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Pardoner Skill Explanation + Simony Scroll List

All information will be base from 3rd beta KR only. (List mostly from observe auction and asking KR player around) Anything change in extend test won’t be include.

Simony use for create scroll for skill from your previous job and higher job.
This skill require item Parchment (cost 200) and 500 silver to make to make.
Scroll level depend on Simony skill level. While parchment and money require will be base by Level of skill scroll you want to make and level of skill you use as making scroll. (From what I heard cost of requirement is still bug)
Divine Might can work with simony. (max scroll lv for now is 15)

Example :
Heal Lv15 + Simony Lv1 = Heal Lv 1 scroll (Parchment 15 + 7500 silver)
Heal Lv5 + Simony Lv15 = Heal Lv15 scroll (Parchment 5 + 2500 silver)

With Divine Might (Scroll Lv15 won’t help add up to some point, I’ll exclude it to make it less confuse)
Heal Lv15 + Simony Lv1 + Divine Might Lv5 = Heal Lv 5 scroll
Heal Lv5 + Simony Lv5 + Divine Might Lv10 = Heal Lv15 scroll
Heal Lv1 + Simony Lv10 + Divine Might Lv10 = Heal Lv20 scroll

Confirm Work Skill
Cleric : Heal, Safety Zone, Cure, Deprotected Zone, Divine Might
Priest : Monstrace
Krivis : Daino, Zalciai, Aukuras, Zaibas
Paladin : Smite, Restoration, Turn Undead
Oracle : Call of Deities, Arcane Energy, Counter Spell, Change, Clairvoyance, Forecast

Confirm Not Work Skill (Any skill that require item to use and some specific skill)
Cleric : Fade, Guardian Saint
Priest : Blessing, Aspersion, Sacrament, Resurrection, Revive
Krivis : Divine Stigma
Dievdirbys : All
Bokor : All
Paladin : Resist Elements and every skill in circle 2,3
Sadhu : All
Monk : All
Pardoner : All
Oracle : Ressetting, Death Verdict

Every skill scroll have cool down after use. Long or short is depend on skill.

With an attribute “Make Dispeller”. Pardoner can also use 2 parchment to create dispeller scroll. This scroll can be use to prevent any debuff (ex.sleep,freeze,etc.).
To create it you have to sit and it’ll show icon to create dispeller.
And to make dispeller scroll work you have to activate it. When debuff was casting on you it’ll prevent those debuff and consume 1 scroll. Scroll have no cool down.

Spell Shop is for open up shop (Buff vending machine). This shop can still work even after log out. Buff that can be list have to be a buff that require item to use only. So far skill that work is priest skill Blessing, Aspersion, Sacrament and pardoner skill Indulgentia)
Remain number is how many require item left (holy water, holy powder, gyslotis, money). Price is not fix and you can change it as you want.

Skill level depend on ‘Real Skill Lv.’ (ex. Aspersion lv 15 = in shop also 15).
Duration will be longer than normal buff (possible from +3 minute duration attribute). For example Aspersion > 35 minute, Blessing > 28 minute (Even longer duration it still base on how many attack hit) and Sacrament > 2 hours. However… Sacrament is currently bug, not buff to person who bought it and will buff pardoner and his/her party member only. Not sure yet what’s different for each skill level. There’s also attribute that add duration time for 3 minute per attribute level (Can’t confirm max level)

This skill will be useless for now if you don’t have any skill that work to put into Spell Shop skill.

Oblation is for open up donation box. Other player can donate their item into box. Item can be anything. After offer donate item to pardoner. Person who donate will get some money back. While pardoner who open up donation box will pay the money. Cost will be fix and can’t set. Item in box can’t take out. Only thing pardoner can do is return to town and choose to empty (sell) all item in his/her box.

Skill level will effect amount of item that can be add in box. (1 lv = 100 Qty.)

This skill can be use near Goddess Statue only and can’t use it in town. Pardoner can’t move while have it up. Box will still open up for donate even after log off.

This skill have attribute that effect Indulgentia skill (More item in box = More damage to Indulgentia)

Descerning Evil use at target monster. Extend harmful effect that applied on target (abnormal status like stun, freeze, etc). At skill lv.1 add +2 seconds. Hardly notice if skill are in effect or not because after use skill you’ll saw icon under monster hp bar for a few second and it’ll gone right after you blink your eyes… However, you can notice by abnormal status on monster which will be add +? second from this skill.

Indulgentia Aoe range around yourself. Doing damage to monster and cure any abnormal status to player who’s in range. Higher skill lv add more damage, number monster/player it can attack/cure. Cost 500 silver every time you use skill.

As for how big aoe is… well… it can hit those 2 pumpkin in picture below.


I wonder if the scrolls has cooldowns, like for example can use the Dispeller scroll back to back to keep removing your debuffes.

Yes, skill scroll have cooldown.
As for Dispeller there’s no cool down.
Scroll work like activate on-off. As long as you still have it in bag = You’ll never get debuff from anything.

Ok thank you xxforbidden405

Can Simony be affected by divine might?
(whoops didn’t see it was mentioned :P)

So pretty much Priest c3 needs to go into Pardoner c2 once they advanced onto the pardoner class to take full advantage of the class.
Since oracles skills can be made into scrolls then one can infer that skills above the pardoner rank can be made into scrolls.
However, there is a total dead zone of info about if any of the druid skills can be made into scrolls. Only reason: having fun in town with friends by transforming into monsters :smiley:

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As I said above. It can effect by divine might. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for this information!

There was someone in ToSBase who managed to datamine the table for Simony, so I’ll share the results here.

Topic link:


I can confirm Resist Element not work and Turn Undead is work.

Test by my KR friend who play paladin > pardoner > oracle @.@

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That is really interesting. I don’t know the mechanics behind Resist Element, but I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work with Simony.

Yes, That’s what I thought too, I’ll ask her again and include pic if I can in case that it really work.

It said Apersion NO but on the Buff Vending Machine it shows Aspersion for sell by a player.

Vending machine and Scroll are different. Those list in picture are for simony scroll.

Thx for the info about the druid skills

Though there is something about that list that bugs me, Paladin’s barrier is scroll-able.
Paladin Starts at r4 and only gets barrier at r7. How does one progress in the class tree to be able to make it into a scroll?

Probable cause on why it was able to be created as a scroll and no longer is: barrier was moved from its position of c1 paladin skill into its current position as a c3 skill.

Here’s Turn Undead scroll include KR name.

It’s depend though…

If plan to make higher level scroll fast and only selling scroll > go with cleric 3 for divine might or have some cleric 3 friend who can help you

If plan to be fully scroll + shop seller > cleric > priest 3 > pardoner 1 or 2

(Be warn… Cleric 3 is really slow and boring… You’ll doom when meet any fly monster lol)

Pardoner + Oracle is best for now, Hardly see Pardoner 2 or Druid around.
Unless there’s any new change in upcoming patch/version.

Are you able to trade the scrolls? (So you can do something OP like give your party members Divine Might and Call of Deity scrolls)

Yes, You can sell or trade it. But no one know if any skill on scroll list will change in future or not.

Oh and one more important question! Can they be used in PvP? I think this will really change things alot in PvP if it can

I’m not sure. I was plan to try on back then but I have no luck to get into pvp because lack player in queue… orz