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Fletcher PvE Fantastic AoE, Great Single Target

Do u think its worth to use my Viper recipe when I Hit 170 soon ? Or is smt with more attack better ? And i still have an ar de dagger i could use.

Increasing DEX at a 4:2:1 ratio 4STR, 2DEX, 1CON will enable us to take crit gems in gear later and critical hits will be quite often, I would advise getting your DEX at least half of your STR which you should still be able to do easily.

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The stat breakdown is bad, 4 dex : 2 str : 1 con is much preferable. The idea that late game crit gems can cover the loss of crit is delusional.

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Thank you for your feedback however I have already played this to high tier so understand how to play it, 4:2:1 DEX:STR:CON will crit a little more often but not enough to warrant the damage loss from 4:2:1 STR:DEX:CON, people are judging DEX from the theorycraft which happened during beta these figures were incorrect however let me know how it works out for you :slight_smile: - 280 STR:DEX - 280 DEX:STR


Physical Attack: 598 - 419 = 179 (STR Comes out on top)
Accuracy: 509 - 626 = 117 (DEX Comes out on top)
Critical Attack Damage: 318 - 139 = 179 (STR Comes out on top)
Critical Rate: 214 - 331 = 117 (DEX Comes out on top)
Evasion: 473 - 590 = 117 (DEX Comes out on top)

So the difference between STR vs DEX, as STR you will have way more physical attack, critical attack damage, over accuracy which isn’t an issue, critical rate which can be improved with gems & evasion which is improved by Swift Step once again isn’t an issue because if you can kite effectively you won’t be getting hit by physical attacks anyway & you can’t mitigate magic attacks.

So DEX is definitely not the best for this build nor is it useless however if you wish to do more damage STR is simply much better.

Ok, lets go a bit further with these numbers:

What does STR do? It increases your physical attack 1:1. So your skills base damage will be +179 compared to the dex build. That is a relatively small number, since the skills base damage is skill tooltip damage + your total physical attack. This only gets amplified by the skills enhance attribute level, so x2 at max.

What does dex do for damage? It increases your crit rate and with it your actual crit chance. Crits do 150% of the damage a skill would do without critting plus your crit attack, which is basically your str value.

Now for crit chance: Looking at the crit resist values of higher level mobs (250+), the crit chance with the str build will be around 20-25% while the dex build is around 45-50%.

Let’s take Barbed at level 10 for example (1660 skill attack).

Str build:
base = 1660 + 598 (phys atk) = 2258
average damage including crits = (base * 1.5 + 318 (str)) * 0.25 (crit chance) + base * 0.75 (non crit) = 2619.75
This is further amplified by skill enhance attribute, so *2 at attribute level 100.

Dex build:
base = 1660 + 419 = 2079
average damage including crits = (base * 1.5 + 139) * 0.5 + base * 0.5 = 2668.25
Again, amplified by skill enhance attribute.

Dex already comes out ahead. But wait, those physical attack values don’t even include a weapon! And since mostly everybody would highly recommend wearing one, lets add a very conservative 300 max phys attack from a decent lvl 120 bow (just as an example).

Str build: (2558 * 1.5 + 318) * 0.25 + 2558 * 0.75 = 2957.25
Dex build: (2379 * 1.5 + 139) * 0.5 + 2379 * 0.5 = 3043.25

The dex build has expanded its advantage. Why is that? Because the additional phys attack from str yields a diminished effect the more phys attack you already have, while crit always yields the same percentage of bonus damage, even if we need more dex with higher character level to keep a high crit chance (which is linear btw. so crit chance won’t become less with higher character level and full dex build).

Just for the sake of completeness, the full damage formula includes more modifiers which can further increase the “base” value in my calculations, which will even further amplify the advantage of dex. Then there’s obviously enemy defense and level difference penalty, but both of those don’t influence the outcome of my calculations, except maybe that doing more damage per hit is always beneficial because enemy defense is directly subtracted from our attack damage.

The crit chance formula is current and officially confirmed and the damage formula I used for my calculations is current and widely acknowledged. None of my sources seem outdated or wrong:


And what about balancing both ? i’m currently trying to keep my str a little above ( something like 1.3 : 1 ).
What would be the optimal ratio then ?

It’s entirely up to you personally 4:2:1 is working fine for me, critting quite often and will have crit on gear when available.

is viper worth for this build ?

Viper what?


viper bow …


No it isn’t worth it, good bow if you went the Wugushi route.

I think the viper bow adds damage like Arde Dagger and Karacha Dagger do. So I think it may be good damage, I don’t know if it comes on top of a crossbow + arde or karacha though.

Any video of this build?

There’s one of the 50 dungeon the guide, I have others done but need to upload them, I’ll work on uploading the 90 dungeon and 115 dungeon tomorrow :slight_smile:

ah ok thanks gonna try this

Uh… it adds 346 poison damage and functions like Arde Dagger. How is it not worth it?

Going pure str is best because of how it amplifies barrage, spiral, multi shot, and magic arrow.

Skills that have a lot of ticks benefit much more from strength than dex.

Are you pulling the number out of your as*? At level 280, assuming enemy have 0 crit def, 158 dex provide 23.7% crit chance, while 275 dex provide 41.25% crit chance.

So assuming your damage number is correct,
Str build: (2558 * 1.5 + 318) * 0.237 + 2558 * 0.763 = 984.74 + 1951.75 = ~2936.5

Dex build: (2379 * 1.5 + 139) * 0.4125 + 2379 * 0.5875 = 1529.34 + 1397.66 = ~2927

You should read those threads you linked, cause the crit formula I’m using is actually from those same threads.

(Critical Rate - Critical Resist) * (42 / Character Level).

assuming enemy have 0 crit def???

Even this crap monster have 7 crt resist… So please…Assuming my level and my critical rate without sneak hit: (101 - 7) x (42/127) = 31,086%. Well I got 61 dex so seems right. Now, attacking enemys from behind I got more 70%…

@Luzzifus Its funny but I end in a diferent conclusion about STR x DEX, but I think that sneak hit is making the diference in our builds, so its ok for you the dex > str, but in my build str >>>>>>>>>>>>> dex. Even on ur build I will say that at some point you should stop add any dex, but, well, its up to you.