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[SA] Silute continue with problems!

lot of disconnections after change maps lots of channels dont working and some times the same msg “Cannot connect to the server” when u chose the server apears… please IMC do something…


Same issue here. Can’t connect and when i can i get DC’d after map loading.

NET Virtua here.

I cant connect too :s

I can’t even pass the lodge screen
Just fix it already wth!!

Thats sucks ! i can’t connect as well. If i pick anyother server, i can log in…but [SA}Silute server. I dont know whats happenning or if really occured a DDOS attack, i just want a reply about the subject.

at least we want know what happens

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and the IMC team continue in silence…

the IMC team,after all the hard work for making a playable and fun game experience (?), are in a well deserved vacation period

IMC say something… u cant keep us in dark about this… now is almost 36 hours for me im totaly sure im not the only one with this problems!!!

read this post bud [update]

we still waiting… u.u

Delmore Outskirts and Spring Ligth Woods broke… 2 char stuck in this map’s