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[Guide] Detailed Mechanics Overview

While playing the iCBT I found myself asking a lot of questions about the mechanics of fairly core gameplay elements. I’ve always enjoyed theory-crafting so the lack of information led me to start compiling information I had found. The result is this document! Lots of useful information that will help you be better at the game :slight_smile:


Version 0.4.0 - 28/03/16

The guide can be found on GitHub, HERE
Apologies on the format and the size, but if I was to write as much as I did I wanted to be comfortable with formatting the document, especially with the number of tables I needed to add.

Table of Contents


Because the game is in a volatile state you can expect specific details to change. I can claim most information is correct however there may be small errors in the text. Please help me fix these! Information such as this is always going to be community driven, so feel free to point out any mistakes, provide additional detail or suggest additional sections to investigate. Also the license is Creative Commons so use the work however you like :slight_smile:

Big thanks to all those actively adding/updating information on the forums, wiki, etc. Special thanks also goes to Flash for maintaining tosbase, the IPFSuite authors/Spl3en as well as my guildmates for dealing with all my questions. Also a nice big thank you to my girlfriend :~)

All feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!


Overview? Seriously? This is an ENCYCLOPEDIA. :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot for your hardwork all these past weeks, vyne.
I’m sure the other forum members will be grateful for this. :smiley:


I wouldn’t doubt IMC asking you to make it an official guidebook or something similar, nice job there.
I am trying to finish my feedback by the end of this month or first week of the next.

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Haha same thoughts @Erokhi. :'D
Really a great work, I admire your volunteering of doing smth like this. :slightly_smiling:
I hope you’ll get the essential recognition for your hard work, above all from the community!

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Thank you for your hard work Sage Vyne! :grin:


Interesting, thank you for sharing :pray:

I really like to hire this guy irl!!
Good job btw :+1:

The awesomeness is over 9000!!!~

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Hoooly shi* this is great, how much time did you spend on this work? It’s awesome and brilliant, thank you for all the work you put into this!

Monster Gems give 7350 points.

Nice guide. Thank you very much for sharing this information.



That part of critical be inverted affected by character level really screwed the critical rate mechanic completely.
You need 1190 of critical rate to have 100% critical at level 500, which seems completely impossible.

Godlike! You are the best savior!!

Unless there are some skill which gives buff in pure %, like critical shot of Ranger or coursing of Hunter. Also, do not forget things like +25% critical rate from Archer’s Swift Step.

Anyway, amazing work @vyne_.

Also, to add something about companion.

Companion has a special attack mechanic, which is triggered by unknown reason. The special attack damage formula is [the final damage output from its normal attack x 2] + skill damage from current level of Rushdog (if you’re a hunter). if you’re not a hunter, you will only gain double of damage.

For example, your pet attacks a monster and hit 50 damage. The special attack will be 100 damage, whatever class you are.
With Rushdog lvl 5 (572 skill damage), the damage will be [50x2] + 572 = 672.

Also, whenever you hit enemy with manual Rushdog, the damage will always be 672 (from that example), which means your pet’s basic damage will always be doubled.

I can provide screenshot if necessary, but I think the it is understandable enough.

Thanks everyone! It means a lot :smile:

1190 critical rate more than the enemy’s critical resistance, so actually more :stuck_out_tongue:
But as @jochris says, with skills such as Swift Step and Quicken which would give a total of +50% critical rate together, it becomes more plausible to reach that crit rate. Let’s say you have 600 DEX at level 500 (which is only ~380 stat points allocated to DEX), + 100 CRTHR from being an Archer, +100 CRTHR from gems = 800 crit rate + 50% = 1200 critical rate. So yeah, you have to aim your build towards it but not as largely as you would imagine.

Also there is a chance that the formula isn’t completely correct, will have to test it at higher levels.

This is really handy, thanks. Was reading about automatic rush dog but like you said people weren’t sure about it triggering and then I forgot. I’ll look into it :slightly_smiling:

triggers rather often.

I had fun with my pet.

Sadly upping the atk isnt that cheap …

But i can see that going as a strong pvp class.
As it ignores def to some kind.

Updated to v0.3.1 - 14/01/16

  • Added pdf bookmark navigation to section headers
  • Added version history to repository
  • Renamed guide pdf
  • Updated Future section for more detail
  • Fixed Appendices references
  • Removed Appendix A - Stat / Skill Interactions. Will bring back when
    skill changes slow down
  • Removed Druid from Rank 1 disable (Telepath is a Rank 10 disable)
  • Updated gem sections to reflect lv. 1 gems breaking on removal from
  • Changed monster gem given experience to 7350
  • Added a note on Amulets as they are currently removed from the game
  • Added a note on potential overheat bug
  • Added Stone Skin as a skill which allows you to block attacks
  • Removed Revenged Sevenfold from Spiritual Link section (already a
    party buff)
  • Fixed some spellings mistakes

So far i’m impressed by your works to explain ToS mechanics. 50+ pages worth of words, and organized too. Wow!

I understand that you picked those (status) abbreviations from some client files. But imho, some of them are not intuitive.

They’re (imc) using HR for Accuracy, DR for Evasion when actually a simple ACC for Accuracy and/or EVA for Evasion suits better.

On page 33 - Awakening there’s “HPR” as one of the table cell’s value. What stat is that? Did you mean RHP (HP Recovery)?

Sorry i just couldn’t stop myself to give opinions on this helpful & amazing work.
Once again, thank you for your hard work.
Keep updating, keep sharing!

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree, I had started off with these naming conventions and was too stubborn to change it when I realised I was referencing them fairly often. I will probably change them next version.

And yep it is meant to be RHP sorry, thanks for pointing that out :eyes: