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Founder's Server : Exclusive Access Now Purchasable on Steam

Hello, Saviors!

This is an announcement to let you know that the Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access is available for purchase on Steam.

You can find the DLC product and make your purchase on the following page:

Please note the following

  1. Service Schedule
  • Founder’s Server Open Date : Tuesday, March 29, 2016 02:00 AM (EDT)
  • Free to Play Server Open Date : Thursday, April 28, 2016 (EDT)

    2. Purchasing the Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access does not directly allow access to the founder’s server.
  1. We will create more worlds in order to avoid waiting queues by keeping an eye out on the demand shown prior to the March 29th opening.

In addition, please refer to the below for information on how to claim your Founder’s Pack in the game.

Information on the Founder’s Pack exclusives and TP:

  1. The items will be sent to your in-game message box via GM message that will be accessible after Team creation. You may choose which character you wish to give the items to from the GM message.

  2. You may only receive the items on one world so please choose carefully.

  3. There will be no time limit on when you can redeem your items. You may decide to receive them at the time of your choice.

  4. The Hoglan companion is obtainable in-game from Companion Traders for 453,600 Silver. The purchasers of Access Pass 1 will be provided with a Hoglan Voucher that can be exchanged at the Companion Traders.

  5. The Hanaming and Popolion Doll Hair Accessories cannot be obtained in-game. They may be obtainable in the future through other products or events.

  6. The Stat Reset Potion cannot be obtained in-game, while the Skill Reset Potion can be purchased from the TP shop.

  7. Token benefits cannot be paused / restarted once the Token is used. Please make sure you wish to receive the benefits before using Tokens.

  8. A maximum of 3 options can be enchanted on the Hair Accessories by purchasing “Enchant Scrolls” from the TP shop.

  9. TP obtained from the passes can be used to purchase premium items from the TP shops in the cities.

Best regards,
IMC Staff

[UPDATE - March 19th, 2016]

  • The release date on the Steam store page is PDT which is due to Valve’s standards. Service will be commenced at the time mentioned above on the 29th of March.

[UPDATE - March 22nd, 2016]

  • The Token benefits have changed to provide 1 extra instance entry for dungeons and missions due to balance tweaking. We will make a more detailed announcement regarding the whole list of changes soon.

The hype is real! lets go boyzz
Please IMC go with either adding a European server at start or brand a server with the EU tag and move it later on. Not only is ping a problem different timezones is also a big problem. When all EU people are spread on different servers we have less people to play/party/pvp with because most NA players will sleep during EU daytime.
P.S.: We need #EUToS


Yeeeees! BIG Thank You IMC!

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Bought all three DLCs.

PS: Campaigning for Gabija (Europe)


Dear IMC.

I would like to urge you to reconsider this release date.

Many people will see this game on steam, try and play and realize
they can’t, and it can lead to many negative reviews on steam, giving
very bad publicity.

As well, many might have taken time off for the original release
schedule, being on the 22nd. As such it can be hard for them to re
schedule this.

I do also believe that giving people 4 days to purchase the early
access packages (Which I have just done, 2 of them) and download the
game in time for the release.

I am sure others can chip in with more reasons why it could be good to change the release date.

May I suggest perhaps moving it just one or two days, rather than a whole week?

Best regards,


and here i am sitting for 1 holy week without ToS … but its ok atleast we have a marked date already so no problem all i have to do is pay and wait for march 29 :slight_smile:

oh boy… looking at the token info our version is following in the direct footsteps of the korean ToS, just awfull… only 5 items on the market, 30% commision fee, why the hell is there even a market if you limit it this much. entrance/mission entree? yeah at this rate the game wont last long. dont get me wrong im still hyped for it, but by no means is any of this acceptable by western standards.

im giving it 3 months tops till the population starts dieing


Since an actual europe-located server is unlikely so quickly…you can simply put “(Europe)” next to Gabija or some other “world” in the world-selection.

Just so you can transfer the whole european community at once later, instead of a big transfer-mess or people having to start over ;O


Why the delay? Do you realize how much of an inconvenience this is to people who have already scheduled time off after your first “official” announcement?


Purchased. Thanks IMC Team. Can’t wait for March 29th!


Why not release it during spring break ._.

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“We can wait, just make us a good game!” – literally the whole ToS fanbase before last week. Now, you guys are crying that you can’t play until the end of the month. idgi


Thats what we all got for peoples whining and complaining.

But 10 Days is nothing so just w8 :slight_smile:

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Ok, how should I search for the 3rd pack? :smiley:

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Most people are back in school/college. Instead of releasing it during spring break, we get to twiddle our thumbs during spring break and get minimum play time during school days.

I myself was gonna pay $50 bucks but eff that. I’ll pay $10 instead and get tokens when I actually have time reserved for the game.

I am someone who did make plans around the Mar 22nd release, and made a post on the forums asking for a Mar 22nd release because people like me would be screwed over by an extended release.

I am not happy about this, but I also do not think IMC should change the release date any more. They have changed it so much, they need to just set it in stone already. This post (hopefully) sets it in stone.

People are going to be clearing up their schedule for Mar 29th now, and if IMC changes their release date yet again it is going to just be screwing some players over for a 2nd time.

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Ребята, только не говорите им. Вы понимаете о чем я :grin:

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