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[Guide] Mage Builds General Discussion 💥

Hello to fellow Wizards, i’m Shinji in Orsha Server. I’m a wizard enthusiastic due to their gimmicky nature, I play wizard in every game and enjoy them very much. I like to be the master brain in the team like Zhuge Liang, while not only able to deal powerful damage but as well as positioning and timing that improve the effectiveness of teamplay.

There are not many Wizard Class Build discussion on this forum, or many related topics are scattered away.
The objective of creating this post is to help those who interested in Wizard will have a quick grasp of what roles a Wizard can offer, and ultimately help new players to pick a build easier that most suitable to their philosophy.

Why Mage?

First of all, Mage is the most diverse class among the 4 classes, your main concern is what role do you like to play or hybrid?
DPS? Support? Crowd Control? Tank? Even Premium Pots Seller and Equipment Tinkering

  1. You prefer skill based rather than auto-attack.
  2. You prefer range rather than melee.
  3. You prefer a tactical role than a straight forward role.
  4. You dislike the “Holy Trinity” and wish to do something different.
  5. You just play Mage in every MMORPG

Wizard has the most well mix of 4 Class Types:
3 Support
3 Utility
1 Tanker

Wizard offer different Strategy and Interesting Buffs to party play:
Linker - Improve AoE, share individual buff to party.
Chronomancer - Movespeed, Atkspeed, StopTime, Reduce Cast Time.
Cryomancer - Freeze!
Thaumaturge - The best atk/def buffer in the game.

The spreadsheet contain list of builds:

First of all, try to familiar with the spreadsheet below, so you have a general idea of Wizard various build:

ToS Mage Builds Google Spreadsheet
^ Use the above link, I have leave lot of comments in it.

In this spreadsheet:

  1. It list out 1-5 builds of each Class (C2) that could works good on a single Idea (Regardless of Leveling and Boss difficulty)
  2. A build could be repeated in other class if the build have 2 or more C2 classes.
  3. It is impossible to list out all the builds, but it give general possible idea of each class.
  4. Not going into details of specific Stats and Skills. (Maybe later)
  5. Everyone are welcome to leave comment/suggestion on the cell and give input for the spreadsheet content addition :smile:

How to Choose a Mage Build?

Step 1 :: Pick 1 from the classes which you interested the most, it will be your core of build.

Step 2 :: The class of your choice must be mastered at least C2. (Some are best to go C3, some are great enough at C2)

Step 3 :: Pick the rest of classes that compensate the weakness that you mind the most.
Eg: Soloable? Deal enough damage to get boss reward? SP management? Survivability?

Step 4 :: If you happened to build a Duo, Tri Core builds (More than 1 C2 Class), it is actually more efficient for your gameplay, in term of SP, action in battle, and $$$ for up attribute.

Summary of Each Class

The Popular Trend

If you are blank totally, then you need know these are the current 4 main branches in Mage Build or most popular now, they are best in the respective area, you can’t go wrong with them as beginner.
They are Tier 1 Class/Build in game for the respective area.

P/S: Remember to check the sequence of Skill Points, for example you can save 9 Skill Points from Wizard C2, when you changed to C3 you can directly maxed Magic Missile and Quick Cast, so that you will have easier life earlier.

  1. Pure AoE DPS for PvE/Earth Tower
    A - Wizard C3 > Elementalist C3 > Warlock C1
    This build emphasize on PvE, QuickCast’s +50% dmg attribute synergy with stack multiple AoE spells = High DPS.Warlock is the perfect class to utilize QuickCast’s +50% dmg attribute, it has high multi-hits AoE Pole of Agony and Dark Theurge that added on top of Elementalist’s AoE DPS ability.
    B - Wizard C3 > Elementalist C3 > Runecaster C1
    As alternative, use Runecaster that utilize the synergy of Quick Cast to have some support spells with 2 additional not-so-good spells.

*They are not good PvP/GvG because Ground/AoE spells that can easily avoided by just walking away, same to Pyromancer, but with enough protection they can be glass cannon.

  1. Pure Support/Crowd Control for PvE/GvG/PvP/Earth Tower
    A - Wizard C1 > Cryo C3 > Chrono C3
    Emphasize on Hard Content, strong CC ability with tons of freezing spells especially Frost Pillar (stronger version of JointPenalty+HangsmanKnow but longer cooldown, synergy with Chrono3 to reduce cooldown for more frequent use), together with Chrono’s spells to ensure everything is under control and more buffer for party member to reformation during the mass chaos.
    B - Wizard C1 > Cryo C1> Linker C2 > Chrono C3
    Emphasize on Casual Content, Linker have limited crowd control ability with number of monsters it can linked, and linker also no mechanism to stop those monster not inside the link, but it can make questing and map progression a breeze through.

  2. Linker Summoner for general purpose
    I think I call this a Traveller build, it is pretty solo build with bunch of summons/companions and sustain ability, Linker is a MUST because Summons AI is pretty stupid, Linker to make them hit more effective despite their randomness attack, it also BEST Synergy with Featherfoot because of their Single Target spell. You can replace FF with Warlock for more damage.
    A - Wizard C1 > Cryo C1 > Link C2 > Sorcerer C2 > Featherfoot C1
    Having a hard life during Rank1-5, but gets better as Temple Shooter is up, you basically link mobs for your Summon to attack while using Featherfoot to stab them for recovery, JP+HK/IceSpike/Sleep also good to use with Blood Sucking.
    B - Wizard C3 > Link C2 > Necromancer C2
    Wiz3+Link2 for QuickCast/Surespell sharing, same with Sorcerer, Linker is a must to compensate your pet’s attacking randomness and Small AoE of your spells.

  3. PvP/GvG build
    A - Wizard C3 > Cryo C1 > Psycho C1 > Runecaster C1 > Warlock
    General build for PvP/GvG, but without FrostPillar/Raise/GrativyPole that force control ability, frozen can be countered by Plague Doctor.
    Use QuickCast+Isa+Icewall+PhysicPressure IMBA combo to instant kill your opponent, but you need your teammate to protect you from setting it up behind.
    B - Wizard C3 > Psycho C3 > Warlock C1
    Plague Doctor’s nightmare, use SureSpell/QuickCast and Gravity Pole them asap, dealing Warlock damage while controlling them, torture them until die.
    C - Wizard C1 > Cryo C3 > Psycho C3
    Good on both PvP/GvG control ability, but lack of finishing skill to finish your opponent, but 1v1 you can torture them until dead, or any bigger scale battle can let you party to finish them.
    D - Wizard C1 > Cryo C2/3 > Psycho C3/2 > Warlock C1
    Aiming on small scale battle 1v1 to 3v3, you have no fancy space to setup pp+iw combo, your best bet is to instant cast and cc your opponent, and use warlock high dps to finish them.

  4. The Alchemist Path
    A - Wizard C3 > Linker C2 > Alchemist C2
    B - Wizard C3 > Psychokino C2 > Alchemist C2
    C - Wizard C1 > Pyro C3/2/1 > Linker C1/2/3 > Alchemist C2
    D - Wizard C1 > Psychokino C2 > Alchemist C2

Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, these popular builds are GOLD example to study how these Synergies between each mage class is working as one, you might proceed to create your mage build after understand this concept.

The Synergy Section

Make sure you understand this section before creating a mage build, I see many peoples failed to come out with a viable wizard build is because they didn’t realize the synergy between Wizard classes. In my google spreadsheet there are pros and cons of each class, you need choose wisely for the class that can cover each other.
A good Wizard Build is a Build which utilize every synergy for the class that you choose. This is also why Wizard has so many possible builds which doesn’t restrict by Weapon like swordsman and by predefined role like Archer and Cleric.

  1. Wizard C3 <> Elementalist C3
    As mentioned, Elementalist has ~2s cast time for each skill like Hail, this is long enough is a Mobby Area with aggresive mobs, you Cast will be easily interrupted. What

  2. Linker <> Cryomancer

  3. Linker <> Pyromancer

  4. Linker <> Necromancer

  5. Linker <> Sorcerer

  6. Linker <> Featherfoot

  7. Linker <> Warlock

  8. Psychokino <> Cryomancer <> Runecaster

  9. Psychokino <> Pyromancer

To Be Continue

Stats Allocation

As a base reference:
PvP/GvG Mage: Full CON or 4CON:1INT
However, if you play recklessly and taking too much damage, you may need to add more CON.

Can we deal damage without INT? I’m not going detail how the math is work (there are some defensive involved), but this is a linear game and something like this:

Damage per hit:

INT is where you contribute to “yourStatMatk”, without it, you still having decent damage from Weapon and Skill.
For example:
yourStatMatk = 500 INT = 500Matk
WeaponMat = 200 Matk
SkillDmg = 1300 Matk
ElementDamage = 100
You skill damage per hit is 2100 without multiplier, if you have 0 INT, you probably have 1600 damage per hit. It is not big deal, BUT for multi-hits skill like Dark Theurge, it going to be 500x25 damages of different.

Why no SPR? Don’t feel suck because early game the SP regen is so bad, indeed SPR brings nothing to the table in late game, the regeneration is enough to sustain your damage, it will eventually regenerate enough as you level up to 100+ even with 1 SPR.
The blue pots chucking is the only way for early leveling.
Else, equip with SP regeneration items like blue gems/enchant headgear in early game.

Not Recommend:

  1. Build up by many different C1 classes.
  • You will become jack of all trade and no unique of style.
  • You will lazy to cast all skills or buffs or not enough SP to cast all.
  • You will have not enough slot in skill bars. (If you use mouse/console)
  • You will have not enough money to up all attributes.
  • You will not worth to up attributes for only C1 offensive skills.

Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Links

Rank1 - Wizard

  1. What so good about Wizard C3? >> It is DPS Mage foundation class, which Quickcast’s attribute to +50% damage.

Rank2 - Pyromancer

  1. What is Firewall Hit count?
  2. What is Flameground Tick rate?
  3. Is C3 Hell Breath viable?
  4. Is Flame Pillar will lock monsters inside? >> Yes

Rank2 - Cryomancer

Rank3 - Psychokino

  1. Does Quickcast make Physic Pressure and Gravity Pole tick faster? >> No but the attribute +50% damage is applicable.
  2. Is Raise, Magnetic Force, and Gravity Pole bypass Plague Doctor’s bloodletting? >> Yes

Rank3 - Linker

  1. Is Linker C1 viable or Linker C2 important? >> Linker C1 is okay for Solo, Linker C2 is much better for Party since larger Mobs and Spiritual Chain.
  2. What are the individual buff that can be shared thru Spiritual Chain? >> Beside those Surespell, Quickcast, Deeds of Valor, Double Pay Check, the skill list below also applicable.

Rank4 - Elementalist

Rank4 - Thaumaturge

  1. What is the challenge to play Thaumaturge? >> To earn 5-6m silvers to max attributes for Swell Left Arm/Right Arm/Brain.

Rank5 - Sorcerer

  1. Is Sorcerer’s Grimoire Summon viable? >> Only Temple Shooter, it is range, double hits, critical chance and more tolerate to Bad AI.

Rank5 - Chronomancer

  1. Is Chronomancer C3 viable? >> The skill “Pass” is the best cooldown reduction in game for any content, it is up to you.

Rank6 - Necromancer

  1. What is the cost and amount of Jar Potion? >> 500 silvers for 30 corpses per jar from Necromancer Master.

Rank6 - Alchemist

Rank6 - Runecaster

Rank7 - Warlock

Rank7 - Featherfoot


I think you missed out Wiz 2/3 Linker2/3 which is kinda a common concept to share sure spell to your teammate. Also, you are missing some other common build too (I know there’s too many to list out).

Also, I think it’s worth to mention that one can include Linker C1 in the build if they wanted to be an all rounder but less specialized.

Other than that, nice job!

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Yea, the Wiz/Link to share surespell is the important concept, I’ve just added in.
Beside, Linker C1 is really too universal that you can replace in almost any rank, anyway yes, it can be replaced into any Pyro3 mainly, their power could be around there.
Where Pyro3 is better for larger crowd, and Link1 is better for a small crowd of less than 5 as well as added value for higher class.

Ya, that’s why you should only mention it, but not place it in any build.

It’s more of a trade off, will you sacrifice maximum firepower for an easier game?

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Wait how come there’s no build for psychokino? It syncs well with pyro, cyro, and linker. Honestly no c1 rank makes your choices smaller, and to others i say do whatever u want, but i generally agree.
Few exceptions of your recommended rules are:
Wiz> Cyro> Psycho> Linker> Pyro> Cyro> Psycho/Cyro
Wiz> Pyro> Psycho> Linker> Cyro> Pyro> Psycho/Warlock
Wiz> Pyro/Cyro> ?> ?> Sorc> ?> Warlock depending on how they fix AI you might not need hold
Wiz> Pyro/Cyro> ?> ?> Sorc> Chrono> Sorc/Chrono quicken helps summon att speed
Thauma c1 just for double exp/ drop

I highly disagree with not retaking pyro above rank 5. I’d even argue that if you can get pyro C2 at R7 you’re probably doing a good choice.

I don’t agree, choosing a dps rank 2-3 at ranks 6+ isn’t a good idea, the base dmg gap is too big.
lv10 Fireball base dmg: 234
lv10 Dark Theugre: 1984

Warlock/Featherfoot look kinda bad for now but they may turn to awesome beast at C2+ like most other mage classes.

Theoretical these builds can exist, but practically they offer very little in lv200+, especially we don’t know exactly how tedious lv200-280 yet.
Neither a good support nor a good DPS nor a good solo.
I’m not sure if Chrono can add atk speed for Grimoire, if it can then also a build to think over.

C2/C3 is different, it also depend how your other class of choice empower your pyro C2/C3 like linker/thaumaturge, retake C1 is just too low base damage to compare.

Can you share quick cast aswell with spirit link?

I was thinking

Mage>Mage C2> Mage C3 > Linker> Linker C2 > Linker C3 >Warlock


Mage>Mage C2> Mage C3 > Linker> Linker C2 > Sorcerer >Warlock

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You can share quick cast but not the +50% damage buff.

Theoretically anything can be made, but realistically, you need a good amount of dmg in the beginning for soloing bosses.
this means pyro 2, cyro 2, or psycho. in my experience pyro 2 made everything a breeze

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Not really, bosses in this game are too easy and dumb, you’d took a little more time as wiz 2,3 but totally doable.

Love the new magic missile :hearts:

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Pyromancer is the best Boss Killer simply Boss doesn’t move.
Cryomancer is the one troublesome, not that boss is difficult, but your damage is less hit count and need longer time to kill.
Wiz3 really nice now and on par with pyro in leveling, there are many builds with Pyro2 maybe can replace with Wiz3 now.

You don’t have to sacrifice the late game potential for an easy early game. The first few rank is kinda easy to go through.

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wiz3thau3 : why is it considered for the future when buffs are flat increase, I would value a wiz3link3 much more for the future if you really aim for scaling.

cryo2ele3 warlock : would rather pick cryo3 than warlock until we have more information on c2.

Not a single link thau build for the hangman + swell body combo.
Link2 is a less good pick than thau1 if you don’t aim for spiritual chain as dandel gem will not affect joint penalty or another pyro if you already picked one for continuous flame ground.

Overall there are good builds but you should explain further what each class circle provides to justify their notes.

wiz3thau3 is emphasize the number of damage / single target, and it is rarer to have a Thau3 than a linker c2-c3 in a party, flat increase is still alot, is true that might be obsolete in rank9/10, but overall Thau3 is better for GvG/PvP.

wiz3link2 also included in the build, but their main role at the moment is to share Surespell and Quickcast, that the role also shadowed their potential in future.

cryo2ele3cryo3, you are right that cryo3 may sync better with Hail and IceCloud to fit the title.

link1thau1, this 1 is less emphasized, because it doesn’t work really good with 15s CD and chance to fail, a link2thau2 is better on this (I will add this in, and it is great for dungeon to maximize the exp per run),

Good Idea, in fact i’m thinking to put this in each cell of class to comment it.

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Because linker don’t work well on single target (boss, or in PVP when enemy can just dispel it), I guess that’s the main reason.

I’m interested in creating a Wizard Boss Killer as a 2nd character, but I need advice, I’ll be using this build :

-Full INT, or 40CON/Full INT if I find it necessary.
Class Build stuff:
-Pyro c3 is for greater single-target burst damage, since all of its skills scale with number of hits/lvl or duration, which is great, most likely one of the top damage dealers of the Wizard tree.
-Thaumaturge is b/c of the huge +MATK/ATK buff, together with Transpose, which is great for bosses, especially because of the Equilibrium attribute, I’d only use it only if I was facing a boss with alot of AoE spells tho, don’t want to lose damage xd. Swell Body is mostly a Grinding thingy, it’s good.
-0 Points into Shrink Body because I really don’t think I’d ever take the time to use it XD.
Why not Pyroc2>Linkerc1?
Welp, I’d lose out on alot of damage(My fireball doing 5 more hits each, which is basically 50% more damage comparing to c2, together with Fire Pillar extra duration) for… Luxury, I don’t mind taking 5/10 more secs to line up my mobs properly,This build is also a boss killer, I don’t really want Linker circles.
Why not Wizard c3-Ele c3?
I know that you’d probably deal more damage overall because of the Quick Cast buff but I’d have to lose Thaum circles if i wanted to go for that build, which I don’t really want.
Questions :
1)What do you guys think about this build? Any suggestions? Does it suck and why?
2)Does Fire Pillar effect thingy of keeping monsters “binded” inside of it works on bosses?
3)Any1 here played with Warlock in kOBT? Any opinions about it?

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Why not Pyro 2 Ele 3? Is it because you absolutely need the Thaum?

Personally when building for maximum DPS I tend to leave out any buffing rank that I can obtained by partying one, so that I can reach the maximum possible number.

I think I do need Thaum, going for Boss killer parties, I find it hard to believe we’d be taking a Linker/Thaum support with us since he’s not as effective for that, while going for Pyro3/Thaum2 would fit that role just as well damage-wise, especially for the party as a whole.
Plus, I don’t know how Elementalist’s damage works without reduced cast time, how is it? Obviously, every extra second standing still to cast an extra skill is a huge problem for DPS