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Almost 24hours still "Cannot connect to the server"

Perfect IMC a lot of ppl waiting to play for me im almost on 24 h witout acces to the server [SA] Silute cecause always say the fcking msg “Cannot connect to the server” and i dont see any of the team say nothing we players need to know if u are trying to do something… come on almost 24h and nothing to say about the problem? u guys dont read the forum is like almos all players who ask for the server transfer is been affected for this problem
for me was yesterday 10am now is 6:54am and still nothing no info about no nothing… i wish i never make the transfer… but now what is done is done… but you need to do something about this COME ON!!! we deserve anwsers!!! like a lort of other players i send a ticket to support talking about this, but thinking i see support team is goin to answer that ticket well next week if im lucky and im telling this because the last two tickets i sent in the past month…

sorry for my bad english…

well im trying to talk here not only for me and yes for all players who wait for this game and support this game… dont make us lose the faith in you guys!!!


hahaha nice aahaha but minutes ago when i check i ddnt see nothing hahaha… still no solution and well 24h , well… dont know

the server have 1 day up and was atacked OMG!

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