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What's the point of the maintenance again ? 16/4/16

some time earlier

Today suddenly patch saying they will update on trade issue

Upon reading you will find that there lack of information as usual right now i’m in game . ALL I SEE IS NOTHING CHANGED . tax still 30% no 1:1 trading etc etc.

the way is see it just remove market , and call it ONRPG remove MMO PLEASE . just do that.

They never said they will remove the trade restriction on today’s maintenance. You misunderstood it, they added restriction for newly created accounts.


" players will be able to fully use the market and trade systems as intended. "

nope they never said it . nope they shouldn’t use words like FULLY USE TRADE SYSTEM AS INTENDED also they never said a lot of stuff but here the thing

" More details will be released as soon as they have been decided upon."

they decided upon having more restriction after implementing it forgets about what they said or “PROMISED” .

As intended = 30% tax and 1 item to non-token, 10% tax and 5 items to token, 1:1 trade token only, etc.

What’s the point of turning off your computer at night? Even if they don’t change anything, servers need to cool from time to time.

Maybe… Just maybe… The downtime was there to implement said restriction of 72 hours to new teams? Or do you think they can do it while the servers are online? :grin:

Another kid who just post and keep whining without reading anything. Flagged

ya pointless their announcement topic shouldn’t even be “Changes to Market and Trade Use for New Teams”

Rather new restrictions on teams

FLAGGED ? sure go ahead you’re just another blind knight OPPS

Um… Yes, it should? The only changes to market and trade use applied were for new teams, so what exactly is the problem here…?

I’m starting to wonder:

I’ve proven my point i leave my case at rest.

You forgot to read the famous word " soon " :smile_cat:

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more update on trade “soon” to come . Nope totally Miss that .

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$ 5 Bet they just gonna leave it like this from here on.