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Updated FAQ on the Latest Announcement

Hello, Saviors.

We have gathered the most frequent and important questions that have been asked since our last FAQ. Please refer to this thread for the most up-to-date information regarding the Founder’s Pack, regional servers, and more.

  1. Until when can I purchase the DLC (Founder’s Pack)?
    -We’ve set the DLC sales to be open until April 27th, so you may make your purchase anytime until then. However, the Early Access period decreases the later you purchase the DLC, so please keep this in mind.

  2. I bought a Founder’s Pack and my friend gifted me the same one. Can I claim both packs in the game?
    -Since the Access Passes are considered DLC by Steam, you can’t have two of the same in your library. You can try asking Steam for a refund for the one you’ve bought and receive your friend’s gift.

  3. Can I save my Founder’s Pack until a EU server opens and retrieve it there?
    -You can hold onto your Founder’s Pack in the in-game mailbox, as the pack will appear across all servers and do not expire, but EU/SEA/Oceania/LA/other regional servers opening is in debate and not a confirmed matter so please take that into consideration.

  4. Can the Founder’s Pack items be claimed separately?
    -No, you cannot take out the contents of a pack and distribute each item separately. You’ll receive the Tokens, dolls, etc. altogether.

  5. Is the DLC refundable? How do I get my refund?
    -You can refund your DLC through Steam customer support, but you won’t be eligible for a refund if you have taken the bonus items from the pack. Please contact Steam customer support for their refund policy on our DLC product.

  6. Can you please change the service open date back to March 22nd? Or will this at least be considered?
    -The service open date of March 29th is final and cannot be changed. Making it the 22nd would not give us enough time to prepare our services.

  7. Will there be a wipe when the game goes free to play?
    -There will be no wipe. All your teams, characters, and items will remain.

  8. Will you tell us how many servers will open and can we get a list of server names beforehand?
    -We will make a separate announcement once it’s clear how many servers we’ll open.

  9. Do Tokens allow 1:1 trading? It’s not stated on the Early Access announcement.
    -Yes, they do. We have updated the image on the announcement.

  10. Is the storage shared between characters?
    -There are two kinds of storage system. The storage shared between characters of the same team will require a Token to use. This Team Storage has 1 storage space as default and you may unlock more slots using silver.

We hope this answers the questions and concerns many of you had.

In addition, we would like to let you know that your suggestions are being monitored at all times. We value your contribution and will do our best to bring you an enjoyable gaming experience. Thank you all for your continued support.

Best regards,
IMC Staff

[UPDATE - March 22nd, 2016]
Q. I am unable to patch the client and receive error messages when I try to do so.
A. Please PM the staff with such issues and mention which nation you are downloading the patch from as we have reason to believe only certain regions have this issue even if they aren’t region locked.

Q. I can’t see the ‘Play’ button for Tree of Savior on Steam anymore!
A. Valve changed the status of the game to ‘Coming Soon’ in order to reduce confusion. You should be able to purchase the Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access without any problems.

Q. I am not able to install the DLC after purchasing it!
A. You will be fine as long as you have ownership of the DLC as there is no separate installation for it. You will be able to obtain the in-game contents after you have logged into the game on the 29th of March.

Link to the Steam Refund Policy :


thank you!
hopefully this means less topics asking the exact same questions over and over, but probably not D:

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About the Team storage can i transfer silver too and will my equip loose potential when i use this team storage ?


I really don’t understand what this mean… i mean people can use team storage but only token can use team storage? I’m really getting confused

only ppl who have token vip activated can use the team storage

So basically the answer should have been; “Only premium users using the tokens will be able to use team storage”

I’m going to change the wording, thank you for pointing that out.

If there are any other confusing sentences, please let me know.

sure will, thank you, and you’re welcome :slight_smile:


A few questions did get an answer but after all this time, we still dont get an answer to the question that IF there will be an EU Server, can we transfer from NA (early access) to the EU Server? I dont say that i want a EU Server from the beginning but i want an answer to the question “can we transfer our Character from “Early Access Server” to an EU Server”. I hope you can answer this.

P.S. sorry for my bad grammar.


I do have a question about team storage & trade, users that have played the Korean version of ToS have stated that using team storage and 1:1 trade is restricted to a certain number of transactions. Will this be the same for us as well? I understand that these are features of the token system, I was just wondering if we had the same limit on the # of times we can do it.


the eu server thingy is really wierd guys… We have to flip the coin to know if we have to open our founder pack or not… isnt it possible to let us open pack for NA server , and open it again if you open eu server ?

at leasst give us some more info. eu server more likely to open or not ? and simply IMC staff @Staff_Julie , would you open the pack on NA server if you were me ? I have no idea what to do with my pack atm

Wow, please get rid of some of the benefits tokens give.
As someone who’s bought one already ($50 FP), I think it’s ridiculous that team storage is limited to token users, as well as the dungeon limit and 1:1 trade.
It’s kind of unfair, especially the dungeon limit I feel will be a giant boost for paying users. As for team storage and 1:1 trade they are just normal features that everyone expects in an MMORPG and for good reasons.


I TOTALLY agree, tokens already give a lot of advantages… at least team storage should be free for all


That’s good. It would’ve been rough if we couldn’t give drops to other party members.

Guys, buy enough packs to make them add Vakarine.


If EU or Oceania Servers are ever opened, will you allow us to transfer Accounts over there? Wether for a fee or free?

On another note, do both players have to have tokens or just one?

It wouldn’t make much sense for just one player to need the token, however it wasn’t clear in the OP.

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Does this mean that each time you use the storage, you have to use up a token? Are tokens available in game or only in item shop?

good question now its more confusing than before .

There are two kinds of storage system. The storage shared between characters of the same team will require a Token to use

Think of tokens as V.I.P. Status, they aren’t currency.
Though it’s possible they will have a limit of something like 30 trades.
(I think it’s like that in kToS)

we can only do 1:1 trading with tokens, you have got to be kidding me.

and here i was just talking to someone here about how ridiculous that would be and how impossible that IMC implements it that way.