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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Latest Announcement


As you can see from the above quote, the details of Founder’s Server are being changed. Please, cast your vote on the link.

Greetings, Saviors.

We have had an influx of questions ever since the announcement of the Founder’s Server: Exclusive Access.

The following is some of the questions and answers for the moment.

Please, leave a comment on this topic and we will update this list as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Q.Where are the servers located?
A. Servers will be located on the east coast of the US, same as the iCBT servers

Q. How much is TP in USD?
A. 100 TP is priced at approximately USD$9.00

Q. How will EXP rate be implemented?
A. EXP gained through hunting will be at the same rate as kTOS

Q.Prices might differ from a country to country due to the exchange rate,how much would be the actual price?
A. The price we announced is based on the price that will be applied to the US. Please check the Steam Store Page for your regional prices. They will be adjusted by Steam Standards.

Q. To what rank, can we play?
A. Just like in KTOS, players can reach Rank 7 /Level 280.

Q. The game is not found on Steam, what is going on?
A. The game will be on display when it gets officially released. We will inform you of where to find it when it gets released.

Q. I have been participating in the translation process. What benefits can I get?
A. The translators will receive the same benefits as that of DLC. Please, visit our GitHub page for more details.

Q. Will there be West Coast/Oceanic/SEA/EU servers?
A. It is currently under internal discussion. We will let you know as soon as something is solid enough.

Q. When can we play the game?
A. The exact date is not yet confirmed. It will be announced.

Q. Will my vote on the current poll affect the release date?
A. No, it is very unlikely that it will affect the release schedule. Even if it does, it won’t affect it significantly.

Q. Regarding the Founder’s Server, will it remain exclusive even after the F2P conversion date?
A. No, after the F2P release, the pre-existing ‘Founder’s Server’ will become available to all.

[UPDATE - MAR 18th]
Q. Will I be able to access the Steam version from Hong Kong / Macau?
A. Access will be restricted from Hong Kong and Macau. You will be able to play through X2GAME.

[UPDATE - MAR 19th]
Q. Why are the dates on the Steam store page and announcement different?
A. The release date on the Steam store page is PDT which is due to Valve’s standards. Service will be commenced at the time mentioned above on the 29th of March.

[UPDATE - MAR 21st]
Q. When will the Founder’s Server: Exclusive Access be discontinued?
A. The products will be available until April 27th. The current line of products will not be available from April 28th. As the F2P launch date approaches, the amount of early access time will be reduced leaving you with less of a head-start.

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What will be available in the cash shop on day 1?


Nothing new so far…


when you add the founder pack on steam?
one question i can change to latin america server before the latin america server is open?
without loose character and items?


Will we get same skill description as in kToS or will it be different?

This FAQ same with the founder announcement
Nothing new


Specifically, are we going to see the enchant scrolls from kToS cash shop in iToS? Will the iToS cash shop be the same?

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So June 19th it is…XD

You made a small typo you put only f and I think you meant for. @STAFF_John


About BR/EU servers, we have many questions. A lot of people afraid of losing progress later on. Can you give some info about this? Are you considerating server transfer or do you have an estimation for when those servers will be live?

Also, if BR server is really going to be mantained by you, and it will use Amazon too, why it can’t be accessed by the same client? (in english, doesn’t matter)

Is this really a US-only-worth founders pack?

I’m sorry to ask this, but a lot of people have been asking the same, for many regions.


EDIT: Will TP bought here be usable in EU and BR servers?


Why does the site go into read-only mode when you guys post?

Will there be a new trailer?
What kind of exclusive content is in iTOS besides the skill changes?

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I’l wait on commenting this hoping you guys are writing a second, far more important announcment than this one…

their way of saying “calm down now mate” lol.

the founder pack is basically a done deal right now, what a very sad development.

I still don’t think the founder pack is an issue, the 3 months headstart is an issue to be solved… founder pack can and should stay


Pretty much. The only two big things I’ve been hearing about this are

  • it’s too long
  • it’s too expensive

If they would address these problems, IMC would win a lot of people back probably.

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What DLC?
Did you mean just some items or an actual DLC?

Its not expensive, its just too long. It’s expensive for people without USD. Which makes sense.

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What is the main different between KrToS and iToS?

In the game meta perspective, will iToS emphasise more on open map leveling? Like higher spawn rate and channel numbers? Because I saw a change in datamined where dungeon number is reduced to 1+1 instead of 3+2 in KrToS.

Can let us know a bit what the content that will be new to iToS?

Will there any hidden class in future that only exclusive to iToS?

Will there be more bosses on open map and higher difficulty?

How many server will be released on first day? Will there be server that base on EU/BR/SEA/AU? If no, then will it have a plan?

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Are there any plan for West Coast/Oceanic/SEA server ? Its not fun to play with 300+ms ping on east coast server for us Aus/SEA players.
Or our playerbase is too small so not worth your attention ?


Uh…most of these “answers” are not even new. None of these FAQs address the main pressing issues that the community has.

I’m a supporter of the founder pack and even I find this post useless and frustrating to read because it seems to dodge what everyone wants to know.

  1. Will you change the schedules plans for the servers?
  2. When ?!!?!
  3. Etc
  4. You guys know what we want to know. You just don’t want to say or don’t know the answers yourselves.

Come on, IMC. This is getting ridiculous. Making this post compromised primarily of information that was already available to us is an insult to our intelligence and a waste of time that could be used on something more productive.