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Updated FAQ on the Latest Announcement

I’m kind of forced to agree with this one too… tokens should mostly be for conveniences such as increased exp gain and such… basic game mechanic like the 1-1 trade and the team storage should NOT be walled behind the token since they are like “basic need” for any mmo


I have trouble understanding why giving some money to the game from time to time is so difficult for people. I have the feeling you guys don’t understand the concept of F2P. It doesn’t mean you are entitled to the entierty of the developers work free of charge. It is a very feature rich demo that you can play casually for no additional cost. If you like it and want more than that you can spend some money to support a game that you apparently want to play in a more advanced way than just casually. If anything i would agree that the token costs too much and should probably be adjusted downwards a bit to meet subscription price standards.


You can’t open it yet, so don’t bother until 29th. Announcement about EU servers hopefully arrives soon.

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You can buy token in market (if IMC doesn’t change that).

I think I get it now.
So after 60 days, you wont be able to access shared stash anymore.
So to move items between toons in your team, you will need 1 more account/player or is trading not allowed?

What’s with all the item restrictions? hahah

Me and my wife plan to play this together. Does it mean I can’t give her items that I find? :scream:

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and u loose potential while trading

unless you have tokens… exactly.

Now you’re getting me wondering… i mean let’s say a token user actually put stuff inside the shared storage… then the token wares out and he doesn’t have another one… does he&she loses all the items in the storage? O.o

Because it’s advertised as Free to play.
If it’s just a demo then that makes World of Warcraft F2P because you can play to level 20 for free, it’s clearly not, but if F2P games are just secretly demos of subscription games then that’s what you’re saying.

I don’t mind supporting a game, I’d just prefer they have an upfront subscription instead of being told it’s free.

EDIT: Also if it’s a subscription based game, micro-transactions are usually not present. I.E. no cash shop so that’s another reason I’d prefer it, over being lied to.

You can buy Token in the cash shop for 190 TP or so(price unconfirmed).

You can’t trade with f2p users sadly. So no way to transfer items between accounts unless you bought token.

I’m sure most of the community staff already knows this, but locking 1:1 Trade behind Tokens is the most negative feature that could be ported over from the Korean version. No overstatements; I literally can’t think of anything more damaging over there, that could be brought here and stand over Token Trading. Last week you could’ve even looked the community straight in our eyes with cold, heartless faces, and said: “We are not changing anything. The first 3 months will be B2P, and after that we will open the servers for all. Deal with it.” and you STILL wouldn’t of lost more players than you will from doing this.

People will put up with it for awhile, no problem. They’ll just use the Auction House to sell stuff out. But as SOON as them or their friends get items that they want to give to each other, and they see they have to have that Token, their “Tolerance Meter” will decrease just a little bit. Just a little. Then it’ll happen again, and the meter will go down a little bit more. Then again, and again. Combined with any other issues they may run into while playing the game, it’s only a matter of time until they say: “ENOUGH.” and leave the game.

You want to stop gold-selling? Remove the option to trade Silver. You want to limit RMT’ing with valuable items? Remove the option to trade Red-tier items. We can even go halfway, and you can give free players 15 free trades a month. But removing the ENTIRE feature? That’s the act of practically getting on your knees, shedding tears, and saying “PLEASE have something to complain about in our game. PLEASE leave our game when you see something else interesting. I BEG OF YOU.”

You really have to re-think this, and it’s better to do that before the damage. Because the damage will come.


Token is a success in ktos so it doesn’t strange they brought it here. F2P players can buy them from market.

It doesn’t solve bot/goldseller problem though.

so basically, all items are “Character bound”, not even “Account bound” for f2p. Wow…

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My point exactly is that F2P - despite it’s name - is not literally what it says and people frequently misunderstand it for that reason maybe because they don’t give it a second thought. That’s why they get angry at CashShop items. I claim that this is the core misconcept about F2P. It is but a marketing for the product to attract people, don’t ask me who exactly named it this way in the first place. The whole businessmodel made no sense if that was the case. These games cost money and time to make, familys have to be fed. By moral standards alone it should be obvious that one give a little back for what he takes.

Like you i would be totally happy to pay a monthly subscription and be gone with any but cosmetic items from the TP shop, that would be my greatest wish believe me - but the truth is that there wouldn’t be enaugh players to support the game that way - or maybe i am mistaken? I wish.


Just to be clear, I’m not saying they should remove tokens, I’m saying the benefits they give shouldn’t be as essential as they are.

MMOs are starting to become less and less appealing to me, subscription based seems a better option, but somehow they all end up going F2P in the end. (The only ones I can think of with sub fees nowadays are FF and WoW, both are huge games that basically no-one doesn’t know…)


I think a problem with this is that the tokens aren’t exactly cheap. If I understand right, they cost about 18 dollars. A “subscription” of 18 dollars per month is pretty expensive.


@Staff_Julie - can you confirm what the Token benefits are, and what the TP cost of a token will be?

I know the token is 198 TP in kToS, but that would mean it’s US$18/m in TP for the monthly subscription. This is already higher than every other MMO’s sub/premium/VIP, and I am assuming you will only be able to purchase TP in ‘blocks’ of say $10/$20/$50/etc like every other micro-transaction currency, which pushes the actual cost higher.

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Does it mean that if make two characters on the same server, I won’t be able to give them both a hat? I will get two hats, but I don’t want them both on only one character. I’d rather wear the hanaming on character 1 and popolion on character 2. Isn’t it possible? If not, please reconsider this option…

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I agree. Limiting dungeon entries is not even a feature on Korean server… We get the additional mob exp AND are limited in dungeon runs…but even with the token we don’t get the 5 dungeon runs Korea has WITHOUT using tokens. Really, I have no idea who thought this was a good move. Seems like you somehow feel forced to justify the HIGH price of tokens by “unlocking” more features with the token…even though there never was anything to unlock in the first place. Your tokens are overpriced and don’t feel correct imho. 10USD to 12USD would be perfectly fine…but nearly 20USD for something that’s not even a real subscription…no, this feels wrong.


The only thing I can say is we don’t know the prices for ours. I have a feeling this “feature” isn’t something that will get changed right away. I’m hoping that maybe the token price is very low or something so that it’s something more feasible for players to use.

I’d be ecstatic if it was something like $5.00 a month, which would still require a $10.00 charge. You could get the token benefits as well as some other TP items. I doubt that’ll happen though, but if the token system wasn’t so expensive I don’t think I’d mind the restrictions so much you know? However, the trade restriction isn’t listed on the post that includes the info on the token system (attached it, can’t link images). There’s a chance it isn’t in our version at all based on this though.


You can only claim the hats on one character. However, you can transfer one hat to your other character by putting it in the Team storage and collecting it with your other character. You’ll need to be under the benefits of a Token to do this, though. (But you get two Tokens from the 50-dollar pack, so it’s all good.)