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Where are the GM? SA connection problems!

  • This is the second time the server connection problems

  • The first went 12 hours without answering, where people are responsible? curious?

  • After lifting an international server leave their responsibilities for full days? excuse me but are quite adults and all you do not have 12 years to make this kind of thing. I find it quite strange that invest in creating a game take it so lightly.


  • They should have more active GM in both the forums and in the game itself, which would instantly ban the Spamer and Bots.

note: If you entered the server for 3 hours, trust me you’d rather cleaner of this great problem.

Think about how many people you have in this community.

Sorry for my English

A player of this great game :wink:


Same here, still can’t log in after 24 hours.
Already submmited a ticket with my IP and nothing.

I think that’s the infuriating thing. Server’s new?, ok. There might be problems? yes, and it’s ok. Spending hours without any answer for two consecutive days? Not ok at all.

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they cant do they work, this ‘‘ddos’’ attack is just bullshit

This is so disappointing, my friends can log in without any problems… but i’m stuck at the login screen

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Quote from a ticket answered
Hello Savior!

Thank you for contacting us and supporting Tree of Savior.

Please be informed that we have identified the cause of the problem and is already in the process of fixing it.

We can only ask for your patience and understanding while this is on-going.

We would like also to inform you that Add-on that modifies any game-play feature is considered as third party program and using third party programs are not allowed in game. However, some Add-on like “Exp Viewer” is considerable.

As a reminder, we highly advise you to stay away from using third party programs like WTFast to prevent possible suspension on your account.

If you have any other concerns, please do contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support team



and we pay for this… i’m so regretful…

please repair this thing soon or say something.

1 week with a stuck character… really, I think they’re trying to fix since we didn’t have any answer from them in 3 days. Let’s just wait a little… but 1 week is bullshit. I’m using an outsite program to be able to connect, this is so wrong.

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It’s funny because right now the only way i can log in in the (SA) Server is using a program to tunnel my ip route because of this “DDoS” thing.

If i use i can get banned, if i’m not i can’t play.
it’s like your car is broken and you can’t use a taxi because if you use a taxi the company who sold the car for you will take your car back for not using the car.

Funny right? right? :sweat_smile: