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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

Fencer - Doppel - Bullet Marker

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Hello everyone (although, there’s a few of you now),

I’ll be taking a long break now or leave permanently. I may log in on R10 just to adjust things to fit during reset event, but that’s that.

I no longer have any reasons to stay or keep playing, that’s whats keeping me in the game after all.

I’m moving on to MHW.

May you all stay strong even after R10 Patch, Good luck and have fun!

Server: Telsiai
IGN: Creticus


Gotta love rapiers and their repair bills XD

Squires really make a profit from us :confounded:[quote=“Lostac, post:1, topic:300257”]
5 - Do you want to look pretty with a female toon?

I rolled a male toon =( what do i do now…

Is maxing lunge worth it in terms of sp consumption?

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I swear I’m one of the few who think the males look fabulous!

Great guide. Nice to finally see one on the forums. As usual there is a couple things I would do differently on Corsair C2, but that’s the wonderful thing about this game: preference. I also really like the introductory questionnaire. That would be the name of the Fencer game.

Bookmarked and shall be referring Fencers here. As many questions as there are about the class, we should set up a referral system. I like cookies as my prize.

I’m going to say yes because of additional slash boost duration, not only for yourself but party members, plus the damage is nice.

O yeah… it does boost slash … didn’t see the skill description =p

Thx for the tip!

It’s sad though I’m seeing less and less fencers as TOS ages, and most of them rerolled because there’s just no aoe, and with hop2-cor2 variants at least they get to have finestra splash


Might have something to do with everyone rolling Peltasta; after a taunt, Fencers don’t really have any good skills to capitalize on the mob, so I can see the two not having good synergy.

It’s even worse without. You now end up with far less evasion and have to hit mobs manually(you already waste time here) , or look for mobs that are already stacked together.

You take barb to get the stun cleave combo(barb providing seism ratio as explained), they rerolled mainly because gladiator bands and aoe attack ratio headgears are …expensive.

The very first fencer build I played on CBT2 was Sword 2 > barb 3 > Fen, never again, it was horrible. (yes, i fell for the Gung-ho and concentrate trap)

Well, not everyone has the time or patience to grind out silver, it’s understandable. I probably wouldn’t want to have to farm possibly millions just to have a character that’s on par with even just other Swordies. But what do I know? I rolled Swordsman 2. =P

i rolled swordsman 3 XD…just for the restrain

Yeah that’s not bad,

But I’m meeting a lot of newbie sword 2 where they took it for Gungho Lv10 and Concentrate Lv10:

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Swordsman 3 is apparently much better than 2 because of Double Slash. I’m debating on whether to go that at Rank 7, but more than likely not because there’s much better options at that point.

i only took swords man 3 cause of dbl slash and i wanna be a epee/foil wielding ninja…

Yeah… I took Gung Ho 10, left Concentrate at 5… Would really like to skill reset, go Bash 5, Gung Ho 5, Pain Barrier 10, Restrain 5 and either Pommel Beat or Concentrate 5.

Pretty much my worst regret on CBT2, Gungho really looks amazing until you reach the point where 15 damage contributes very little. Right now if I get a free reset I’d put 2/5 Gungho and 5/5 Pain Barrier. It’s just so much useful with all these high level monsters pushing you around slightly canceling your skill

But I’d still recommend GungHo 5/5 for sword1 for power leveling early stages

To everyone reading:
Just realized I got a load of typos/grammatical errors because I didn’t double check, please point them out in case I missed them.

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Yeah, early game Gung Ho is amazing. Even now at 135, I have Gung Ho 10 max attribute, and it gives me a solid boost, but I know that’s going to drop off later. Can always hope for a buff…

Literally my main reason why I chose this class.

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Hehe, same. I’m going for Sw1->Pel1->Bar1-Bar2->Cor1->Cor2->Fen1 build, though I’m taking Fencer at Rank 6, so I’ll have a chance to change my mind by the time I get to rank 7. Really it’s between better utility and vs hypothetical nice skill at Fencer C3, if it even exist!

Still undecided on the worth of Frenzy. If it was a passive, or long duration spell, or if it could apply through the skills. Essentially, it’s only good for bossing but that would only matter if the average bossing was challenging. By the way how does it work when you hit several mobs with your normal auto attack?

Same thing with DWA, it seems like a nice thing but from I understand it’s a bit clunky.

One hope is for when the eventual swordman buffs are here, they’ll rework some of these abilities. Taking these now only means gaving 5/10 on both head chopper and dust devil, not a huge decrease in damage to be honest. We’ll see.

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Bookmarked the hell out of this Guide Thanks!