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Changes regarding trading restrictions, bot policy

Greetings, Saviors!

We’ve been listening to your recent feedback regarding trading restrictions and bot presence in Tree of Savior, and would like to announce some changes we’ll be making to improve your in-game experience.

1) Less Trade Restrictions

As mentioned in previous announcements, the trade restrictions were implemented to address RMT issues. However, based on your feedback, we have determined that it may feel a bit too high-handed.

As such we have decided to implement new measures to reduce the inconvenience of trading restrictions on non-Token users in order to reduce trading restrictions on regular users.

We are planning on allowing Non-Token users to partake in 1:1 trading. However, we are not yet certain how we will implement this new system. More details will be released as soon as they have been decided upon.

The changes are intended to remove restrictions to players who may not be Token users but wish to help out or give class restricted items to other players. We also hope this will dissuade bots from collecting items through farming.

2) Bot Report Function

We wish to continuously strive towards reducing the bot problem and provide better gaming experiences for normal players.

As such, we are working on implementing the much requested bot report function. Not only that but we’re also developing and testing a system to detect bots faster.

Through the reporting system, you will not only able to select and report suspected bots, but you will also be able to report items in the market suspected of being part of RMT (e.g. low-value items sold at unusually high prices). Through this system, GMs will be able to catch more bots by prioritizing and reviewing cases reported by users.

However, we know that this system can be misused or even abused and are in the process of polishing rules to regulate the system. We wish to provide merits to those who accurately report bots, and penalize those who misuse the system to report innocent users. This will most likely be a constantly updated set of rules since there will always be different cases.

As always, we thank you for your continued support, understanding, and enthusiasm for Tree of Savior.

IMC Staff


Good to hear, but what about the team storage restrictions? In an earlier announcement u said to lower the restrictions. What can we expect? The potential decrease while sharing with your OWN TEAM is a huge problem imho.


Not to mention the team storage being only 1 slot while 1:1 trading would make it more efficiant for me to just trade my items to a friend & then back to the character i want, instead of switching 1 item at a time(i know u can buy extra slots which is a waste of TP)

Finally thank you IMC, good to know you guys listen. I’m sure most of my friends will come back with this new info.


You should focus premium token users. Let us trade as much as we want.

Also this. Trading with alts has nothing to do with bots and rmt.


Thank you ! That is what I like about you guys, you listen to us when we have reasonable arguments.

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The headline is trading restrictions, doesn’t have to be specificly about bots & rmt

Meh… the non-trading and trading never bothered me. It’s this 48 hour return on silver from items that were sold really gets to me… its quite terrible.


Really would like to see personal trading without potential loss.


Team Storage for token users needs to:

  • NOT spend your limited ‘Trades per token’
  • NOT waste Potential
  • ALLOW silver to be transfered

I just thought that restrictions are present especially because of rmt war.

Apparently it’s helping the RMT more than it dissuade them.

Very glad to hear all this! There’s only 2 other things I’d really like to see changed:

  1. Please make boss cards tradeable/sellable on Market. I don’t know why they can ONLY be exchanged by pure luck via Card Battle. Many legitimate people have lost big trying to obtain their ‘purchased’ card, at their own expense and spare cards.

  2. You don’t have to remove the 48-hour wait on Market sales, but please remove it for Token users going forward.


This is wonderful news!

All i’ve been hearing is people whining over the trade restrictions, and now they’re gonna take care of that, and everyone moves on to the next, storage restrictions.

I don’t wish to create enemies or be cruel in any sort of way but i’ve gotta ask, do you guys feed on whining?

Might just be me, but it sorta feels like we aren’t playing their game anymore.
We’re playing a game that was sculpted by us.

Be greatful now.


I believe the 48-hour wait helps to slow down market controlling. Though 48 hours are abit too much…

Not be one slot too. Rofl

Monster gems too.

Good news.
Now let’s hope you’ll fix this fast because f2p release is near…

Account wide silver please


Restricting items from being traded within characters of the same account is inexcusable. Silver should, in fact, be shared between all characters as a single value account-wide. We have “Team Names” because our characters are a Team, right? So let them use the same items and currency.

The silver delay in market makes sense but, like everything in this game, it’s flawed. There’s is NO POINT in having to wait 3 days just to retrieve stuff you sold in the Market for like 15k. The delay should only be for purchases over a certain value(maybe 500k?). That’d make it much easier for the staff members to sort through the logs. If it is really that you guys even do that.