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Details on the Founder's Server and Regional Servers

Greetings, Saviors!

We wanted to give you more details on the Founder’s Servers and make an announcement on the current status of regional servers.

[Founder’s Server Details]

Open : 2 a.m. EDT on the 29th of March, 2016

We have been able to get rough estimates of how many players will access the game during the Early Access period thanks to the sales data.

Through our past experience, we’ve discovered what we call an optimal player-per-server ratio to allow pleasant gameplay. After looking at the data, we’ve decided to be more conservative than usual and lower the player-to-server ratio in order to make sure that there will be no waiting queues as we promised.

We will have additional servers on standby in case there is a sudden influx of players when the servers open. An announcement will be made 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to opening those servers in such case.

[Regional Servers]

We are aware that many players have been requesting regional servers. However, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot create and sustain regional servers based on the data up to this point. Please take a look at the raw purchase data provided by Steam below for your reference.

That being said, we will consider creating regional servers later down the line if we see enough support from those regions. Most importantly, we will be offering a 1-time Team transfer to regional servers if and when they are created. Only 1 Team transfer will be offered to each Steam account.

[Sales Data from Steam]

We hope that this announcement will answer some of the questions that many of you have been asking. We thank you for all of the support and enthusiasm offered by the community and hope that we will be able to work together towards mutual benefits.

IMC Staff

Link to another important announcement
Current Plans Regarding the Transition to F2P



No west coast server ?
Though i think we SEA/OCE (20%) + ~10% West coast Americans and some LA countries would be enough for a west coast server :frowning:


It’s ok, just wait for Official launch, with more players.

Well the team transfer is great, no US west coast server is going to suck (presuming that’s what this announcement is saying).

Could we get a confirmation that this announcement includes no US West Coast server?

Are BR players going to be on the same server as the rest of the pop or will they get get their own server like during the beta?

@Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_John

how to refund guys ?


You know lol they ban indonesia from steam tos thats why sea 0% try open it and annouce it and then see those green colour eating up others

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Team transfer is good news! now if they can open up west coast server at the same time i dont need to deal with 350+ms :grinning:

No EU server LMAO, on my way to refund the 45e pack, you are doing the wrong choice guys, losing “rich” EU customers, bad choice, bad marketing, also ty to give us 200+ ping and give an advantage to US player.


good news, as you can see, sea have 16% of dont know how much exact number , oceanic people can join in sea server as well, here to hoping a sea server :slight_smile:

SEA is 16%, what are you talking about?
They ban Indonesia cuz your publisher ask for it.

When broken down like this, the European (12%) population sure seems small compared to, say, Latin America (26%).

However, I would like to point out that a European server is appealing to at least 4 different groups shown in this chart; Western Europe (11%), Eastern Europe (1%), Russian Territories (12%), Middle East (1%)

25% total

Not to mention many people decided to wait for an official announcement before buying anything (eg. me, territory: eastern europe).

In conclusion, this chart is not an accurate display of how much support ToS is likely to get from territories who want a European server.

This is not a complaint, just an observation. I appreciate the timely announcement. Please do not take this the wrong way. I have exams to study for, I am already procrastinating, I don’t have the time to get into an argument.


This is like they made separate EU country to not open server for us lmao

Do we have Character Creation Headstart? To check if the server can handle massive logins?

I think Asia is 0 % cuz some players from Asia will buy and play via VPN.

am gonna wait for private server hoping to support one fast.

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Yes lol my bad wrong observation also regarding banning regional is kinda killing and discriminatinv by telling us hey hello play with ur own server and ur own people you dont deserve to be playing with us
Most of us here…oh well we are begining to playing and reaching english/ global server because our regional publishing company is you know lol cant talk bad of em tho but just so you know it there are at least half of us are wanted joining international game community not some quarantine like server

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With all due respect but coming to that conclusion is seriously dumb. Sorry.

Alot of SEA players are hesitant to buy the EA pack simply because there is no guarantee of releasing a SEA server. We SEA players had already spread the word that the game is unplayable at high ping to our friends, some will still play with the lag but there’s also the huge portion who would rather not play with the high ping. WTFast isn’t free anymore and this further prevented us from getting the founder’s pack.

If IMC guaranteed there will be SEA servers upon release, I will no doubt get a $50 pack for myself and I know I’m not alone in this.

FFS IMC. This is really major disappointment.


can we get server names too please?