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(UNSOLVED)Cannot connect to the server Silute - after transfer

It seems staff is not giving a sh*t to solve this. Hope some1 from staff give us an answer of wtf is going on. It’s so annoying when happen those issues and the staff don’t give players a preview of when the issue will be solved :sweat:

SOLVED! Staff has not part in the problem.
Open Steam, do check files on ur game and run it. u might be able to play normally =)

Nope, file check did nothing for me.
The game updated and all, but still the same.

Same here! And I was able to log in this morning…

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how do I do this “File Check” thing on Steam?

I can log in using a proxy, moved my character to Orsha then I turned off the proxy (WTFast), and again I can’t log back in… am I going to get banned if use a proxy? Why is that so difficult!!! It has been HOURS, no answer whatsoever, and even if use the proxy method for the time being I’m risking myself to get banned for no reason, I’m in a box here…

I don’t think u can be banned for using a proxy program like wtfast or nolag… it is not cheating or anything, just a “latency-issue-solver” since TOS servers are too d*mn weak…

did check files and it fixed, but now i disconnected again after a teleport and cant login anymore . GREAT!

Maybe you should change the title “(SOLVED)”, otherwise the staff won’t even bother looking at this topic. By the way, I also have this “can’t connect” issue.


it’s not working for me
i’ve tried everything and the problem is still there
the others servers work normally, the problem is on silute

Read this

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I have done checking files in steam 6 times updated and waited all this time and nothing was solved, Manham could play normal afternoon began the disconects per channel and now I can not log into the server, as has the pal face get aki still and say that is not the game’s fault?

to practically all day without playing already tried all possible solutions and remains the same

Awesome. TY @aesirfenix

Problem still isnt solved with this!!!
Problem persists!! Just got disconnected changing a map and again I cannot log in!! Nice Brazilian server.

A mesma coisa aqui, começou ontem esse problema.

Well, did the stuff @aesirfenix told, but staff still didn’t respond the ticket. WTF some1 need 3 days to answer a ticket??

I believe there are thousands of tickets about the same issue at this moment. They probably won’t answer all of them quite fast, but they surely know that there’s a problem. Not sure if they already know how to fix though xD

By the way, there are hundreds of posts all around the forum about the same issue, that only fills the forum up and divides the attention of this topic (regarding the same error) into many many different posts.

Well the same bug/error/glitch happened to me, so one more for the statistics… Oddly i can log on orsha and somethimes i can log on my logde on silute but cant enter the game itself.

This problem is still active!!!
Been trying to log in entire morning and nothing…
Sadly GMs does not say a word about it! GREAT.
If i knew the transfer could bring these problems, i wouldnt transfered!