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SEA Instance Dungeon Server Capacity

It has been a week of Spam Spacebar to get in dungeon AND we are not F2P yet
and IMC what you did to solve this problem
So can can only expect player to quit then Server will have more free channel?
If we going in this direction then i’m have no choice but to quit
and I can’t get in dungeon/mission for 2day spend a hour to try my token just waste with 5 char quota of dungeon run

Hmm i think you are doing them a favor lol. More people quit= less lag huehuehue. But yes my spacebar broke.

I have a different thought about this. They open new server is one of their original plan since selling early access they even mention it in their post that new server might be consider when they going to open f2p.

And I totally agree with new server, since day one people complain about if there’re early access that’s mean later player (f2p) will be greatly disadvantage due to economy and market stand point. The only thing I disagree with them is they block new player to choose old server i think if they choose to play they can accept the situation of the market.

By no mean that I’m ok with the server situation right now more resource to the server is a must, I believe they use amazon cloud service to host their server so expanding resource is not hard at all (if they willing to pay that is)

I think people misunderstand the purpose of the new server that’s all.

[quote=“korrakoch, post:3, topic:248382, full:true”]I believe they use amazon cloud service to host their server
Where is this information from?

It’s pretty well known that IMC use AWS to host this game
They even mention it in this announcement

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I think it is kinda wrong to think of it that way.

The ‘ONLY’ problem caused by over populating with Telsiai server is that the gosh damn ‘MISSION INSTANCE EXCESS COUNT’.

I think it will be much easier if they implement queuing system. People can just wait to a specific period of time. Not spamming the spacebar forever.

this is serious issue due to token was waste and we pay for token
they not say about this issue but only mention that Telsiai is over populating then f2p player will get in only new server

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They really need to fix this, 40 min spamming enter outside lvl 90 dungeon still no luck… for the past 2 days really unplayable for me with this Instance Exceed count and average ping spike due to server overload…

Exceed count is really annoying , was not able to do dungeons for 2days on all 3 of my toons

The reason why the server is overpopulated is because when the new people know that they can’t join the old server with friends. Therefore, they buy a pack to play with old friend. (my opinion)

They cant face this problem…

Gonna rage quit soon… Boring tree of space-bar

So when will they gonna fix this are you ok with this state in the longrun ?
If we have to wait for player to quit then the game can become playable that is very bad

Today Monday at 11.00 am Not holiday and should be low time guess what Instance Dungeon is still full