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Can free players join "Founder Server"?

As title said, will free players join Founder Server on 28th April? As the announcement 2 separate servers for both days, while it didnt mention about Founder Server will be accessible by free players.

Yes, you can join the founder server after the game go free.

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Thanks senpai. But is there any confirmation for this >.< - sorry if im asking too much.

yes the staff already stated this in their announcment

Thanks very much. I probably need to put more points on my search button :smiley:

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You can join any server in April.

Q. Regarding the Founder’s Server, will it remain exclusive even after the F2P conversion date?
A. No, after the F2P release, the pre-existing ‚ÄėFounder‚Äôs Server‚Äô will become available to all.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Latest Announcement

incase you still need the source for this