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The Early Access EU Server Community Help Topic [Updated 28/3/2016]

EU Server Location Query by @Staff_Julie

Julie is doing a query from players asking about where do you expect the server in EU to be located and also where you’re playing from. She’s asking this from everyone. It’s no confirmation or anything, most likely to scope things.

The top vote from so far seems to be Frankfurt, Germany, which is a very central location that covers most of EU and is even good for those living in Russia. If you’re not from EU go post in this thread anyway as it’s not just for Europeans.

Regional Servers

Which means you just have to wait patiently. Possibly till the end of the Early Access, or even longer. If something gets announced we can count ourselves blessed, but if not, make sure that if you want to keep your Founders Package unused for an EU server, read on.

Sales Data from Steam

Voice your concern for wanting an EU server here:

An EU server is a big deal for a lot of us and as of now only one server located in NA is planned, and everything else is up in the air. For newcomers to the forum I figured I’d write a list of things we as the community have pieced together of the situation combined with official information, and what you can do to further help get ToS community updated with information of an official EU server, as pieced from various comments, topics, threads and users. If it’s not directly quoted from an IMC post, it’s not official.

Founders Package Prices for EU players

  • 45.99€ for Package 1
  • 27.99€ for Package 2
  • 9.99€ for Package 3

Total if you buy all (they stack their benefits): 83.97€ (94.48 USD)

The official FAQ that is SUPER important:

If you buy the Founders Package, it can be saved!

In other words if you think the Founders Pack deal is worth it for you, you can “reserve” yourself one. Just do realize that it might not help a EU server become a reality, or it does, we don’t really know. It is up for IMC to decide right now, and also since the packages are marked as DLC they have a limited time tied to them if you want to refunds them through Steam and DLC has its’ own set of policies regarding refunds on Steam.

The Founders Package are sold as DLC in Steam.

Refunding is possible!

So if you buy the pack now and decide to play in the Early Access NA server, if no EU server is provided, you can. Just every day remember not to touch your delicious founder gift mail full of goodies so you can save the contents for a future server if none is provided for the launch.

However Steams refund policies are a little different as Julie mentions. Gathered from a lot of forum comments here, the general consensus is that you have about 2 weeks after a DLC purchase to refund it. After that, nope.

So if you decide to hang around longer than the 29th with your Founders Pack in your pockets, realize that the expiration date on your refund will expire even if you decide not to open the contents.

All in all it’s a little complicated because there’s two sets of policies at work here and it is mostly Steams complicated policies that make it so… well complicated.

What about server transfers in the future? [Updated]

Team transfer basically means all your characters.

Basically they’re not promising any EU servers, but if there is one you get a transfer. If you buy the Founder’s package, you will be allowed a transfer to another server.

This also is aimed at the NA audience too, who are afraid the Founder’s servers might empty up once actual free to play servers open up. Free to play servers still get 21 days to themselves without Founder’s guys being able to transfer, which is fantastic if you ask me.

It still is in no way a promise of a localized EU server.

Keep that in mind.

Founders Server Pack 30% Discount If You Wait

My own thoughts

Hope this clears up some things for EU people specifically who have been pulled in every direction at once.

Just realize this forum is full of fans of the game who are hell bent on “defending” the game and it’s developers by flagging EU posters, requesting for their bans and generally being just big asshats. Don’t let them discourage you from writing your opinion in wanting an EU server. They are simply users afraid of a divided server population or users who don’t understand the actual value of a local EU server.

The big EU - NA Server Suggestion

A lot of us EU folks understand the tiny time frame they have right now for any kind of possible big movements regarding an EU server, so the big suggestion a lot of us share is that we would be fine if one of the NA servers was simply tagged as (Europe) for the EU Founders.

Once the staff has the time / funds / reason / discussions needed, then simply transfer the servers database, with the players, over to an actual EU based server. Just copy+paste us to a new server and this way we can buy, redeem and use the Early Access stress free to play and enjoy the game, even if it is laggy, because we know that in the future we’ll have a lag free server and our time will never be a waste.

I highly recommend following these topics and reading them daily for this coming week:


Stop asking for EU server already.


I am a little sceptical of this part. I know you quoted Julie’s answer, but it seems odd that you would be able to take advantage of 2 weeks of the 1 month EA part of the FP and still get a full refund just because you never received the other parts of the FP.

It would be nice to get this clarified. @Staff_Julie
Perhaps this is something only Valve can clarify though, so if anyone from the community knows Valve’s official position, that would be helpful too. A ‘General Consensus’ is not really good enough for something that is time-sensitive.


When I read posts like this I think to myself, “What if it turns out like in many other MMOs where a big playerbase can’t or won’t speak english. We’ll see Russian, French, German etc in global chat.” I hope all these “no EU server” people can stand by their choice of words then. Because we will all be one big happy family. -yay- :smile:

@celexample I’d like to pin this thread, if you don’t mind.

@Daenerys Technically you aren’t eligible for a refund because you are using the DLC to log into the servers, but I’m leaving the possibility open that Steam customer service will handle it differently depending on the customer’s situation. This is why I stated that it’s best to contact Steam support, as we do not handle that inquiry specifically.


That would be fantastic, thank you.

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Thank you very much, it helps me greatly :blush:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Yesterday I quoted the steam support, so again, the general rule is 2 weeks or 2 hours played, which comes first. Some people reported being unable to refund DLC’s after playing games for two hours, even if not using the DLC’s content. So keep this in mind.

Also, ingame items and other things Steam can’t take back makes you unable to refund, after you activated it, don’t matter for how much time. If the early access provided by the DLC enters this condition, I don’t know.

Why should we? It’s good to let IMC know how much we want a server located in the EU.

Again, you guys can get around 100-200 ping which is playable in a game like this.
People from SEA, Oceanic,… get around 200-300 ping and we didn’t cry this hard.
I can see every single day, on this forum have at least 1 topic about this.
And since EA announcement, only 2-3 topics about SEA server.
They said they will think about it.

So greedy people these days. Like you want it you can get it already.
Even if IMC want to do it, it’s not that easy for them.

I don’t comment much, but I’ll do it now then. I would be happy seeing an EU Server and by that, I think about my friends and all the other people I know located in the EU. More People means a more popular game and that again means more People like to spent money and hours in the Game everyone wants to play.

I’m thinking always in both ways. For one, many People would be happy and if money is needed, I think a few people would really like to support the Idea of getting an EU Server. Therefore debating that is no bad decision. But I want to state - don’t get hasty and see what happens. I think I trust the Community and IMC on that.

Proud of your work Guys. @Staff_Julie respect how much time you invent in helping the community. I know how much work that is. Just wanted to say that.

Regards - unknown me. :grinning:

In my case I will go from 400ms ping to 200ms ping…
I don’t think it’s about greed but more about quality of life while playing… (I remember being hit by attacks half a screen away in CBT2)

I don’t see why you’re against it though?
Any new mmorpgs I played recently will provide such a service and it’s not that complicated to do with amazon services. (if server selection is coded decently)

Although in the end OP is not begging for an EU server but just did a nice summary for people. I think if anything, he should be praised for his work…

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IMO, getting a West Coast(or anywhere in SEA/AUS/NZ region) server first is better than getting an EU server first (but if we can get both at the same time, it will be more preferable of course). Since EU people can connect more reliably to East Coast server than those from AUS/NZ/SEA.

First of all, thank you for this topic! It’s very informative.

For the people from other regions that came here to comment: Please stop this ‘if I can’t have nice things no one can’ salty attitude. I wouldn’t go to SEA/other regions topics and comment that IMC shouldn’t make a server for you. By all means, they should make more regional servers but that’s not the point of this specific thread.

Regarding the EU server: I played in closed beta and had big delays. Having big delays makes you not have a fair gaming experience. I could live with that at least knowing that we can get a transfer (for money or for free) later on. But I’m not very keen to starting leveling up my characters and not knowing if I’ll lose all my progress and items.
For those reasons I’d like to at least have some clarity from IMC before the launch date so that I know if I should buy the packages or not and if it’s worth to start playing on an NA server.
What also bothers me is that I’m sure there will be more than 1 server for the launch and I know there are available servers in Europe as well so I can’t really see why should all servers be NA when this is an international release. Then why not just call it naTOS and be done with it. It’s just not fair to always favor NA… we also pay, and we pay quite a lot and we deserve fair conditions.
Please IMC consider this, as you considered postponing the release date and the changing of the packages.


If only the kids doesn’t tantrum about the 3-month staggered EA and IMC just add the $10 option, I think regional servers are very possible. And not just that, IMC can also know which regions need the most, game balancing, and many many more.

Anyway, I’m playing from SEA and I think I’ll just adapt my gameplay with tha latency issues and not to choose class and skills that suffer too much from delays.

Stop asking people to stop asking for EU servers already!!


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Basically, we need a EU server, the fact is with 120 ping, we can’t even play correctly (Stop being a fag and say that 100+ ms is correctly for a mmorpg) if you are a hardcore gamer, or either like pvp, you need a decent ping, i don’t want to see only NA player in the top of pvp ranking just because of ping issue, u favorise a lower player base (NA) if you don’t open a EU server, AWS have a a server in frankfort, and i think all EU player (With devent connection) can have atleast 30-50 ping on it, so open a EU server will make player more hyped to buy a 45e founder pack and enjoy the game more, the more you enjoy a game the more they gonna pay premium for it, why ur taking that time to decide of a things that is so fkg relevant. Just do it damn.
(Sorry for my poor english, i’m french).


Edit : btw you can also use this :

Type cmd in windows search box, open cmd.exe
type “ping” without the “”

(Credit to ramoncosta11)