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[Updated] Announcement Regarding [SA]Silute Server Connection Issues - May 5th

Greetings Saviors!

We would like to give you an update on the connection issues with the Silute server.

The server seems to have become unstable due to the network being overloaded. We have been looking into the situation and will provide you with an update on the matter as soon as possible.

We apologize for any and all inconvenience that you may have experienced from this problem.

IMC Staff

It seems a DDoS attack to our servers was the cause of the instability and AWS has blocked certain IP addresses as a response to the attacks.

We are currently contacting AWS to check the systems and consult our course of action in case of future attacks.

If there are any players that are unable to access the game, please send in another ticket with your IP address and server. We will be able to use the information to resolve this situation as soon as possible.