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Do we have 2 free transfers?

One of the 2 new threads from Julie i saying that we get 1 free transfer if a new Server opens after F2P is aktiv.
The other says that we get 1 free transfer if the EU Server and the others get a release.
So do we have 2 free transfers or just 1 for the new Server and the EU Server together?

We have 2, it was kind easy to predict but thanksfully Julie already stated in some of her answers that the 2 transfers are not related: 1 will be up no matter what for founders after the game goes F2P, the other one will be for everyone IN CASE they’ll add other servers in EU and such

I would believe it’s still 1 transfer.
New servers that can include EU and others.

The transfer is there to help the poor EU etc stuck on US when/if EU server opens.
No need for a transer if new US server opens, just have to make a new character and such, I would assume.


Aha, I must’ve missed the post about the 2 transfers then. I’ve just seen the original about that 1 transfer.

That’s because it wasn’t a “post” it was @Staff_Julie answering people concerns about the subject under the announcments

Thats from the “Details on the Founder’s Server and Regional Servers” thread

and this one from the “Current Plans Regarding the Transition to F2P” thread

After this i think we get 2 free transfers but it isn’t confirmed yet so i hope @Staff_Julie can answer this.

As i already told you… she already did…

Can I get a link to where the specificly say 2 transfers in a single post? Sofar I can only find where the say 1 transfer.

You guys are a pain… seeing the totally lack of trust towards what i’m saying i should just tell everyone to go slam the head on a wall but i wanna keep beeing nice until people maybe realise that someone, at times, might just be telling the truth:

Staff_Julie16h chalkboy
The two are completely separate transfers. Transfer provided to those who purchased a FP is a planned transfer, while the one made to regional servers is under the presumption that we are actually able to open regional servers.

Hope that was clear. Please let me know if it isn’t so that I may word it differently.

I copy pasted it, if you think i just invented it go on the “Details on the Founder’s Server and Regional Servers” announcment, click on Julie nickname and check her replies to people.

Well, I do believe that even Julie said that to not take the words of random people and wait for official announcements. And since I havn’t seen it with my own eyes I just followed her tip.
If you say that I’m a pain you’re basicly saying that Julie was wrong?

Wathever guys, you’re making me regret even wanting to actually help someone… that’s why society is so freaking messed up… guess i’ll just restrain from helping any other people on this community from now own since all you get in return is stress.

Have fun


Now that you summoned her twice, she’ll show up anyways later on. Oh thats a nice test whether she actually works on saturdays or not!

Mhh just in case:

Yo Julie whats up? Don’t let them all bother you, you’re doing a good job taking care of us :wink:

Have fun you too. o/

Be aware that I remember your Name for being one of these toxic ranting users from a week ago. Its nice that you actually want to help now that you kinda got what you wanted, yet interesting how quickly you can fall back to old habits as well :wink:

Yes. Referring to what @svalinn85 kindly quoted from my past statement, those who purchased an EA are guaranteed a transfer to newer server(s). In addition, if a regional server opens, you’ll be allowed one transfer to move there as well.

Depending on how people interpret this, one may conclude that you’re given 1 transfer, or 2. It just depends on how people perceive it.

Thank you @svalinn85 for your help. I appreciate it very much. :blush:


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I have a question, I’m a founder, will my server transfer be availible to servers all kver the world or only regional ones. I’m asking this because I, as a U.S resident accidentally created my main characters on SEA, and I’m really banking on the transfers to move to an NA server