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iDreamy's Guide to Scout C3

Hello! This is Dreamy and before continuing, I would like to say I have already quitted the game, you can see my goodbye message here.

You could still use the guide and still might get some useful information from it~!

DISCLAIMER: This guide is meant to be for pure PVE. I would also like to note that the formula %+skill damage I use is to simplify the damage output. The % I use is not a T1 modifier but instead just a basic attack modifier. Meaning a 200%+1000 would translate to Your Atk*2+1000 skill damage.

6/1/2016 - Skill Tree Updated
5/17/2016 - Guide Creation
Personal Note: I’m sorry for not being able to fully list any changes on the guide!

Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Dream and I’m known on other forums as ‘AyaDreamy’ (Aura Kingdom) or ‘iDreamy’ (Dragon Nest SEA). My in-game username is Sybil, I play on Telsiai [SEA] server.

I create guides on different MMOs time to time. I explain thoroughly and as much as possible, I show sample videos/images to backup my calculations, claims and theories. Some people misunderstand me for being rude or harsh but for me, I’m just being straightforward with them as I don’t like to pretend to be a nice person like the others.

Here’s a trailer video to start with. Enjoy~

Like the build? Then continue reading below.

Table Of Contents

Part 1
1A. Class Breakdown
1B. Gameplay
1C. Skill Tree and Skillset
1D. Skill Combos and Synergy w/ other Classes

Part 2: Click Here
2A. Stat Distribution
2B. Gearing
2C. Attributes
2D. Leveling Tips

Part 3: Click Here
3A. Videos and Achievements
3B. Trivia
3C. Frequently Asked Questions
3D. Special Thanks

Tip: You can search for the section by copying the number+letter combination of a specific section.
Example: Copy and search 1C if you want to see the Skill Tree immediately.


Rank 1: Archer - Obviously the build starts with an Archer
Rank 2: Ranger - For Barrage and Steady Aim, eases the leveling
Rank 3: Archer C2 - For Multi-Shot Lv10, Multi-Shot’s Quick-Charging and Swift Step: Critical
Rank 4-6: Scout C3 - For Lv15 Flare Shot and the famous Split Arrow
Rank 7: Rogue - This might be the most confusing part for some and think that a Rogue C1 will never beat Rank 7 classes like Musketeer and Cannoneer but the truth is, this is the most crucial part as this class forms the bridges to connect the classes taken for synergy.

Alternative Path:
Rank 1: Archer
Rank 2: Ranger
Rank 3: Archer C2
Rank 4: Scout C1
Rank 5: Rogue C1
Rank 6-7: Scout C3

The purpose of this alternative path is to be able to make full use of what Rogue’s skills can offer early ie: 7-targets Feint+Barrage, Double Flare and Lv5 Sneak Hit for the long duration.

Having saved some skill points on your Scout C2 before going Scout C3 will also help you be able to get Split Arrow at Lv5 and Flare Shot at Lv15 as early as reaching Lv224. This unleashes the build’s full potential w/o needing to reach very high levels.

This alternative also favors those who chose to follow the hardcore pure STR setup instead of the budget build since having Lv5 Sneak Hit eases the pain of not having high crit rate early due to no proper gears.

The biggest downside is not being able to farm early on Roxona East upon reaching Rank 6 which really helps if this will be your first character.

Note: Both skill trees will be found on 1C section.


This build is a “Jack Of All Trades”, it’s meant to be performing well on every PVE aspect of the game. Generally, “Jack of All Trade” builds are bad but this build is min-maxed in a way that it can perform the same or even outperform other top DPS classes if certain conditions are met.

When I say every PVE aspect, I’m talking about field farming, grinding, bossing, WB hunting and finally, earth tower.

Leveling the class surely will be boring and not easy since everybody knows that leveling to Scout C3 is a pain. Only at Rank 7 it will show it’s full potential.

For field farming and grinding, you would have Split Arrow, a skill that almost every other archer wishes to have. You also have Feint+Barrage for better AOE burst and Flare Shot if the enemy is really beefy.

For bossing and WB hunting, you’ll have Double Flare, Feint+Barrage and Lv10 Multi-Shot. Split Arrow can do lethal damage to bosses as well with the help of a Pyrolinker.

For earth tower, your core AOE will be Double Flare or even capturing your allies’ spells and burst mobs with proper timing. Feint+Barrage is there to help you do more AOE damage as Flare ticks, Split Arrow spam will be your anytime filler.


Obsolete Normal Tree:
Obsolete Alternative Tree:

Updated Normal Tree:
Updated Alternative Tree:
Note: Obsolete means it’s outdated. I suggest using the updated build.

For explanation why the skill tree was updated, click here.

1. Swift Step w/ Swift Step: Critical Attribute. Self-explanatory.
2. Multi-Shot w/ Quick-Charging. Everyone knows how this skill works.
3. Full Draw. Your own mini-joint penalty. Makes Split Arrow extremely potent.
4. Barrage. Your most reliable AOE burst damage especially when still leveling.
5. Steady Aim. A really nice buff to use after landing Double Flare or before spamming 3x Barrage.
6. Camouflage. Your mini-safety wall.
7. Flu-Flu. A crowd control, it doesn’t show it’s full effect unless you use Cloaking after casting it on a group of enemies.
8. Flare Shot. A true-AOE ground spell with a small aoe range. It really helps dealing with several beefy mobs. Kiting mobs unto Flare Shot’s AOE while spamming Split Arrow will grant you great AOE DPS.
9. Cloaking. Self-explanatory.
10. Perspective Distortion. Really really situational buff that grants melees extended range on their attacks but only affects mobs near the Scout while channeling this skill.
11. Scan. Detects hidden enemy and treasure. I suggest getting a full party before going treasure hunting because Scan is a 1-time use on hidden treasures.
12. Split Arrow. Main reason why you went Scout C3. Great mobbing potential and can be lethal for bossing when there’s a Pyrolinker around.
13. Sneak Hit. A buff that grants you additional fixed crit chance when hitting from behind. This is an extremely good buff that lets you go for high STR builds.
14. Feint. Useless by itself but it has a hidden mechanic that doubles the damage of Barrage.
15. Capture. A core skill that let’s you keep your Lv15 Flare Shot for later use. It’s also extremely good with the help of your allies since you can capture alot of spells and burst them in one go. Having a problem getting cube from WB? Grab allies that has potent skills you can capture like Elementalist C3, Fletcher C3, Krivis C3, etc.


Probably the most exciting part.

1. Feint + Barrage.
This is already common but I know some are still not aware of this hidden combo. Mobs affected by Feint will take double hits per arrow from Barrage. Basically x2 damage increase.

Ranger C1 is enough for this because the only difference between Lv5 Barrage and Lv15 Barrage is 293 fixed skill damage per arrow. While 293 per arrow scales well early-game, it’s not a significant increase on late game. I will use my normal Barrage as an example.

My current Lv5 Barrage with Lv70 attribute does 4k crits per arrow most of the time. If I were to have Lv15 Barrage instead, the damage will increase by (293*1.5)1.7 = 747 damage increase per arrow which is only 18% damage increase at the cost of 2 ranks for Ranger C3. This 293 fixed damage will become more irrelevant as my base damage gets higher too due to Barrage’s high innate modifier.

2. Full Draw + Split Arrow.
Since Full Draw acts like a mini joint penalty, it creates a powerful synergy with Split Arrow because not only it shares the main hit but also shares the splitting arrow damage between the pinned mobs.

Here’s a Scout C3 sample vid who showcases this well,

3. Double Flare Shot. I usually just shorten it to “Double Flare”.
This should be self-explanatory but I will still go deeper with the mechanics.

Flare Shot has a unique modifier of 90%. Yes, it doesn’t use the common 100%. This means that the total damage it does is reduced to 90% of it’s original per tick.

Using capture on Flare Shot let’s you keep it for use later. This means that you can do a Double Flare Shot burst and get (180%+1130)2 = 360%+1260 DPS from it. While some would argue, Magic Arrow does the same if not better damage compared to Double Flare but Magic Arrow only has 25 max hits each at Lv10. Lv15 Flare Shot on the otherhand has 50 ticks each. It also does not disrupt you from using other skills every 5s unlike Magic Arrow. I know both skills has their PROS and CONS but what I’m trying to get at is that Double Flare should not be underestimated.

Update: This combo also has a hidden mechanic, the captured flare shot’s duration gets extended by almost double. A captured Lv15 Flare Shot will be extended to 48s duration as an example. Check out the video comparison below.

4. Flu-Flu + Cloaking.
Flu-Flu’s full effect can only be seen if cast on a group of mobs and immediately using Cloaking. This will cause enemies to fight each other.

5. Flare Shot / Double Flare + Camouflage + Perspective Distortion
This is a fun combo. Basically you lure a bunch of beefy melee mobs to walls and cast Flare Shot or Double Flare then immediately hide using Camouflage. This is situational and I use this alot when solo-ing or when my party is being too slow and I have lured a bunch of mobs already. Additionally, you can also use Perspective Distortion while hiding in the barrel for a DPS increase on Double Flare.

Here’s a sample video,

There will be a noticeable damage increase once Perspective Distortion is used, from 4.2k crits to 4.7k crits.

6. Split Arrow + Joint Penalty + Fireballs.
This is where Split Arrow can be a lethal skill for bossing.

Here’s my test back on CBT2 to see if the synergy will work,

It works but still glitchy. Sometimes it causes 5 hits instead of just 3 hits.
Note: PLEASE DO NOT MIND THE DAMAGE DEALT, it was just for testing purposes if the synergy will work or not. This is un-optimized setup.

The image should be self-explanatory. With this synergy, the intended damage should only be 500%+3155 per Split Arrow. With the glitch, it becomes 900%+5679.

Update: Please note that somehow Joint Penalty is getting a hit share limit and if it reaches that limit, the links automatically breaks. This is an indirect nerf to this synergy sadly. I have a video proof and might upload it soon.

7. Double Flare + Frost Pillar / Snow Rolling.
Should be self-explanatory as well. Both these Cryo C3 skills helps Double Flare unleash it’s true-AOE dps potential.

Continued on #2 post right below.



There are two options for the stat distribution. Pure STR and STR+DEX. So what is the difference?

Pure STR = PVE Hardcore Path
Pure STR build definitely nets you the most damage output on this build because it is possible to have a decent crit rate with just relying on gears, gems, enchants, etc. Sneak Hit then pushes this decent crit rate to 100% crit chance.

Why does pure STR grants the most damage output?
This is due to the extremely fast growth of STR. If you go here you will find out that there’s this mechanic where the higher the stat value is, the faster it grows,

1 ~ 50 total stats, Bonus every 5th stat point
51 ~ 150 total stats, Bonus every 4th stat point
151 ~ 300 total stats, Bonus every 3rd stat point
301 ~ 500 total stats, Bonus every 2nd stat point
500+ total stats, Bonus every stat point

If it’s still confusing. Here’s an example, once your STR reaches 500 STR value, every one status point you invest on it will give 2 STR instead and this doesn’t stop here. Class ranks provides 10% STR bonus each with the exception of Rank 1. Meaning, with our current Rank cap, we can get 60% STR bonus from Rank 2~7.

This picture should explain everything,

As you can see from here, 298 status points invested on STR grants you 625 STR. While investing 298 status points on DEX only grants 394 DEX.

Obviously, with this kind of setup, not only will you have very low HP but you will also have low evasion. That is why you min-max your gears to cover up for what you lack.

If you’re in doubt if it’s even possible to go pure STR but still manage to get around 10k HP and decent crit rate, there are already some korean players who did it.

STR+DEX = Budget Build Path
Sadly, not every single player can handle a hardcore PVE build that requires too much min-maxing but this doesn’t mean you can’t follow the build anymore, you just need to create a stat distribution ratio between STR and DEX to compensate.

The ratio will totally depend on you. Like for example, if you think you can at least get Lv5~6 Green Gems, then a 3:1 STR:DEX build is possible. But if you think you cannot get such gems, then settle for 2:1 or even 1:1.

Personally, I think going for 1:1 is pathetic. Kindly step up your game :confused:


The main weapon of a Scout C3 is 2H-Bow because very high base primary attack compliments Split Arrow. But since the build has “Double Flare”, there will be times where you’re better off using Xbow+Off-hand for overall better DPS compared to using 2H-Bow. So basically, you need both, a 2H-Bow and an Xbow+Off-hand.

Lv1 - Lv14: Just use anything you get.

Lv15-Lv119: Prioritize getting yourself a +8~10 Seeker and yes, you’re not seeing this wrong, it will be your weapon until Lv119 because instead of switching weapons, you’re better off investing those silvers on attributes or prepare silvers to switch at Lv120. It’s not good to swap weapons anyways in the first place because of the penalty you’ll get for using a low enhanced weapon but if you’re rich, go ahead and switch to Hawk/Iron Bow at Lv40, Savage Bow at Lv75 as it is cheap and has very high base compared to other Lv75 2H-Bows.

For armors, you can just use Cafrisun Set at Lv15 or Zalia Leather Set from the Blacksmith at Lv40. You’ll also get Rokas Leather Armor eventually from quests, use it. If you’re rich, get yourself a Vubbe Fighter Gloves.

For those who went pure STR from the start, I recommend getting 3 pcs. plate armors. I also recommend using these 2 items at the start,
Tenet Chainmail
Kepa Pendant
Around Lv40, switch to these,
Earth Plate Greaves or Scale Boots
Earth Plate Pants or Light Plate Leggings
Gloves can still be Vubbe Fighter Gloves.

Around these levels is also where you’ll get Bearkaras and Zachariel Bangle from quests, they are good so use them. For necklace, use Strength Pendant.

Lv120~Lv169: Get a +5 Sniper Bow or +5 Skull Bow. If you want to prove the world you’re a real masochist, continue using your Seeker until Lv169.

Lv170: You can finally start investing on a bow you’ll use for a very long time. I suggest buying Khasti at this level and enhance it to +5. Khasti is cheap itself, the enhance fees are not. Khasti will play a big role on the leveling process too and will be explained further on “Leveling Tips” section.

For armors, if you didn’t buy a Vubbe Fighter Glove, then get Roxona Leather Gloves. Roxona Leather Boots is optional but its quite nice for another jump on your evasion stat and it also gives some CON. You can just use white Lv170 leather armor for your pants but if you’re rich, go for Roxona Leather Pants.

For pure STR builds, you can get full Roxona Plate Set.

Lv220: You can finally start getting your Xbow+Off-hand around this level. Superior Kracked Shooter is definitely recommended. Mana-mana for off-hand is definitely the best for archers.

For armors, you should start by replacing your pants and boots to Superior Bandit parts. These will be your armors as you hunt for Virtov or Lolopanther.

Your top priority would be getting either Virtov Plate Upper or Lower. While these armors gives lesser defense than Superior Royal Guard, it does come with 1.4~1.5k HP bonus which will help alot on increasing your survivability and this is especially important for those who went pure STR. Combining it with Max Petamion, it would already solve the 30 CON dilemma.

Do note that you only need 1 Virtov Plate part and it should be only either Upper or Lower. The remaining 3 armor parts still needs to be Leather for Leather Mastery’s 50 EVA bonus.

Your luxury items would be Max Petamion for necklace, 2x Sissel Bracelet. I do not suggest getting these ASAP, as mentioned, they are luxury items. Prioritize your attributes, further information will be explained on Attributes section.

For gems, always level up Green Gems. Create a bunch of Lv5 ones for future use.

For hardcore min-maxing on headgear costumes, below is your top to least priority.
Physical Attack > Critical Attack > Critical Rate

1 Line = Physical Attack
2 Lines = Physical Attack + Critical Attack
3 Lines = Physical Attack + Crit Attack + Crit Rate

For those having trouble on the leveling phase, I suggest you get 3 headgear costumes with 1 line of HP enchant each to prevent too much OHKOs. It’s also possible to completely neglect crit rate altogether on headgear enchants due to Sneak Hit, reason is, Sneak Hit makes stacking crit rate actually give diminished returns. Making it possible to use this priority list below,

1 Line = HP
2 Lines = HP + Physical Attack + Critical Attack
3 Lines = HP + Physical Attack + Critical Attack

In the end, the choice will be for personal preference.

You want more dps on situations where Sneak Hit is unreliable? Go for the hardcore setup (PhyAtk+CritAtk+CritRate)

You want more survivability but have to rely more on Sneak Hit? Go for the survivability setup (HP+PhyAtk+CritAtk).


I actually just added this section to tell that you need to prioritize spending first on attributes than any luxury items like Max Petamion, Sissel, etc. Having spend a bunch of millions on Attributes will give you more overall damage increase than spending millions on gears to an extent.

Go to this site, this is where you can check how much is the cost of leveling attributes between specific levels or even from Lv0. Before starting to spend on any luxury item, spend at least 4m-5m per attribute on your main skills which are Multi-Shot, Barrage, Flare Shot and Split Arrow. After being able to invest properly on your main skills, upgrading the attributes further will definitely be very costy so that is when you start investing on luxury items. Sorry if I can’t word this properly, I hope I got the message across.


The leveling process of this build isn’t really special. It’s still just the common leveling method but with some important notes.

As much as possible, aim to increase your Barrage’s damage attribute as you level. You can stop at Lv30 or even at Lv50. The reason behind this is because this will definitely be your most used skill as it is reliable for almost anything. Give lesser priority on Multi-Shot and Flare Shot damage attributes.

After reaching Rank 6. Make sure you have switched to a better bow like Khasti here already. The reason is because you can start saving cards from here on and literally not use a single one until you reach Lv190 by just grinding at Roxona East and doing dungeon/missions daily.

You must be wondering why there’s such a need to grind at Roxona East. This will actually be your early gold mine and at the same time it gives you massive exp per hour. As you grind here, you’ll be getting alot of Colifly Stamen, Cliquare Core and Belfigi Beads. These 3 items sells for alot on the Market especially Colifly Stamen. If you followed what I said, by Lv190, you would have several millions of silvers already. This is a solid proof that Scout C3 is an unstoppable field farming machine.

Khasti Bow and being a Rank 6 plays a big part on this grind. Khasti because not only it is cheap but it’s a 2H-Bow so it does x2 damage on both Black Coliflies and Belfigis. Split Arrow would literally sweep these tanky Black Coliflies giving you high exp/hour as this mob is “elite” type.

After doing this grind, you can just follow the normal leveling method again. It will be up to you now where and when you will farm at this point.

Please do note that those who went for the alternative path will not be able to farm efficiently on Roxona East w/o Split Arrow at Rank 6 so better skip it.



This section is where I will post showcase videos like solo-mission, solo full-dungeon runs, WB hunting, earth tower attempts, etc.

1. Versus Lv252 Rough Grey Golem on Mission


This video showcases my build’s potential on killing beefier bosses when solo’ing. It really has a very good burst as seen on the first minute but the DPS starts to fall-off as the battle gets dragged.

This isn’t meant to disheartened those who are interested or following my build. In fact, this proves that the class has some serious burst capabilities even if alone while it shows one of the CONS for being a jack of all trade which is not having too much sustained DPS after at least 1 minute.

I’m still confident that with Split Arrow’s hidden potential unleashed with the help of a Pyrolinker, Scout C3 will remain a powerful bossing class. Or even capable of quickly destroying bosses if managed to capture a bunch of powerful skills like 2x Lv10 Magic Flare, Frost Cloud, Pole of Agony, etc.

P.S. Please do not compare this performance to korean videos where they have gears min-maxed and skill damage attributes reaching Lv90.

2. Barrel Tanking!

This idea of tanking for parties isn’t originally mine. Remlocke asked if it’s possible to tank for parties using Camouflage. Indeed it’s possible as long as Double Flare has enough DPS to keep the aggro away from the other party members.


1. Did you know that Scan can reveal hidden treasures?
Do not be fooled by players asking for your help just for their own benefit. People will time to time shout for Scout C3 asking for help to scan something, do NOT do this for free unless its a friend.

I suggest that when you go treasure hunting, bring a full party of friends so each one of you will get the treasure. The headgears mostly fetch a nice amount of silvers but you can of course decide to just keep the headgears.

Go here for a full list of currently found treasures

2. Did you know that the bounced hits of Split Arrow ignores the missile damage penalty against medium and large sized monsters? And that it uses a T0 modifier that boosts the base+skill damage before it gets reduced by enemy defense?
This is the main reason why the bounced hits feels like more than 200% damage compared to the main hit.


1. Can I bring my captured spells on another or the next area?
Answer: No, the captured spells will disappear but at least Capture won’t go on cooldown.

2. Is it really worth exchanging Archer C3 for Ranger C1?
Answer: IMO yes because while Lv15 Multi-Shot and Twin Arrow is nice, both are single target and since the build does not invest on pumping too much AOE attack ratio, Multi-Shot Lv15’s usefulness becomes more questionable. Feint+Barrage has 6000% base attack modifier with Lv100 Attributes too so you wouldn’t really want to miss out on this.

3. How about taking Hunter C1 instead of Archer C2?
Answer: While the idea is nice, Swift Step’s attribute is now a MUST have on this build for min-maxing since you won’t invest anymore on DEX. Any source of additional crit rate outside stat distribution is needed.

4. Fletcher C3 vs Scout C3?
Answer: Fletcher C3 is like the best choice of kiritos. It performs it’s best w/o needing too much help from other classes. Scout C3 on the otherhand outperforms Fletcher C3 on field farming and faster mobility with Cloaking. This build is also min-maxed in a way that it does not get overshadowed by a Fletcher C3 because a Fletcher C3 can never have Feint+Barrage due to Rogue being a Rank 5 Class nor be able to capture other people or your own skills for massive burst damage.

When it comes to Earth Tower, I don’t see a Fletcher C3 beating a Scout C3 in-terms of AOE damage as long as there’s a Cryo C3 in the party composition because Crossfire is slow to spam and locks the Fletcher C3 to only spamming it plus Magic Arrow is not AOE. While Scout C3 just leaves Double Flare on the ground then proceed to spam Feint + Barrage and Split Arrow for additional AOE damage. Pass of Chrono C3 also favors my build more because I’ll be able to stack alot of Flare Shots, my Feint + Barrage would instantly be ready again and Capture will be more frequently used.

One biggest advantage of Fletcher C3 against a Scout C3 would be Lv220+ WB hunting due to the massive amount of HP of these bosses like for example, Demon Lord Marnox having 280m HP, you’d definitely want Fletcher C3’s high sustained there. That is of course just solo comparison, there are many factors to consider if it’s party vs party.

5. Is Feint+Barrage a bug or unintended?
Answer: Feint+Barrage has a very specific mechanic. The feint debuffed targets will take an additional hit from Barrage but this additional hit is not considered as an individual hit therefore it does not benefit from elemental attacks, blessing, etc. With this in mind, it was also balanced to an extent therefore I assume it’s intended.

6. How does Cloaking’s +50% damage attribute work?
Answer: For example your Barrage does 2k per non-crit hit. Your base primary attack is 1000. With Cloaking’s attribute, Barrage will do 2500 on the first hit while it the remaining 4 hits will still do 2k each. The reason behind this is that the 50% only takes from your base primary attack, 50% of 1000 = 500 added damage. In case Barrage does a crit on this example, the damage will be 3750 3000 3000 3000 3000.

7. Can I replace Rogue?
Answer: No! This is crucial, this class is literally the center of the build, it connects each and every class for synergy and maximum performance.

8. How does Capture work?
Answer: Capture is a one time cast at any levels. You manually point it on an area where the skills you want to capture are. The capture range is like x3 of the original circle it shows. Once used, it captures all eligible spells within the range and will be available for later use. The cooldown of Capture will only start once the skills are released. Skills released will have their original duration extended by roughly 80~90% instead of getting cut.

9. What classes do you consider on Rank 8?
Answer: This is really subjective. If they buff Backstab, I would take Rogue C2 w/o further questions because I need a more reliable sustained DPS outside Double Flare because this build can be really punishing if the boss keeps moving. Backstab will help in this case.

Archer C3 is an option as well as Twin Arrow is really really nice for it’s sustained DPS. It also extends the duration of Swift Step lessening the hassle of recasts. Lv15 Multi-Shot is also a very welcome improvement.

There are still new possible classes to choose from at Rank 8 so the real answer to this question will have to wait.

10. Can you tank for parties while using Camouflage and Perspective Distortion for an additional patk increase for you and the party?
Answer: It is possible as long as Double Flare can hold the aggro. There are indeed some occasion where I kept getting smacked by bosses, thrown away, knocked back but the aggro is still on me because of Double Flare so yes, you should be able to tank w/ Camouflage + boost the party damage with Perspective Distortion.

11. Can I have a cheap alternative gearing?
Answer: Yes but it sacrifices alot of damage output too. 2:1 STR DEX should help you make a budget build.

12. Can I capture Dievdirby statues?
Answer: No, wierd enough you can capture Traps which are also considered objects.

13. Is sneak hit effect retroactively apply? Such as If I use flare shot and then walk behind boss, will 70% crit chance kick in?
Answer: Yes.

14. Can I capture Safety Wall?
Answer: Yes. Even Barrier.

15. Whose stats are used once I re-use captured skills? Mine or the original owners?
Answer: Yours. Thaumaturge should drastically improve the damage output of both physical and magic captured skills.


Here I will list a few notables who have contributed to some parts of the guide.

TueHa - Alternative skill tree path.
FLoki - STR’s extreme scaling. Hybrid armor setup suggestion (1 Plate, 3 Leather Setup).
Mamark - Video reference (Posted proof that it’s possible to have pure STR build while still having decent crit chance via min-maxing).
sirken14 - Video reference (Posted a video of a Scout C3 performing Full Draw + Split Arrow efficiently).
Reilet - Damage formula correction especially on Flare Shot and Split Arrow.
gerald - Pointed out a lack of specification on gearing section (headgear enchants).
Punkd - Provided source for Hidden Treasure locations.


too bad I can’t view the video I’m at work atm.

Reserved 3 /20charsss

what ur stats…

3:1 STR:DEX, although I’m starting to build up more DEX to have more reliable crit rate on Flare Shot because it’s not affected by Sneak Hit based on my CBT2 tests … but actually, upon re-watching the video carefully, it seems that Sneak Hit is making my Flare Shot have 100% crit rate. I will have to reconfirm this later.

its look All Str

this ur builds?
A2 > R1 > S3 > Rogue1

It would be alot stronger if it was full STR~
My build is Archer > Ranger > Archer C2 > Scout C3 > Rogue.

sneak hit can affect flare shot, already tested

i tried with scout c3 in kr already
my build is: archer c2 > ranger > scout c3 > cannoneer

scout class in general have too much useless skill at c2-c3 for pvp and have many good stuff at c1, that 's why most of people only up to scout c1 for pvp

for c2 distortion is horrible, the only good that you can up to flare shot lv 10
for c3 it seems focus more in pve
scan only good for pve, for pvp it’s not even good for detect invisible people
spit shot is top tier 0cd skills, dmg is high, very good to farm field mobs (no one can ks field mobs against scout c3). also it’s the way to counter summoner class in pvp
flare shot lv 15 is awesome against bosses or lure mobs

beside flu flu seems really buggy, most of the time the fear effect does not work in pve

my points is they should make confusion and fear affect people in pvp so scout c3 will shine instead of an rare class (c3) at the time.

Uhm, okay. Although I already know most of what you said just except Sneak Hit affecting Flare Shot because I tested this back on CBT2 and Flare Shot wasn’t doing crits even with the buff on. Thanks for the confirmation though, it was probably changed on kOBT.

I guess I forgot to include but this build is entirely PVE. The “Jack of all Trade” caption was for being able to perform well on field farming, bossing and Earth Tower.

Look interesting but lack on info hope soon this take form <33

Thanks haha and sorry for teasing with the vid. Will probably finish half the guide content by tomorrow.

how much DEX for pvp

Sadly, the build is pure PVE. Archer is a bad pick for PVP in the first place.

Since you’re not picking Archer C3 for Twin Arrows doesn’t it make more sense to rush Scout C3 after Ranger, tho?

I can imagine early Split Arrow being much more useful for leveling than anything Archer C2 has to offer. Coming from a QS3 build myself, I would even drop Ranger on circle 2 altogether and go straight for Scout C3, since I’ve done it before (get to lvl80 with only Archer skills).

If only that’s possible lol sadly, Scout is a Rank 4 class.

That’s what I was missing! hahaha

Do you think Ranger C1 is powerful enough by it’s own? What’s the advantages you get by having Ranger and Rogue over the standard Archer C3-Scout C3-Musk build?

Everything will be explained soon. Expect the guide to have contents later or tomorrow.

I wish your build can get R7 adding burst on the “Jack Of All Trades” title :slight_smile:

I love how you melt those 2 bosses with flare shots. (well just the Mine Loader, since Harpeia is already melted vs Archers)

My main burst comes from Feint + Barrage only. I preferred taking Rogue because of the other benefits it comes with unlike Musketeer or Cannoneer which does not have a single synergy with the build.

Anyways, thread updated.

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