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About the connection problem After SA transfer

After the server transfer many people are unable to enter in the game on SA server

So they have made a maintenance today and the problem persist
So I created a new character to make a test and I figured out that new characters can enter on the game…

The characters that I have on the team before the transfer can’t log in the game, and If I use programs to change my connection like WTFast, I can login with them, and the buttons of character selection and logout didn’t work!! but this didn’t make sense, no one will use this kinda programs if I have the SA server less than 100km of me…

So if you are with the same problem, try to create a new character and you’ll see that you will be able to login “just with this new one”

You guys at IMC doesn’t have a staging server? 0_0 every maintenance we have comes with a lot of problems, sounds like IMC didn’t use staging servers and QA to test the things before make an update, please this is basic…

I read the UPDATE

and a question: Are you guys using WAF on TOS? this might help a lot about DDOS

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