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SEA-Telsiai Lag

It can be solved if they will do something about it. Lets not forget the thousands of bots and spammers included in the server. Removing them can soothe the server… a lot.

well obviously. but what are they supposed to do about it?

the most obvious solution everyone suggests is “just increase server capacity!” not only is this both the most obvious, and most suggested, it would also be the easiest.

and yet, IMC does not do this. they aren’t -idiots-, so certainly this thought has occurred to them. so this tells us that there must be something else stopping it. the most obvious problem would be that it is not -possible- to upgrade the server capacity any farther.

as for “thousands” of bots/spammers on the server… that would mean that literally every other person you see is a bot/spammer. (as i write this, there are about 10k players on ToS) realistically there might be a couple hundred bots, and yes removing them would help… but the issue is simply that there are too many people playing on the server at the same time.

Thanks Telsai lower ping they said :joy:

Sometimes I think those bots are from IMC itself. Additional income for them coz they know there will be buyers. If its not connected to them then why did bots exist right after the server get launched? Why didn’t their game guard (if there’s any) manage to block those programs?

lmfao because as far as the game client is concerned, bots are just more “players”.
they login same as everyone else. they play same as everyone else (more or less.)

gameguard type programs can only block what they’ve been told is bad.

They’re still parasites that needs to be eradicated from this game. Other devs developed a game guard for Ragnarok Online called “HAshield” and managed to block Openkore and they’re used in private servers. How come this company couldn’t create something to block these bots.

Actually right now on quite a few maps there are much more bots than real players. Including higher level maps like Forest of Prayer. Went to farm something from there yesterday, and saw 30+ bots (level 150+) on each channel (there are 5 channels there). I’m not exaggerating. And that’s just one map which isn’t even one of most popular botting maps. Some of those bots were exact same bots that I’ve reported weeks ago, with videos and everything.

They really have to hire more GM’s who’d specifically be in charge of banning this trash.

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This implies that B&S also have somewhat bad frame rate? I’ve never had FPS drop even once there, it was stable 60 FPS everywhere including mass PvP.

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I think because the server overload not because internet.

They should upgrade server or increase new server hurry up.

am remember the day Diablo 3 release, servers overload they fix it in 30minit and no more lag! SEA lagging 3 DAYS, nothing happen and it worse for each day :wink:

It’s Blizzard who you are talking about…

i mean TOS have less player than Blizzard, it more easy to handle but they do nothing, just left us with very unstable server :frowning:

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Wrong after all. This confirms that they’re using AWS cloud servers:

Lag spikes in Telsiai still persists… I think this issue will never be fixed.

have the same problem , very delay using EXP Cards
often character freeze after cast skill
charge skill not charging as it should be example charging Multi Shot lv15 charge gauge were full at lv15 in very short of time but it actually lv 5 ot 7 or less or more depending on server status .

field grind are low ping and seems fine but the dungeon and mission always up at 250-500 ping.
maybe they just only use hardware at singapore to control the field server and mission & dungeon server still at NA ?

Since when the server are physically locate in singapore, its like dedicate server that route to here…
Our ping is near but the server-client is really poor communicate when loaded…
CBT1 = Alittle lag ~~~ CBT2 = Lag ~~~ OBT Early = Damm Lag
Now OBT F2P = Sibei lag… (This how we upgrade our system)


IMC r u sure this is tree of savior for Global…

pls improve your server that can handle your customer in “Global” …