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Character stuck at lodge - [SA] Silute

@dumontsaraiva It’s because some bots were using WTFast and IMC started banning some IPs from WTFast, and people got banned by that mistake. Thats what I heard.

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or better and the character just does not log in Silute serves any other served can log in and create char

I heard about that too. Hope i don`t get banned or IM could some its connections issues so we would not need to use such ways.

In this case im not bypassing any region block as i live in brazil (Sao Paulo) and for some reason my ISP has connection issues with the SA server, i would not use any software if i could connect to the game as it should.

send a ticket (read update in this post)

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Same Problem…
Server: [SA] Silute
Team name: Ghoul
Character Name: all characters
It will be the third day that I can not play…

Thanks buddy… :+1:
So… IMC, what we have to do? Only wait?

This game is looking like minefield :cry:
One wrong step and BOOM… goodbye character

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me too i cant play,
entering this same bug

Same problem :disappointed_relieved:

Server: Silute
Team Name: Atlantean-Guild
Char: Stein (trapped in Pyromancer’s master lab/ Klaipedia); Lord-Shaper (trapped in Ashaq underground prison 2F)

Same Problem here
Server: [SA] Silute
Team name: Shadowchaser
Character Name: Calamity
Map:Zachariel Crossroads

Temporary solution for character stucked, just tried and worked, was stucked on Tenet Garden

1- Install wtfast from web not from steam installer
2- Create account for trial use
3- Run ToS from WTfast and login stucked character(s) and move to other map or klapedia (other city)
4- Close game, Close wtfast, and run ToS again, step into new maps CAREFULLY
5- if happens again, go on step 3

ps: some users say using WTFAST are giving ban, use it at your on risk iI just use it to unstuck my character since STAFFS ARE SLEEPING FOR 2 DAYS!!

The same problem. Stuck in server Silute. I cant loggin. Error enters tge gane return to the login screen

Server: [SA] SIlute
Team name: JohnDeere
Character name: All them
Map: Various

same problem T.T
stuck in 2 chars

Same problem to me, with all chars!

Family: Gatorade
Server: SA
Char: All

Same problem to me, with all chars!

Family: Slayersplayers

Server: SA
Char: All

same here

  1. Server Name: [SA] Silute
  2. Team name: Bermudes
  3. Character Name: Bolsonaro
  4. Your Starting City: Klaipeda

same problem

  1. Server Name: [SA] Silute
  2. Team name: Slayersplayers
  3. Character Name: Yoh
  4. Your Starting City: Orsha

Has anybody with this problem been able to play again? It has been a week and I still cannot play with any of my pjs.

  1. Server: [SA] Silute
  2. Team name: Caruls
  3. Character: Sapphire
  4. Starting City: Orsha