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Dievdirbys-Druid-Exorcist In-depth Guide (10/16/2019)

Thank you for spending your time reading this thread. My name is Shanochi and I will be breaking down one of my favorite builds in Tree of Savior.

Disclaimer: This written guide is based on my experiences toward the game for the past three months. I will try my best to break down every details as much as possible and explain why Dievdirbys-Druid-Exorcist should be your to go build for Tree of Savior Re:Build

Extra Note: All the following gears recommendation heavily focus on PvE only. PvP content will not be discuss in this thread. Thank you for understanding.

I also recommend checking out Wurmheart’s An Intermediate Guide to Clerics to learn more about Re:Build classes changes and stats system.

For New/Return leveling, card, addon, and other guides, check out Luna_PaleMoon’s Subreddit Thread

Personal Leveling Guide: Exorcist - Plague Doctor - Druid Skills Build

Level 1-50: Walk from Klap, kill monsters on the way, and get access to Srautas Gorge map to start the chain main-quests! Continue the chain-quest until you’re level 50! (Make sure to unlock Tenent Garden Waypoints FIRST! You will need it later on)

You will earns some slivers on the way. Make sure to use those slivers to buy buffs from Priest Player’s shop in town!

Also check out this video for further help with the chain main-quest! You will teleport to Gateway of the Great King! Take advantage of this area and unlock Stele Road. I wouldn’t do this because its painful to walk all the way up there, so find a sage shop that teleport you to Stele Road! Future TOS content unique/raid will involved with new port in Stele Road, so there should be plenty of shop around the town.

Level 50-75: Do Level 50 dungeons daily! After that, teleport back to Tenet Garden and head over to Tenet Church! This is where you will be making extra pocket slivers until level 70-85! Equipment that drop from these areas can be sell for 4k-5k slivers each! Lot of monsters spawn here! Find a sage shop to teleport here if possible!

Make sure to buy a cheap weapon from blacksmith! (Recommend for new players).

Level 75-120: Continue to run Dungeon Level 50. You should be able to get lot of experiences here until 80 or so. Start leveling at Stele Road at level 80+! Like i said before, try to unlock waypoint there if you can or find a sage shop!


Also, don’t hesitate to buy a weapon from the market! They’re really cheap! Go for a Rod if possible!

Start attempt level 130 Dungeon around level 110-120!

Level 120-200: Find a sage shop to teleport to Demon District Level 2! This is where you will be staying until level 180+ or more! 200 is even better! This is where you unlock Challenge Mode!

Farm Abrasive Gem level 3 + slivers here! Save up your funds for Legendary equipment later on! If you get bored, work toward your main quest! They give a good chunk of experiences!

Level 200-270: Run daily dungeon level 200! Then switch over Subreddit guide! (I couldn’t find a better place to level at the moment. I’ll try to keep this thread updated if i manages to find one.

level 270-315: Run daily dungeon level 270 until 315! If you have free time, run challenge mode in Workshop for extra experiences and drop!


Level 315-360: Finally you made it! Spams daily dungeon level 330 and farm Sausys Room 9 until 360! Run Challenge mode if you can! Find a party! You can access this room easily through player’s sage shop teleport! Find one!

At this point, your playtime should accumulate up to two weeks! Grab your Masinio weapon selection max and take Masinio 1H Blunt Weapon!


✦ Level 360-380: Wrap to Astral Tower with Sage Shop! Run daily dungeon level 330+ and challenge mode in Astral Tower!


Level 380-400+: You’re done! Start running Challenge mode daily at Outter Wall District 10! (Accessible through Sage’s shop). Try your best to find any sage shop that sell teleport to Inner Wall District 8. From there, you can walk to Inner Wall District 10!

Dievdirbys-Druid-Exorcist Skills Build

✦ [5/5] Heal: This is your main healing ability! +% Cooldown and +% SP reduction will make this skill even better without any waiting-time.
✦ [4/5] Cure: Four points into Cure is optional. However, I prefers this over maxing Fade. It’s useful to remove various debuffs in the end-game and future contents.
✦ [0/5] Smite: No need.
✦ [1/5] Fade: One point is more than enough to keep yourself hidden for several contents!
✦ [5/5] Guardian Saint: Max it out to boost your healing power!

✦ [1/1] Statue of Goddess Vakarine: This statue allows you to teleport to any other marked map! Save you a lot of slivers.
✦ [14/15] Statue of Goddess Zemyna: Max it out if you can! This statue reduced +% SP cost which synergy extremely well with Heal and other abilities.
✦ [0/15] Carve Attack: No need. You will be spending a lot of time casting your spells.
✦ [15/15] Carve Owl: This is your stationary skills for extra DPS and clearing Uphill/Challenge Mode.
✦ [10/10[ Statue of Goddess Laima: Max it out to received +20% Cooldown Reduction!
✦ [0/10] Carve World Tree: No need. This skill is only useful with Miko
✦ [5/5] Statue of Goddess Ausrine: Max it out to keep buff longer without standing near the statue!

✦ [0/15] Carnivory: No need. You will be spending time casting other spells. Extra summons aren’t helpful because statues will be your main summon support.
✦ [15/15] Chortasmata: Max it out! It does damage and heal at the same time.
✦ [0/1] Shape Shifting: No Need.
✦ [4/15] Seed Bomb: All leftover points goes here for extra DPS.
✦ [10/10] Sterea Trofh: Max it out to maximize your DPS! This buff give you high +% critical damage.
✦ [0/1] Transform: No need.
✦ [10/10] Thorn: Max it out for external DPS.
✦ [5/5] Lycanthropy: Max it out for +% Physical/Matk and +% Critical Buff in Demi Human form!
✦ [1/1] Henge Stone: +10% damage for Druid’s skills! Extremely good with Thorn and Chrotasmta.

✦ [15/15] Rubric: Your primary DPS skill! It work extremely well against Single-target and Group!
✦ [1/15] Entity: Leave it at one-point. This skill is only good to aggro monsters to finish up low HP monsters.
✦ [15/15] Aqua Benedicta: Max it out! This is your to-go DoT DPS for your build.
✦ [1/15] Engkratela: Leave it at one-point to utizlies 1 HP attribute. This will keep your character undying for good 6 seconds.
✦ [1/10] Gregorate: This is like Damballa. It does AoE damage but based on how many allies near your character. This skill synergies really well with Diev’s Statues.
✦ [7/10] Koinonia: The rest of your skill points goes here. Koinonia form a triangle with your teammate. This skill is useful for Unique/Legend Raids.
✦ [5/5] Katadikazo: AoE skill that hit up to 15 targets! This is your sub DPS skill for farming.

Check out Dievdirbys-Druid-Exorcist Build Performance Video for further understanding

Recommend Equipment

One-handed Blunt Weapon: Savinose Legva Rod + [Masinio Mace Ichor]
One-handed Rod Weapon: Savinose Legva Rod + [Asio Rod Ichor]

1H + Shield is optional, you wan to use 2H Weapon to maximize your DPS with Rubric’s Ichor. However, focus on getting +11 T5 Masinio Mace from 12 Days log-in box for New/Return players! This item will provide you enough damage to kill monsters in Inner Wall District 10 and Outter Wall District 15!

You don’t need fancy 3-4 Green lines or 3 Greens + 1 Purple random lines for Savinose. 2 Greens with INT + SPR Is more than enough!

Two-handed Blunt Weapon: Savinose 2H Blunt + Skiaclipse Two-Handed Maul’s Ichor
Shirt: Savinose Vymedzai Leather Armor + Skiaclipse Robe’s Ichor
Pant: Savinose Vymedzai Leather Pants + Skiaclipse Pants’ Ichor
Glove: Savinose Vymedzai Leather Gloves + Skiaclipse Gloves’ Ichor
Boot: Savinose Vymedzai Leather Boots + Ignas Boot’s Ichor
Bracelet #1: Carnas Zeisty Bracelet
Bracelet #2: Carnas Zeisty Bracelet
Necklace: Carnas Zeisty Necklace
Hair Accessory #1: Any Hair #1 with MATK + Crit MATK + [Hp as Optional]
Hair Accessory #2: Any Hair #2 with MATK + Crit MATK + [HP as Optional]
Hair Accessory #3: Any Hair #3 with MATK + Crit MATK + [Hp as Optional]

Farm or buy 5x Varna random pieces for Smugis effect! This should be the thing last on your equipment list. Focus getting Skiaclipse’s 2H Maul ichor first and then other armor ichors.

How to obtain Savinose Equipment:

Blacksmith location has been changed! Check the image above!

You can find my full character equipment in the following Diev-Druid-Exorcist Uphill Video.

Pros & Cons

✦ Pros

  1. High DPS Rotation between skills usage
  2. Lower skills cool-down and SP consumption thanks to Diev’s Statues.
  3. Open up more solo-able contents without relying on party. For instance, Uphill and Lolopanther
  4. Powerful classes combo for Challenge Mode
  5. Doesn’t required +16 or T10 gears to clear end-game contents.

✦ Cons

  1. Low movement speed & mobility
  2. No counterpart against crowd control
  3. Required Holy Water for Aqua and Wood for Statues
  4. Required Armor equipment transcendence 5 to tank damage with 2H weapon

Recommend Cards

Red Card: 3x Velnia Monkey cards to increased your damage against Poisoned Target! Druid’s grass is extremely useful for this combo!
Blue Card: Use 3x Zaura cards if possible. You’re using leather set effect so it’s important to keep your physical defense high!
Green Card: I recommend 3x Gorkas to increased your loot chance! Continue to farm and switch out for 3x Skiaclipse Card (Which give 30 INT + 30 CON with 3x cards). This is optional but that’s up to you! You can also use Pyromancer cards as well.
Purple Card: You don’t need anything fancy. 3x Gazing golem all the way!


Recommend Enchant Stats
2H Enchant Stats Option ✦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✦ 1H + Shield Enchant Stats Option

Enchant%20Stats Enchant%20Stats%201H%20%20%20Shield

Personal Money-Making Methods

Inner Wall District 10 Farming Guide: Best place for new/returned players farming area. You can easily farm Planium, slivers, and Level 400 unidentified equipment.
Maven Water 32 Challenge Mode Farming Guide: Farm Stage 1-5 to loot Broken Emblem, Planium, and other loots. These goes around 20k-50k on the market! Price is subject to change
Outter Wall District 15 Challenge Mode Great place to start farming once you hit level 400+! Lot of players farm here so Challenge Mode portal is constantly open!
Dismantle Blue/Magic/Orange Equipment for Powders: Nuale and Sierra powders can be sell for a good chunk of slivers!
Irredian Shelter Hunting Ground: Great place to farm for Album, Slivers, Bless Shards, and weekly Irredian Boss cubes! You can enter up to 5 times. They have chance to give Magic Stones which worth around 15m-20m!
Demon Prison District 2: Optional money making method. Farm Level 3 Gem Abrasive and sell them for 30k-40k each! Lot of monsters here and they drop the gem frequently!

Free Time/Alternative Money-Making Methods

Album Party: Join an active guild! They usually run album party! Set your schedule and contribute the party with your farmed albums!
World Boss Hunting: Even if you don’t have good gears, Diev’s statues alone can increase your team DPS output with cooldown reduction and SP reduction.
Weekly Velcoffer: Run weekly to earn enough essences! People will buy these equipment for their alts! Expected sale around 10m-20m a piece. Depending variety and type.
Weekly Uphill: Grab your weekly points to purchase Carnas Accessories! These can be sell for 35-50m!
Weekly Lolopanther: Grab your weekly cubes from Lolopanther Stage 4! You can sell the weapon appearance for 10m-2m!
Weekly Solmiki: Beside Lolopanther, there’s Solmiki’s accessories farming option as well. Farm these stuffs and sell them around 10m-20m! Players still use them for additional stats or use it temporarily!

Personal Progression Timeline

Here’s my gaming progression if you’re interested!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why uses Carnas Uphill accessories but not Drakanos Pasi Set? It’s much cheaper and you don’t need extra critical rate under Druid’s Demi Transformation buff. This buff alone will give you enough critical rate along with Leather set effect (+20% critical rate) + 10% Critical Rate Capped.

Why not use Exo-Diev-Miko? Diev-Miko isn’t that great and required time to position and building statues. It’s a great classes combination overall but you don’t need extensive critical rate with Omijoyi buff. Extra +24% Physical/Matk from Demi Human form and +15% Physical/Matk Leather set effect give you a total of 39% Physical/Matk damage. It’s extremely good for Exorcist + Druid combos! You also wanted critical matk after capping critical rate, which is what Carnas set offers along with SPR stats.

Do I really have to start with Diev for leveling? No, you can start with Exorcist > Druid > Diev for last.

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Why not outer wall distric 15? I mean everybody is there…

I thought i added that to the farming method section. Look like it didn’t saved since last night. Updated!

Hello. Can you add on your guide what passive priorize for the spells? Is the Stats growth passive worth?

Pyroego heh…

This build also could make use of all stats, so Pajauta cards could be considered.

For Cleric build: I put 1 point into Smite and only 3/5 in Cure, because the first half (until roughly level 200) it’s easier to go mace + shield and hit all straggler mobs with a physical attack.

I’m still not sure yet if I will take Exo but I was looking for a Druid + Diev + ??? build. So thank you very much for your topic !

I was wondering what stat repartition do you use ? I’m still new so I don’t have the reflex yet. I was thinking of : 2 in CON / 3 in Int / 4 in SPR (exemple : If y have 100 SPR, I will have 75 INT and 50 CON) And nothing for the rest.

But if I’m right and we should have that much SPR. Why not use the Druid’s Carnivory ?

Depends on your build: more DPS or more support. If DPS, then Exo is the way to go. If support, then Priest.

Doesn’t matter, it’s just 50 or so points. Full INT is +200 matk, full CON is +5k hps. For my druid/exo, I just went half INT half CON.

In my build I’ve put one point in Carnivory and 3 in Seed Bomb just for the early game. Later on, you will probably never use these anymore because they’re bad.

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I am Diev-Druid-Oracle, it allows me to use healing grass (Arts) all the time. Twist of Fate against CM boss. This will be a full support with solo CM capable (depends on your weapon). The problem with this class is lack of status recovery.

As for pure CM purpose, my guild has someone with Diev-Miko-Inquis, perhaps you can try Druid over Miko, as Inquis ripper can cut boss rather quick.