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Swordsman is a joke DPS at high levels, but why? (this post was made in April, before R8)

your skill % dmg scale only your skill dmg and not your base dmg…
and no the post about peltasta is another one…
you really need to read on what apply to what like i said before…

And we are talking about iToS >>> late <<< game, its mean lv 240 +++
late game and some genius tell us that we should go “full auto-atk build” for SW
Full retard!!!
What you want to provide? another way to say : you must be shinobi, barbarian, pel c1 and hop or you will be doomed???
How the hell you know "most of SW happy with their class situation??? "
Gaddafi said : my people are satisfied with their life, they love me, who doesnt love me mean they doesnt love their nation (!?)

no it scale with both. according to vyne1 tos mechanic bible.

leave my musketeers alone :rage:

don’t know whats your bible. but first… go to the first post from the op.

click the picture… that’s what this thread about.

it’s talking about C6 7 being joke…
clearly nonsense… and that’s all there is to it… I dont care if or who do more dps. swordsman is not what described in that picture, and nowhere near close to X5 weaker then other…

there is no point in taking a skill pointing all the advantage of it, while ignoring all disatvantage…
and then take a bad swordsman skill to compare it while also not pointing the good traits from it, only the bad.
check this out…

I did -.-
how the heck I comment when I don’t know what the thread about -.-

and you sir, go read this thread or google vine1 tos mechanic, so you got some understanding about the game, and understand why these people say swordsman damage are bad compared to those +xx%+xxxx skills

EDIT : OMG, vine guy actually post it in this forum -.-

Nah we really talked about that, hours ago :smiley:

from what written in there the modifier calculated inside the base skill dmg… and then applying the flat number…

and as you can see on his tier list… there no base modifiers…

again I only see nothing wrong with swordsman modifiers… so what you really want to buff up let me understand this ?

lets say everything bein said and it’s 1/3 of archer potential on dps
what will you try make it 1/2 ? or 1:1 ? are we trying hard to make swordsman outdps them more then they already can ?

from this bible you will learn shinobi will do x5 that musketeer dmg theorticly.

No u have to be peltasta to survive :joy::joy: rest are irrelevant

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All they have to do is use kTOS balance. They nerfed swordsmen and rogues specially for iTOS for reasons unknown to sane individuals.


Dude, the point is that the “Meta” is just asking for a ■■■■■■■ single build out of dozens possible, and forcing you into tank role when 90% of swordie builds are DPS oriented.

Ez, just make swordsman can either chose highlander or Peltasta.

and swordsman can only chose either one of the two class.

remove default hp buff for swordman and only gives character with peltasta C1 with hp buff.

buff character with highlander in term of damage to match with archer, at the same time make them as soft as archer :stuck_out_tongue:

Man lmao, a quarel shooter lvl180 with a lvl70 bow just outdmg me, and clean so fast that i dont even need to play. Swordman need a buff or scale dmg, even with dopel im not doing more dmg than a lvl120 archer

got 230 fencer, and 170 quarrel. and my archer with lvl 40 bow outdmgs my fencer. clearly there’s something wrong.

edit. no one gets to say anything if you havn’t gone over 220+

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No Peltasta

No Party


Shouldn’t be fair if u get defense, dps and hp in 1 class. I rather they give buffs to “so called sacrifice defense” class like Doppel to add tons of attack but reduces hp (since deed of valor already minus 100% defense). That way we get to what we want which is high damage but we lost our hp to make it fair.

Exactly. They should change the Swordsman Tree to Peltast Tree, sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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we all know you are a troll :smiley:

jokes aside. please don’t talk about balancing when you are not even 280.

btw some of those info you stated are only in kToS…

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Maybe cause you’re comparing classes 50 levels apart? And one handed bows pierce through 25% of armor and they are a damage class? They have no evasion steroid or invulnerability [quote=“Wednesday, post:133, topic:220944, full:true”]
got 230 fencer, and 170 quarrel. and my archer with lvl 40 bow outdmgs my fencer. clearly there’s something wrong.

edit. no one gets to say anything if you havn’t gone over 220+