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Server SA - My first character is not able to enter the game, appear only channels 1 and 2

Same problem with all my characters :disappointed:

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Has anyone had their characters fixed/free’d yet? Mine is still stuck.

same here Team name :GanNing characters name innes and pain are stuck bugged in lodge s/a

A lot of ppl is having this problem, can’t enter the game, problems on maps and channels, since the SA transfer, and the IMC don’t answer us.

Same problem…
Char: SuZy
Team Name: RMilani

I now have two characters that cant log in…Is there another place that I should be posting this information?

Server: Silute
Characters: Angela and Tienhsu
Team: Damondred

tengo el mismo problema, solo me deja seleccionar channel 1 y 2 pero cuando pongo jugar me saca al meno de seleccion de serividor, creo q el cartel que sale dice “no se puede conectar con el servidor”, pasa tan rapido q es casi imposible de leer.
Con el otro pj q cree puedo entrar (no a todos los channels nose por q solo a algunos)
Server: Silute
Character: imagine
Team: santi987655

My character is stuck at the lodge

Server: SA (Silute) Teamname: Barrington Char Name: VictorCorleone Last Map: Gateroute Bug: Stuck at lodge and cannot connect

Please Help me

i lost my char too.
Team: Vascainos
Char: Papapa
Map: Demom Prison 2/3

Team GustavoDF
Char GustavoBorges
server Silute (SA)

Team: Jiyogurasu
Char: Aiocos, Jiyogurasu
server Silute (SA)

same thing since yesterday

Team: Corgii
Char: Chubby
Map: Goddess’ Ancient Garden

same thing here

Team: Wyvernix
Char: BurNing
Map: Ruklys Street

Team Profeta
Char Profeta
server Silute (SA)

I’m having the same problem (Server SA)

My char is stuck at lobby and I have only 2 channels available but none of them connect. Its like inception.

My last map was the Pyromancer Room.

Same here in [SA - Silute] server. However, what about we open a ticket and inform our IPs? This could be an issue related to the DDoS attack, back on May 5.

Announcement Regarding [SA]Silute Server Connection Issues - May 5th:

I have the SAME problem, stuck in the pyromancer lab room. And I can’t use the support, show a error than i have to authenticate my steam account… What?
We need solutions early, we all wait so much to play this game and this is they response? They create a good game, with so bad admins and system to play it.

You have to login in your steam account trought ToS website (located on the left side of the option logout). You’ll be redirected and after enter your account, it’ll be authenticated and you’ll be able to send a ticket.

Thank you Nathalia, I already send a support ticket, if something happen i will tell it here.

Guys, this is what’s happening:

Summing up: If you left TOS in one of the maps below, your character will get stucked at lodge. In other words, we’re f*****. :laughing:

List of bugged maps:

  • Forest of Prayer
  • Altar Way
  • Demon Prison 3F
  • CrossRoad
  • Tenet Church B1
  • Tenet Church 1F -> Channel 6 works.
  • Tenet Church 2F
  • Pyromancer Master’s Lab
  • Owl Burial Ground
  • Sicarius 1F
  • Gate Route
  • Goddess Ancient Garden
  • Escanciu Village
  • Bellai Rainforest
  • Ashaq Underground Prison 3F-> Only Channel 10 works
  • Istora Ruins
  • Fedimian Suburbs
  • Downtown
  • Crystal Mine 1F -> Only Channels 1 to 6 works
  • Crystal Mine 2F -> Only Channels 7,8,9 and 10 works
  • Delmore Manor
  • Delmore Hamlet
  • Mokusul Chamber
  • Dandan Jungle
  • Gytis Settlement Area -> was reported to be back just now
  • Carlyle’s Mausoleum -> Channels 1,2 and 3 should work
  • Inner Enceinte District -> Only Channel 5 works
  • Nefritas Cliff -> Channel 7 work
  • Poslinkis Forest
  • Grynas Trails
  • Highlander Master’s Training Hall