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Cannot connect to server [SA]

Same here :confounded:

La unica forma de conectar es haciendo que la ip pase como tunel por un server de Brasil, un ejemplo seria usando Pingzapper, te deja jugar 30min si no me equivoco, al menos podes cambiar de mapa, aunque aveces eso no basta.

Desde ontem com esse problema. Achei que iria logar hj e estaria tudo ok. Acho que me enganei. Se soubesse que iria ficar sem nenhuma resposta ou dica para ficaria em orsha. Esperando a resolução do problema. Ainda bem que não comprei nenhum token.

i want play… some day

Todavía no arreglan nada? Ni se molestan en pasar por el foro, mal ahí

En otro post copy pastie una respuesta de un ticket mio, estan expuestos a ban por usar tuneles con programas externos.

Hello Savior!

Thank you for contacting us and supporting Tree of Savior.

Please be informed that we have identified the cause of the problem and is already in the process of fixing it.

Please refer to the announcement for more information:
[Updated] Announcement Regarding [SA]Silute Server Connection Issues - May 5th

We can only ask for your patience and understanding while this is on-going.

We would like also to inform you that Add-on that modifies any game-play feature is considered as third party program and using third party programs are not allowed in game. However, some Add-on like “Exp Viewer” is considerable.

As a reminder, we highly advise you to stay away from using third party programs like WTFast to prevent possible suspension on your account.

If you have any other concerns, please do contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support team

“Modify any game-play feature”

Tunnels don’t modify game-play features.


Idk but they said that.

:cactus::cactus:Tree of OFFLINE ! :cactus::cactus:


I’ve my main char stuck on the lodge, so frustrating. Meanwhile, the Token timer is running and no one is going to refund me for the time I wasn’t able to play.

It seems a DDoS attack to our servers was the cause of the instability and AWS has blocked certain IP addresses as a response to the attacks.

We are currently contacting AWS to check the systems and consult our course of action in case of future attacks."

wtf!! -_-
"Compensation for temporary maintenance

3h increase of Token benefits
1 x EXP Tome" ??? I don’t need this.

06/may 2016; 5am


Una historia basada en los servidores de EUW, llega… Silute, el servidor mas inestable en la historia de los juegos online. :smirk:

Para los que no podemos jugar :'c

Actually i’m losing like

48 Token Hours
3x 2Character on Lv90Dun
3x 2Character on Lv50Dun
3x 1Character on Lv135Dun

"Compensation for temporary maintenance

3h increase of Token benefits
1 x EXP Tome"

PD: All my character on colapsed or ipblocked maps Zachariel+TenetGarden

Look like they block all countrys except brazil, G G !

Goodbye Silute, i’ll back to Klaipeda,

thanks for nothing imc u suck balls. still cant play 5 days . go change your staff jerks

bad staff …

Same issue here. I’m from Curitiba Brazil with NET Virtua provider. Just bought the game yesterday thinking I would be able to play before launch. Silly me right?

I get DC sometimes at server selection and sometimes at character selection. Can’t play at all.