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Questions about BR/LA Server and founders servers

Continuing the discussion from Founder's Server : Exclusive Access Now Purchasable on Steam:

First of all, i find it weird calling it LA server, if it’s only in portuguese, i’m from brasil and i don’t speak spanish, but all the other countries in LA speaks spanish instead of portuguese… so yeah, more likely a BR server :confused:

then, about the questions:

1 - will there be a “Saule” server in steam while the LA server is not available?

[details= ]answer:


2 - when new servers/worlds launch, if i haven’t claimed my benefits yet, will i be able to redeem them on the new server?

3 - on another thread, it was also stated that founders pack won’t apply to LUG’s LA server, but why not? The other regions i could understand, since they have local publishers, and the publishers may not agree with Founders benefits, but if IMC is managing the LA server, why wouldn’t you agree to apply the benefits? i mean, you are the ones who created it :confused:

looks fishy

[details= ]possibly answer:

could be easilly fixed, though…

4 - will there be a founders pack for LA server?
(IMC keeps saying that LUG won’t have any influence on servers, and that they’ll be managing it, but don’t give straight answers when asked about those things :confused: i know @STAFF_Ines- kinda answered another topic about that, but she didn’t straight answered if it will be available to purchase a founders pack to LA in the future)

question 3 and 4 may look like they’re the same question, so to avoid misunderstands… question 3 = “why not apply the already existing pack”, and question 4 = “will there be another separated pack for LA?”

@Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Shawn @STAFF_J @STAFF_John @STAFF_Ines @staff

we need answers before NA launching, or we might lose the headstart…

thanks in advance :confused:


Separated locations, and exactly because LUG is selling TP (which lead them to earn some money from the sales), otherwise why would have a necessity for partnership and a LA server?


1 - It’s confirmed that new servers will be available depending on the amount of players and since server names are given after the goddesses, yeah, it’s possible that will be a Saule server but, i’m guessing, not with the same purpose that it had before which was separate LATAM players from everyone else.

2 - If i’m not mistaken, Julie or a Staff member said that once you log into a server, your rewards are bound there.

3 - This happens because the Founders Pack is a Steam DLC and, obviously, only works on Steam client. Our server is not within steam environment so we can’t claim it there. LU will provide the client for our server.

4 - Idk, nothing confirmed so far.


1 - yeah, i quoted “saule” to mean the LA server, and then again, i wanted straight answers :frowning:

2 - but if i don’t log in any server and wait for a new server to be launched, supposing it’ll launch, will i get the benefits there?

3 - makes sense XD

4 - that’s why i’m asking :frowning:

i do belong to the ones who think ther eis no necessity for that partnership.
but i could understand if that was the case

Yes, this is already confirmed. But will you be able to restrain the urge to play? xD

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If there was no partnership, they wouldn’t bother setup a server here on Brazil tbh, i don’t know how IMC think and what are their plans, you people get freaked out because of a name, i myself don’t like LUG, but IMC already stated that they will only provide the client in portuguese (they are only doing the translation), TP selling and support in portuguese (they will send the reports to IMC), now lets say that they remove the partnership, they will remove the server from Brazil same way, then some will start to cry why there is no BR server, why is it that my ping is high, it is a never ending complaining.
This was discussed before, i even asked the thread OP to suggest a good publisher, but everyone who complained on that thread didn’t point out a single good publisher, so what else you people want? Keeping a server costs money.

It is pretty easy come here, cry about something but don’t provide or at least try to provide a reasonable solution, many only look at their side, it is always like that on Brazil i know because i have to deal with people like that every single day.

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this is a discussion for another thread

But short answering, we had a translate project on github, we would have translated game even without LUG, i’d rather play with slightly higher ping than having restricted choices, like that founders case for example.

also, steam would sell cash with it’s own conversion system, no need for a publisher/portal to do that.


You and few think that way, not most, i am sure of it.

About steam conversion, it is 2x the value, so if it is $10 it will cost R$ for us, they don’t have a 1:1 conversion, that doesn’t exist, unless it is a nacional made game.

Forgot one thing, the LA server is more to avoid the xenophobia too, can’t be helped with ignorance on the interweebs.

and do you think LUG will sell it 1:1?

Why they wouldn’t? It only works on the local server, you can’t transfer to the Steam server.

because their cash was already expensive when they were the publishers of games and dind’t have to share the money (see GC as an example, ‘recently’ closed btw)

i can’t see LUG willing to sell cheap cash, even more being a portal and not having the higher income

Depend on their contract, well i can’t be sure of it, but at least, if they want to earn money, they should at least sell it for a decent price. in the end, you can still play without have to waste money or you simple stick to the Steam version.

it becomes a lesser attractive option when you decide to launch a BR server, the majority of the community will be there, instead of in steam

so if you want to join the server where your community is, you’ll be forced to join LUG’s server instead of any Steam ones

Restricted choices, again

I think they NEED to sell it cheaper than steam prices, since steam already did a partnership with BoaCompra to make transactions here on Brazil easier. So,IMO, there’s no point doing another partnership with a Brazilian corporation if we already have many ways to buy steam money anyway. I mean, BoaCompra owns mostly of cash-based market here, but only as a straight reseller, meaning the price always still the same or at least very close to it.

You people keep going on this “LUG Server” seriously, there is no LUG server, take this trauma from your heads.

That would be the case, but no one want to suggest, i wonder why? lol
Still, as you said, LUG will have to sell it cheaper or they lose the point in being partner. I would guess IMC saw that before going with the partnership.

All of my friends going to be in the “BR” server, all i wanna know is what the two choices i gonna choose:
if i buy “Founders Pack #1”, i can pick the benefits in “BR” server, or if i gonna buy the “Founders Pack #3” for playing without benefits while the “BR” server is not released

the currently founders pack will only be able to be redeemed in steam servers, since it’s a steam DLC

it definitely won’t be available to be redeemed in LUG’s server, sadly :frowning:

F***, i want some TP and the companion Ç.Ç…but in the BR Server… :pensive:

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