Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]


cant stop laughing. pretty much agree, i dont see why people took this horrible class 0.0
C1 or C3 pretty much.

I am at around 9XX talts, and only get 1 recipe. sighing real hard

my personal fencer =p

leveling is so painful though D=


First of all, great guide, I had the most fun playing a fencer swordie even though it is sub-optimal.
Running a sw1 > pel1 > barb2 > corsair1 > fencer2 here.

This is my opinion but I feel barb3 is not really optimal as you’re missing out on the of utility from corsair. You’re only gaining a flat increase in damage from barb skills which will be sooner or later superseded by much stronger skills in ranks 8,9,10. @Elaralam I didn’t pick up Frenzy and had warcry instead for the reasons you have stated.

I really wanna comment on how good Preparation is. It is, correct me if I’m wrong, one of the only skill in the whole swordsman tree that scales, that is a 200% increase in pierce SKILL damage. That’s friggin insane.

I feel that fencer2 is the way to go as we might get a really good circle 3 whereas compared to cor2, you’ll need another 2 ranks to achieve fenc3.
Even if fenc3 ends up mediocre, you can always go back for cor2 and have Preparation > Hexen Dropper. Imagine that.

That’s all from me, enjoy fencing saviors!


Really sorry but I felt like in need of clearing something up. Swordsman 2 is not all about Gung Ho or Concentrate. In fact, I would not even take Concentrate at all. Pain Barrier and Restrain stun/slow is what sells it. Just so others do not start thinking that every Swordsman2 out there went “ohmagad concentratez to da macks!” as the main reason.

Edit: do not mind the fact I myself am a Sword 2, I can still be critically objective on the matter ;p


Yes, that’s why I said if you are taking Sword 2 for these buffs, you’re literally wasting a circle. (In case you didn’t understand my statement there)

I’ve asked some people I met in missions and asked why, they told me they wanted more Gung-Ho and that their concentrate was running out before they could rebuff.

oh and I marked PVE there, where sword 2 sucks given your choices.


Preparation will always be good, so is any skill that uses percentages, like Guardian sttribute for example. At the same Jolly Roger at 10 will always be good utility for solo and party play and it provides multiple benefits, not just 1. Damage is really inconsequential when trying to decide between Corsair C2 and Fencer C2, I’m not going to out DPS a archer anyway.


oh and I marked PVE there, where sword 2 sucks given your choices.

true true, Sw2 is definitely not for a pve oriented build

And again, thanks for standing up for fencer, nice set of guidelines, keep it up.

Edit: edited out the request for contribution (for a diff thread than this) due to too many variables i had overlooked before starting the thread.


Hi just wondering if my build is viable? Wanted a tank that is high on dex but im worried if i wont be giving enough damage to hold agro (wondering if the crits would solve it?) Im currently on pelt3.


Yes it should be, I didn’t include it in my build arsenal because I have not played it. Peltasta 3 turns you into a taunt master and Umbo Thrust.

Jolly Roger gives you access to blocking along with silver, which is very useful.

That aside, Swordsman: 3/5 bash, then either sacrifice gungho or concentrate, imo sacrificing gungho is better, you’ll be using guardian most of the time.

Fencer: put less points on flanconnade and put them on coquille, you need more points on coquille for better uptime.

For aggro holding it will be a little hard, but once fencer you can manage.

That requires a lot of constant switching though similar to pel 2 > rod 2


oh thanks for the fast reply…alright imma level this character real quick im still on 84 though guess i have to get that skill reset potion for the added CC for bash thanks…


oh don’t do it for now, save it for later when you really need it.


From a dude that leveled 280 in less than 4 weeks and stayed in this char to do end game content and have more than 1k3 hours of playing.
Fencer is very powerfull as tank.
If your game goal is to be a good leveler and master questing and achieve level 1 to 232 quest easy then yeah go for those barbarians guide.

Now if you want to level 236 to 280, do worldboss , real worldboss not dullahan, rexipher, demonlord manrox, helga, mirtis, and do earth tower which is the end game content of the game notice that dps swordman have no place there.

Fencer have the power to deal a bit of damage to keep good agro and have good survivabilty because its the best mix for a evasion tank.

Sword 1 Pelta 3 ??? 1 Fencer 2 40k+ hp leather or cloth focused evasion or mdef
Sword 1 Pelat 2 Rod 2 Fencer 2 40k+ hp leather or cloth focused evasion
or mdef.

It’s important when you advice a guide to tell clearly what kind of game your build is suppossed to help.
For poeple that want have good easy time playing few hours the game your guide is good.
For poeple that want to see their character have a place in what the game offer when reached max level those build are a mistake.


This is what happens when people don’t read, this is mainly for the fencer builds I’m covering, not for all fencer builds. the possibilites of multiple fencer builds are there.

PS, I leveled with no problems in my build, taunting with 23k hp and not dying even until maven. And since you didn’t read let me try saying again, this is not for ET.


Since it hasn’t really been covered I’ll say what little I know about stat builds when it comes to fencer, as well as addressing some other things I see people bring up. Full str will absolutely give you the most DPS (on paper) but evasion is extremely useful for this class. Given the close range nature of swordsmen, getting knocked back/down (which later on is pretty much every time you get hit) really destroys any dps you are hoping to have. That’s why I advocate a dex build with leather armor. You need a total of 1100-1300 (I’d love to get an exact number, but I don’t know what mob has the highest accuracy in the game) to reach the 80-85% evasion cap on everything once you’re level 280. It’s also a common misconception that “evasion falls off” or stops becoming useful. This really isn’t the case. I made this video to show an example to someone a while ago:

On paper, the difference in damage between high dex and high str builds is usually about 10%. However, if you get hit/knocked back a LOT less, I believe in practice, you will do more DPS.

This all being said, I’m confident fencers are capable of being the strongest 1v1 swordsmen. Though this is very ping/gear reliant. I quit my level 272 full str hop3->doppel->dragoon for fencer, and when I was level 230 on my fencer, I already had more DPS AND survivability than my dragoon. A lot of this is because of evasion, but a decent portion of it is because of attaque composee. It’s like having an as fast if not faster always off cooldown and double the skill damage stabbing. Sept is also an insane skill, but yeah. Don’t think that fencer dps is low. It can actually be incredible.


Yes it is, so long as you have the gear and attributes spent on it. But bursting wise, a Cor2>Fen does more right now. We’ll see what preparation could boost on rank 8.


I think you are one of those poeple that liked a lot the swordish concept and still try to do something with it and can’t admit the reality.

You leveled with 20+ hp taunt in maven abby ! GG , 15k hp archer can still level there : Now Try to tank real boss or ET and get rekt. :sunny:

By saying that your builds are not part of the optimal meta build you are saying the the rest tank sword build meant to be in that meta or be op, you are saying that you know what is op and that’s really hilarious. You don’t need to be OP or part of meta to do end game boss and ET you just need to be decent and be capable to be a bit usefull. The op build will be when all the decent build will compare themselve a see what is the best.
There is no 2 side usless and op , there is a lot a build between these 2 terms.

Now your build above are on the useless side. Dps that can’t top dps. Tank that can’t tank. At least you can taunt and run my bad, that seems to be so fun.

What the point of making a build that can’t be played at the end ? To drop materials on monster field for life ?

You are asking if poeple like to play expensiv classes just to be at least a little more effective ? EFFECTIVE IN WHAT ? <- that’s the question.

You can’t assume that there is 2 worlds 1 your build not really effective and the omg meta op build -> That’s not the case.

Making a tank character dosent mean you will be optimal just by chosing the class or hit 280 and you can do boss or earth tower no effectively with a high hp tank. The gears choice, the gameplay and above all the class composition are super important.

You are asking if your readers want to do earth tower effectively ? what you are really asking is if they want to be a dead weight for a group and make the run super hard and op the dps have very good gear and level attribut to carry there poor friend that folowed a usless guide.

And Lostac, for your concerne spend enought time to level 280 ad being said that your character is useless : Isnt fun and not be able to do the end game content isnt fun.


Okay, I get it now, you’re really stupid with not actually reading anything here, particularly the last one. So I’ll make it shorter.

1 - Optimal builds aren’t always fun, the game has a variety of classes for reason, of course not all being fun. This is when a game dies slowly, when people start to become try hards at everything rather than just enjoying the game.

2 - My character isn’t useless. I can still farm as much as 200k-500k per hour with the said build. This is very important for a character that has spent NOTHING on damage enhance attributes, or any heavy gear. But to do this even more efficiently, you should

3 - Yes, I asked if they want to do earth tower effectively, and told them to get out if they do. See? you’re simply too dumb at this point to even miss that.

4 - You play the game for fun. Fun is different for different people, what, you want everyone to think the same as you or even look the same like you? do you even live in this world?

A question for you since you keep on blabbing about earth tower.

/Do you think everyone sees earth tower as fun?/

I’d rather play dota than participate in that repititive autist crap. It isn’t fun for me, what’s fun for me is playing a new game exploring and playing different classes, not just by the meta. By now you should get it that everyone doesn’t think the same way or see fun the same way as you.

Damn, I haven’t seen someone who just can’t get it for a long time now.

Oh and sorry to break it to you but, earth tower is very possible even without a tank. Which also makes you and your very existence useless.

Oh and even those end game bosses like Marnox, do you even think a tank is needed when a boss is being ganked thoroughly? lol.


I didn’t specify any particular build I just said fencer


Oh, well yeah but the panda guy seems to disagree.

(of our enjoyment of the class and what it can do for the matter)


I’ve actually had a lot of people in the game just wander up to me and be like “I want to make a Fencer, they look so cool.” I usually tell them what the class is all about if they want to know, and I do make sure to tell them we’re not the meta, lol. Usually the interest sticks.

Agree though Sword C2 is the leading cause of Fencer death. I made the mistake when my build was originally SWx2>Barbx2>Corx1>Fencerx2. I hadn’t yet made my own guide, was going with a few CBT ones as the server was just launching. It was painful reroll already having hit C6. I don’t think SW2 is necessarily crap, but it’s definitly the least optimal option… You should really either go C3 for PvP, or just take Pelt, or Highlander as mentioned.

@Lhydre & @Lostac

Quite simply: Some people want to play a DPS Fencer/Corsair because they like it. They like it for whatever reasons they do, but they like it. Lostac is trying to help them know what they can do to take it a bit further, and with buffs slowly dwindling in perhaps it’ll get more powerful, perhaps not. This is what we find fun though. It’s not at all about the meta and Lostac simplified that well at the beginning of his original post.

You know there is an entire thread that disagrees with you too right now Lhydre, that tanks are not needed in this game at all. Beyond being a full blown tank, almost half of all Swordsman builds tell you to pick up taunt just because it’s easier. Not that it’s necessary. It’s just no one wants to one hit mobs that won’t auto aggro and gather them up like in old MMOs.

So everyone chill. Everything has been stated that this isn’t the meta and if you’re angry players do not wish to take the meta, that sounds more like a personal problem than anything to do with Fencer.


Guys I heard he’s trying to build a tank for earth tower, but…

Here’s a footage from batcat in which I’m amazed at first.

Then I saw this:

Even your existence becomes sub optimal. See? Why not enjoy the game instead?

@AnitaCafe yeah I rarely get mad, but this guy really asks for it trying to force everyone to be like him to enjoy the game. The point of it being a guide in the first place isn’t telling everyone to do the same, it’s merely a “guide”.