum.

SPR Chaplains may want to invest 1 in Aspersion, to take advantage of the Damage attribute, as invested attribute points will not apply if the skill is left at 0.

1 Aspersion + 15 blessing is an adequate choice for SPR Chaplains.


Cheers. You do indeed need 1 aspersion for that at least.


Hi, this is my current setup for my:

Cleric C2 > Diev > Paladin C3 > PD > Inquisitor

I was wondering what should I drop in order to get other stuff? I’ve full STR at the moment.

Also should I drop Incineration entirely? or is it still good for a full STR build?


Other stuff? what do you mean?
I’d probably remove 2 from restoration and put 1 in turn undead and 1 in conversion. Being able to grab at least 1 mob can be quite nice.
Otherwise it seems fine to me.

You can drop incineration and cure if you wish to use a sword. If you want to use a hammer you’ll be able to scale their dmg just fine though.


Yeah I meant to use their skill points for other skills, at the moment I’m aiming to get a Vienarazis Mace so I guess I should keep them? also is Epidemic needed to spread Conviction/Malleus to get more dmg on my offensive skills?


Congratulations on such a clean and objective guide.

In a quick read the only thing I have to add is to mention the Chaplain-Pardoner build that abuses Pole of Agony + Reversi scrolls combo with Discerning Evil.


Hey @Wurmheart, glad to see you’re back and that you’ve actually made an up to date cleric guides once more. Good job, it’s very good work!

Regarding the hybrid build section, I’ve exprimented with a Cleric 2 - Diev 2 - Monk 2 - Miko - Inquisitor which works out pretty well as far as current group content goes. Since it has a bit more utility skills, I gave up entirely on DEX stat and focused on STR/INT (if I remember right 1:1, but making sure they stayed at 10 multiples). Red Gems on both Mace and shield, phadas for AoE atk ratio, magic atk+physical atk headgear.

Both Owls and hamayia can do decent (semi)stationary damage when comboed with Malleus (especially while blessing is up), while the main AoE Burst with wheel+Double Punch+OIP+God Smash doesn’t get that much weaker imo. Carve is also quite nice for bossing if you’d like to save up on some stamina from double punching too often.

Support-wise, this build definetely lacks the revive+ress+mass heal potential from priest variants, but offers the CD reduction + slow/halt + silence, which can be kept up pretty much forever with clap even at Diev 2. From tiem to time I also kagura dance after Malleus+Wheel at bosses when party composition is Melee packed (especially Fencers or Doppels).

Just leaving it here because I tried really hard (6+ resets) to find a truly hybrid damage/support physical/magic cleric and this one somehow seems to work out…