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Token trade restrictions

Why cant i buy a token on market and trade it to my friends? They are new to the game and I have money to spare. When i buy a token on the market, does it make it bounded to me and by so i cant give it to my f2p friends? We all bought the founders pack 3 but i was the only one that had a lot of time to farm and really learn about the game.

Is there a way to trade tokens if i buy them from the market? If not, why is that? If yes, how?

From market i doubt you can do that, Tokens as materials and consumables have 1 hidden potential, and when you trade from market it lose that potential making it untradable.

If you trade directly with other token user (1:1 trading) you can then later trade the token to one of your friends, but since you can’t trade money on 1:1 trade, it is a bit hard, you might find someone willing to trade tokens for talt or Dilgele/Uosis (Alchemists need lots of these) or even Temple Shooter cards or Arde Daggers (Dungeon 90) or other valuable recipes.

Ty for your response.

But i sold everything ive ever got to get money and buy tokens for my friends. Is IMC considering to let us trade silver or tokens from market?
If I trade something, like an Arde Dagger, for tokens, can i than trade those tokens with my friends? Is that 100% positive?

Also, is there an easy link to learn all these trade restrictions?

About this no one can say for sure, it is something IMC will decide in the future.

If both of you have token buff, the item can be traded after, same for other items such as material, consumables and gear (always make sure the other part is using Token)

I will put here official announcements:

Last one about trade restrictions.

Tyvm for your help.

All these trade restrictions are soo confusing. Like, i just gave a recipe to one of my non token friends. I didnt lose a “trade number” on my token, why is this?
Just to be clear, i gave her 1 recipe and she gave me nothing, i had a token and she didnt. I still have 30 trades. I have absolutly no idea how this trade system works and all i can find are announcements and patch notes that dont explain a thing.

They changed that a while ago (i think it is explained in one of the links i gave), since when you trade something (be it recipe, materials or gear) it will become untradable after, specially gear, even if it lost 1 potential (or maybe not lost, i don’t know i never had the chance to trade 1:1 with non token users) it will become untradable same way.
It is already a heavy restriction, that is why they removed the trade number consumption.

So theres no more number of trades allowed? Like, can i trade “rare” materials freely, i mean, i know they will become untradable but they can still be used in collections, right?
Lets say i have a few chupacabra skins, witch arent that rare - just here to be an example -, and my friends are looking for those, can i trade with al of them (4) without losing “trade numbers”?
Can non token users trade with non token users?

Also, if I trade equipment with non token players, do i lose trade numbers? - Already understood the potential loss with non-token users.
I guess what I am trying to ask here is when do i lose trade numbers.

Im sorry to bother you with all these questions but you are the only one that offered help and i searched a lot. The whole thing is soo confusing and frustrating. There should be a update link explaining what you can and cant do and all the restrictions in place.

As I understand it:

Personal trade where BOTH parties have Token: Potential and personal trade is deducted.

Personal trade where ONE party does NOT have Token: Token user does not lose a personal trade, Potential still deducted but all items traded to the non-Token user are Untradeable afterward.

Yes, they are only untradable if you trade it with someone without tokens, if both have you still can trade them later on.

This is one thing i am not 100% sure (never traded with non token user so far), someone can help us on this one, i would assume yes (heavy restrictions in place), and the equipment would become untradable even if still have potential (can still be enhanced, awakened (if you are Alchemist)).

Its fine, i am trying to help the best i can, i don’t know all the ins and outs from the trade system and i do agree the restrictions are heavy, imo they where implemented to prevent Gold Sellers and botting but not much success, i do hope they lift these restrictions, at least the most annoying ones (trade number limit, dungeon limit, which is 3 times with token for all dungeons instead of individual dungeons, etc…).

I hope you and your friends at least can enjoy the game.
If you have more questions throw then here and when i pass here i will try to answer.