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SA Server, some people can and some cant connect, why?

From the posts i have seen, i came to the conclusion that many of us either get the “Cannot connect to the server” message or we get to the character lobby but get kicked off the server as soon as we press “Enter World”.

The thing is, although some people are using WTFast or Pingzapper to play the game, many people arent using any programs and are being able to play without a problem. In fact, two of those people are my real life friends, and while i cant play they are playing without any help from WTFast or Pingzapper or anything like that.

How is it that some people manage to play fine (even living in the same city), while others cant??

Someone posted something about avoiding Crashed IP and Overloaded IP from the server, but how can we do that??!

Please, since IMC staff wont help, can someone with some knowledge help us to play?? thank you very much.


Thanks for your reply but i have read that already and it still doesnt answer my questions, how come someone living just a few mins away from me can play while i cant??
There must be a way to get around this problem and play, i just dont have the knowledge to do so and that is why im asking for help.

I did not ask my transfer to Silute, and I think it was the best … I regret what’s going on with you and hope it is resolved soon , only I hope that these errors do not worsen and end in a total requested of all these accounts migrated … my condolences.

sorry, for my inglish

Each of you have a different IP, sometimes because of different ISP’s, sometimes even the same ISP works with different ranges.

Maybe one of those IP ranges was blocked in this process like they said there :slight_smile:

PS. You could try a VPN for free, just to check.

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I tried Pingzapper but it makes my tree of savior bug or something, i can play for 10 min then it crashes the game and i have to restart my computer or my Tree of savior wont even start again.
WTFast doesnt work, i cant even get past log in for some reason.

Well but isnt there a way to access the right IP of the server or something like that?

Depending on ur connection you may be able to change your IP by resetting ur modem. You may still get the same problem tho.

What’s your Internet provider?
I have Vivo Fibra and as far as I know, the majority having the problem have it too, although I have seen people with Velox complaining too. Not to mention people from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.
So I think these internet providers give us IPs within the range that’ been blocked because of the DDoS attacks.

Same problem here:

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In my case neither of all 6 channels of Tenet Garden work tho… guess you got somewhat lucky? :worried:

I tried play with a new character, but when i travel to Crystal Mine for my first advance class, disconnect me in all channels -.- so, not lucky at all