Announcement on Server Names


Greetings, Saviors.

We’re glad to tell you the final server names using the real town of Tree of Savior.

Server names : Klaipeda and Orsha

Both servers will be opened at the same time. Hope it would be helpful to enjoy Tree of Savior with your friends.

We would like to remind you again to check the ‘Terms of Service,’ ‘Privacy Policy,’ and the ‘EULA’ if you haven’t done so already. We wouldn’t have an enjoyable and flourishing community without your help!

Hope to see you start your adventures soon!

Please refer to our previous FAQ announcements first if you have any questions:

Best regards,
IMC Staff

[Server Poll] Klaipeda or Orsha?
We need to know the server names!

Ok, then Klaipeda.


Whoa that was unexpected. Thought we’d have goddess’ names as servers. Well played.
All right boys and girls, back to the drawing board!


Awesome, now we’ll wait for the patch note so that everyone’ll be happy and relaxed for tomorrow’s launch :smiley:


yeaaah :smiley: Hypeeee


Hopefully 2 servers will be enough :sweat:


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I’m a bit disappointed they aren’t using the goddess names. :frowning:


Hmm… Quite disappointed with the servers’ names.


Anyone else worried 2 isn’t enough?

I thought we’d go with the iCBT2 themes of Goddesses.


uhulll like the name orsha


They already said that they’ll add more if needed in the last announcment


Klaipeda hype!


It ended up on becoming a non- mainstream names which is great in a way, but does 2 servers really sufice versus the number of users, i’m hoping each server will have something like “20” or so channels.


I think those names are gonna really confuse someone.


a bit disappointed /2020202


So no Gabija this time… :frowning:


see u all in orsha tomorrow at 2am edt , gn all .


First server on list for me. (Pls no randomize)


The lower population server will be on top.