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The different servers (wording is weird)? Question

I keep reading that we get new servers when the free game launches, I understand all that part. But I keep seeing it worded very specifically as “Founders Servers” and “F2P Servers”

So does this mean if I have friends that join me when the game is F2P, will they still be able to join me on Klaipeda? Or do I have to make a new team on a new server?

Sorry if this is kind of a dumb question, but I couldn’t really find clarification anywhere. Thank you.

Your friends will be able to join you on Klaipeda.

You will also be give 1 free team transfer 3 weeks after the game goes F2P. So you could join your friends on 1 of the “F2P” servers, if you would rather that.

Thanks! Not sure how I missed that, feel kind of silly now lol.

But thank you again!