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Will there be a EU server?

Will there be a EU server?

At the start - no. Possibly will be opened later on.

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i doubt there will be any Eu servers as i see this game a fat failur in Eu and Usa even. This game doesnt bring anything new to the world and is a game type that has died years ago.

just look at maplestory,latale,Wonderking (FYI Wonderking was shutdown and is close to Tos.). Latale had Eu servers but was removed cause they had to few people? lol look at the Us one.

Latale is similer to TOS and that game is barely standing

Latale similar to ToS? It’s a 2d sidescroller… lol.

What are you smoking?

what are u smoking? 2d or 3d doesnt matter…

Latale and Tos is the very same. only difference is that Tos is a Topdown 2D while Latale is a 2D sidescroller.

Game mechanics are the complete same.

Latatale got 7 main classes and each class has 2 underclasses which leads to a Subclass for each underclass and each Subclass will get a 2nd job and also from the underclass u can choose a 3rd job.

aka u have tons of classes aswell.

u kids today think that graphics is everything and dont realize that multiple games has same gameplay even when its a different style