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Klaipeda & Orsha Still Full 2+ Hour Queue

Well the two new servers are [EU] and [SEA]. So if they add [NA] for Klaipeda and Orsha then I am asking for one, maybe two more [NA] servers. I just meant non region specific so everyone could join and balance the server loads some.

I bet there are alot of people that would restart on the new servers. Low level people, and some that have not used their founders rewards, etc. Many players might have used their founders rewards right away, but maybe IMC will give everyone a free server transfer soon.

It might be wise to let the EU/SEA players transfer prior to the server relocation as a whole month of this is going to kill it for a lot of people. There’s already a queue and it’s not even peak time for US. Sure it’ll be more work but better in the long run.

Sigh… You don’t really understand. Many of the EU and SEA players are on the two NA server. They will be gone after the transfer. That will leave both servers in normal states. If they open more NA servers, the two, currently working NA server will become a ghost town.

Please, just think a little, it’s not hard.


It’s nice that they are somewhat accommodating their players in various regions but it’s ridiculous that despite having servers in NA players here can’t get a decent server to actually play on.

Looks like paying full price for the game wasn’t enough of a way to shaft NA players.

i do agree on 1-2 more servers.

but i dont think imc should take any blame if they dont offer free transfers this month, even though im sure they will.

all the players knew the founder packs would be binded on a server, why would u open them on the first 2 servers? can’t u think a bit?
2 servers and over 150k people. please.
dont even think about opening them until about a week later.

I have thought about it. @Athem That is why I am making this suggestion.

IMC stated over a week ago here Announcement on Poll Results and Regional Servers

“Any decisions made on regional servers shall be announced separately when they are finalized.”

IMC Staff

Also here 9days ago Updated FAQ on the Latest Announcement

“3. Can I save my Founder’s Pack until a EU server opens and retrieve it there?
-You can hold onto your Founder’s Pack in the in-game mailbox, as the pack will appear across all servers and do not expire, but EU/SEA/Oceania/LA/other regional servers opening is in debate and not a confirmed matter so please take that into consideration.”

For the server transfers it says here Current Plans Regarding the Transition to F2P - UPDATED March 28th

“We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.
Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased.
We will be taking requests from those who would like to make a Team transfer once new worlds open. The transfers will happen approximately 3 weeks after the new worlds are created in order to ensure that some of the head-start effects brought by older players are reduced.”

It says 3weeks until transfer.

As for your excuse that the servers will be “Ghost Towns” that is not true. Look here Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Latest Announcement

“Q. Regarding the Founder’s Server, will it remain exclusive even after the F2P conversion date?
A. No, after the F2P release, the pre-existing ‘Founder’s Server’ will become available to all.”

So ignorance is no excuse. Those people chose to use their founders rewards right away.

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yep i read those announcements too. i honestly think those people who used their packs can’t complain.

but that doesn’t solve the problem because klaipeda and orsha is just too overpopulated.

I think you misunderstood many things here.

IMC said that there wont be regional servers at start, but there will be a transfer , when they will open one.

Everyone used the founder’s pack , cause nobody knew that they will open an EU server 4 hour later, cause why would we expect?

If you would use simple logic here, you could make it here too, but let me help you:

They offer a free transfer -> Why would they open a server right away, if they made such an offer? -> Why shouldn’t we use the Founder’s pack, if there is nothing to lose? Regional servers will most likely come after the 1 month -> IMC announced that they have an EU server UP NOW, and not 1 month later -> Ok, but we didn’t think about that, we used our packs here, what now? -> Either wait on that server or start a new character without the bonuses there. -> Ok I’m sticking with the coins, cause I paid for this.

Therefore the two server is overpopulated. No point to open new servers! There is only one solution , which is the transfer. If everyone would be transfered to their regional servers, you wouldn’t have a queue, you would have two, decently populated server.

Why? If you would see the sales, it clearly sais that NA is 50% and rest of the world is 50% too. Ok, 47% approximetly, but around that. So, if EU needs one server and SEA one too, and they will be populated normally, that means that the rest of the playerbase (NA), needs 2 server too. Can you follow me?

Opening a new server to any region at this point is just equal to creating a ghost server later on. Also, you don’t want to separate new players, cause that would divide the community and also make ghost servers. Still with me?

Now, if you could follow me till now, you can see that the only solution would be the transfer.

Btw, I’m one of the guys, who actually didn’t used the packs, and I could safely go to EU server. The only thing I lost is my desired team name, but meh…


But transfering is time intensive… they dont have an automatic process yet…

Sadly they do it per hand…

I would transfer… imeddiately.

Stuck in que again after dc xD… had a good run from 43 to 55 today… still lots of cards~

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They should just wipe both servers and let the players choose their responding regional server. We all know that the players that are in Klaipeda and Orsha won’t transfer because they already opened their EA pack. Who would even know that there will be an EU server 4 hrs later and a SEA server in 24 hrs?

We all know that we can transfer our accounts after the EA and we are okay with that. But what I’m experiencing now is just wrong. They just added 2 more servers with like only 10% of the population of Klaipeda and Orsha.

The game has only been out for 1 day and 3 hours so why don’t we just wipe? It’s all for the better because they don’t need to offer account transfers anymore because there are NA, EU, and SEA already.

A wipe would require a HUGE preparation , a HUGE compensation and so on… Trust me, you don’t want that.

There is only thing you can do: wait.

Wiping would make everyone even angrier. They will probably allow free server transfers soon because of what happened, but who knows. One more server now would not hurt seeing as they will add more on f2p release anyways.

It’s funny that you just still don’t know why one more server would hurt a lot. I just explained but meh…

Which is harder? Wiping it all or transferring specific accounts to specific servers? It’s okay to wait again for a week or so if I have to just to be able to play smoothly. I’m playing with friends and we don’t have an issue with the ping on NA. But if one of us got dc’ed for some unknown reason, and we can’t just continue to play when that happens and it’s like all of us are in queue.

After being in this queue 2+ hours at a nonpeak time essentially, it’s clear that changes need to be made that won’t be fixed with compensation. Coming from blade and soul who had similar problems despite the fact that they had MULTIPLE servers avaliable at launch as well as premium and standard queues.

  1. Region lock from eu/na
  2. Create new servers and limit or block off new players from joining already full K/O servers temporarily
  3. Give free FULL transfers to everyone asap to divert some of the traffic to new servers

Even if they added only 1 new na server, enough people are already dissatisfied with the current conditions that they would be willing to switch and forcing new players to join that server will help as well.

I would also love premium queues since I paid for the 50$ pack and because pay to win :smiley: but prob wouldn’t work in this situation.

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Wrong. People with crappy ping will be more inclined to play on the servers that will be located nearer to them. The majority of all players from all regions will play on the global servers in NA if their ping is decent. The 2 servers have been overloaded and filled with issues for a whole day and IMC went ahead and added 2 new servers that will be home for a small fraction of the current player base.
Things might have been different if they had the 4 servers open right from the start and then made decisions about regional servers later on.

The way they added servers now does absolutely nothing to alleviate the problems with Klaipeda and Orsha.

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The additional servers are nothing for now. I feel that they only released to calm the people but they know deep inside that the people will not transfer that easily and ignore their PAID EA PACKS. If they only explained that we will have EU and SEA server if we wait for a while then none of this would have happened.

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Just simply say it:

“They ■■■■■■ up!”


We gave them tips and suggestions.
And we get ninja server starts… when a few days earlyer it was.
“Probably, sometimes later on.”
“Maybe EU Server … someday.”

Went from “Ahh yeah, lets see.” too “OH ■■■■ WE NEED SERVERS FAST! ANNOUCNMENTS`? While people wait for the first two … naw. We will be good!” … xd

They should just fire the PR manager and the one that decided not to start with 4 servers at once… or atleast TELL people about the PLANS before they actually WENT INTO completion~

Like how SEA people just realised… “might play on eu. Opens FP… OH ■■■■ COME ON!” … xD .

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I hope they decide on adding a new server today.

You can bypass the queue easily