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A letter to IMC staff About [SA] server problems and lack of comunication

Hello staff of ToS, first let me apologice for my lack of proper English.

This is the first time i ill actually complain directly to you instead of waiting and give you time to talk to us. As i game developer my self, i understand the underlings issues of working in a massive online game like this. But… right now has been over 40hs (or even 60hs for some ppl) that most latinamerican players cant pass the lodge part and log in into the SA server. Its not an isolated case, there are thousands of exactly the same cases reported.

If you are having trouble dealing with this issue, i can understand, i really do. As i said, i do understand the huge work that this type of inconveniences can bring to the entire team. But, how is it posible that after 40hs+ of your playerbase been unable to play, posted docens if not hundreds of threads about the problem in the oficial forums and docens of tickets, we dont receive A SINGLE ANSWER FROM ANY STAFF MEMBER OF iTOS. Personaly im not expecting an ETA or something similar, but at least knowing that you are working on it could make a huge difference.

Its disrespectful to your customers, which btw, are paying.

I hope you can step up and improve your communication skills. This is really a shame, you never ever should be this disrespectful with your customers, completely disappearing when there are players that have no idea whats going on and why they cant play the game that they paid for is no joke.

Hellkrasher - Argentina


First thing. You didn’t pay for the game. You paid for early access bonus’s. With that aside did you send in a support ticket with the information that they directed those with connection issues to do?


I am unable to play for like 3 days already, IMC really should comunicate a little more with us, tell us what is goin on.


yeah, the same thing i did, i paid for an early access for a working game, i know that the possibility of some problem was high but what piss me off is that we don’t have any response from the staff, none, the only thing is that they are asking for ours ips’s, ffs are you ■■■■■■■ nutts that i’ll give my ip so easily?.
plus the price difference between Chile and the US wasn’t so different as it was the case of brazil, but that doesn’t matter, we all paid for an early access to something that was suppose to be functional and not a broken server that they don’t care because we have absolutely none response from them since may 3.

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Its support its not like your posting it on the forums.

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I though about it, maybe some dudes that hate BRs did the attack specifically on SA server as revenge for something. Is totally a possibility

Also heard PingZapper and another VPNs/proxys got DDoS attacked too

It is quite odd that they are ignoring the questions on the forum IMO. I know it must be really stressful for the staff to deal with these situations, but c’mon, don’t let the community in the dark like this. It’s been 2 days since they gave us information of what is going on.

you mean one? the last post they have on it is may 5th its only the 6th.

Just because they said it was a DDoS, doesn’t make it true.
I am honestly thinking about asking for a refund, and never touch this game again.


Yea, but it was early in the morning, when they had “solved” the problem, but then the problem came back one hour later and no sign of them ever since.

Sure they mention the DDoS thing, but they could answer some more questions.

As the OP said, the main problem here is IMC hasn’t pronounce a single word about the “lodge stuck” issue. I would happy if at least they tell us: We recognize the problem and we’re working on it.


And there is people that still don’t understand what happened. They did a manteinance AFTER that announcement, the server was fixed but it happened again.

If you send a ticket they will just answer that they are checking the issue. A lot of people can’t enter but there is people than can play but they found that half of the maps are down so they ended with characters stucks in different maps.

IMC should at least post an announcement that they are taking care of the situation but I doubt they will, It seems that even they don’t work on weekends so we will need to wait to next maintenance. Guess what? F2P starts in that day. Good luck IMC with fixing the issue this time.

Even if you don’t pay for this game, their business are microtransactions. And I’m sure that a lot of people don’t want to support IMC after their silence, for some folks this is basically a 72 hours maintenance, they can’t play and the only compensation they will get will be some tomes and a couple of dungeon resets.

P.S. Here you can check IMC activity: It seems that some mods were online in the forum but no answer at all.

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No duh. They don’t reply to spam posts. I have said this in tons of these threads. If you want attention make one large high traffic thread without screaming servers are going to die / game is doomed/ etc.

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Besides what their announcement already said, what more do you want to hear?

It will be resolved when its resolved.

They aren’t repply to bug reports either. Also, they aren’t just devs, they are publishers too so they shouldn’t publish a game if they can’t take the responsibilities of at least inform their userbase of what is happening.

I sent a ticket and got a copy-paste answer, just based in that answer I don’t know if there is a server problem or the issue is in my end. That’s a bad way of informing your users.

They almost never do, they just read them.

Copy and paste answer is not ideal. But if i was busy thats what i would send you, i doubt the have the time for anything else right now.

Yeah, the issues with the SA server are all the forums have been about lately.

I wish they’d consider taking on volunteers, perhaps. It’s clear they lack staff to effectively deal with just ticket volume alone.

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Julie doesn’t seem to be around anymore. She was their best community manager/communicator :confused:


This is why im not concerned about no response after yesterday. Its been 1 day and they don’t have a ton of staff, they are small time this isn’t blizzard. Not that blizzard with its tons of staff can give a decent answer anyway.

She said something about before she leaves. which is vague and im not sure what it means. I don’t know if shes going on vacation or no longer community manager or what.