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Updated FAQ on the Latest Announcement

You can only claim the hats on one character. However, you can transfer one hat to your other character by putting it in the Team storage and collecting it with your other character. You’ll need to be under the benefits of a Token to do this, though. (But you get two Tokens from the 50-dollar pack, so it’s all good.)

It means if you log on character1 and open the package, character1 will receive every item inside. It also means you can’t open the package once with character1, take only a hat, then log on character2, open the package again and take the other hat out of it. Now that’s obvious.

What it does NOT say is that you can’t pack the headgear into the shared storage for example and then take it out with another character so that might very well be a possibility.

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Probably you will, because the packs that includes hats also includes Token time, so you get access to the team storage :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s time for staff to list the token benefits. It’s becoming a FAQ too.
And they have very bad “slap on the face” answers, to boot.

“Hey play our free game, but you can’t trade, you can’t share items, you can’t do dungeons, you can only grind to boredom.”

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I’m just repeating what other people have asked in this post.

  1. Do both players need tokens to conduct 1:1 trading?
  2. If our token expires while we have an item in our team warehouse can we still retrieve it?

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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There’s an image detailing the benefits on here.
Minus the team storage bit.

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OH! Thanks. will comment there instead.

Well, all honesty, the community most likely played a part in the limit getting hit like that in the first place. People were over here in the kTOS thread and other threads before the initial 3-month announcement, saying:

So if the staff saw that, they probably figured they could capitalize on it for both parties by limiting them and adding half of them to the Token. Which isn’t too bad, since you’ve got Missions and Map/Hunting rewards and EXP cards dropping from mobs.


These are very good questions and I’d really like to know the answer to these.

And this is a really good point. I really hope you’ll at least think about this some more…

@Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ethan

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The 600% bonus should never have happened and everything would be fine. A 150% bonus would have been okay. It’s rewarding, but not to much too ignore your friends (which is happening right now…who would want to miss 600% bonus exp?). IMC has the bad habit to try to hide some game problems by adding bad workarounds. Need an example?
People complain about linearity and don’t even want to make secondary chars…instead of solving the linearity a new (linear) starting town is added. People like it for their 2nd char and then come back to complain (which I understand) …IMC takes out the duct tape and adds the Lodge Level System which will let you get more exp so you can get through the content you’d seen already faster. That’s not a fix…it’s a lazy workaround.

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The 600% bonus should contain a difficulty boost.
Maybe like:
Normal: 150%
Hard: 300%
Hell: 600%
Over the top you need to play flawlessly: 1200%
No game no life level perfection, you have to win without losing a single hp: 2400%
Monsters will literally 1 hit you and they are shitloads tougher: 4800%

But you get the point.

Are tokens account-wide or per character? If I want to move an item from 1 character to my alt through the storage, do I need just 1 token? I hope it’s not 1 token per character (i.e. $36 just to be able to move gear around!)

Token users can only 1:1 trade with another token users or with anyone in the game?

I feel as though we are doing nothing but complaining about a game that’s not even out yet, however I can’t help but agree…

Yeah, something like that sounds nice, but then nobody would want to play with “RANDOMS” anymore. I get the problem IMC is trying to solve, but right now it’s just bad for party-play with friends…and this game is supposed to be a MMO. MMOs for me are bout party play and especially friends. With the insane 600% bonus when playing with RANDOMS IMC is tearing apart friend parties as those are not worth it anymore. There must be another way to do this! What about something like forcing you to have each 3rd dungeon run with randoms? This is not the perfect solution either I guess, but the current “solution” is just bad…

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You should be less concerned about how essential tokens are and more so about IMC adding more content before the game goes f2p. The reduced dungeon-runs for both token users and free players is a necessary first step to reducing prolific burn-out. The only time you’ll really need token is if you intend to play competitively so that you can keep up with friends and your guild.

The only alternative for leveling other than quests is by doing dungeons and missions so my suggestion is to add exp bonus when partying outside of dungeons to allow f2p players to compete at least casually.

Dungeons and Missions are very repetitive so having alternative ways of leveling with your friends will keep things fresh and people won’t get burnt out so easily.

Everyone who is level 150+ will have a token regardless, if they paid for it with TP or Silver. If you think that reducing those benefits are a solution, then no one would buy token to sell for silver on the market. I played ktos so I know that all of my ktos friends had tokens.

Locking new players and free accounts out of 1:1 trading is a completely fair decision by IMC. It means new players won’t be asking for free stuff.

Token is a legitimate way for the company to make money. Nothing about token gives players an advantage over other players. If people would like to have that feature they can consider buying token with TP or Silver.

1:1 trading is not required in the early parts of the game nor should it be. There is plenty of ways to farm equipment, recipes and silver.

Removing 1:1 trading from token just removes one good reason for having the token. In ktos it wasn’t even available from the start, and only a maximum of 30 trades per month.

@Staff_Julie @STAFF_John @STAFF_Ethan

(1) Just as a suggestion, maybe there should be a consumable item that permanently increases your 1:1 trade limit per month. Like the stat and weight limit potions that you find from questing. This is a positive alternative for Alchemists and people who wish to trade a lot.

This is gives casual players access to trading who do not have the money to buy token.

(2) Another suggestion is to add exp bonus when partying outside of dungeons to allow f2p players to compete at least casually. This encourages social interaction in the game and enables the community to work together more freely.

Having alternative ways of leveling with your friends will keep things fresh and people won’t get burnt out so easily.


I’ve been playing iCBT 1 and 2 and am still playing on the Korean server. Many people share the Same opinion as I do…even Koreans. It’s not that I want to bash the game designer, but the game has everything it needs to be awesome…it’s just not connected in a good way. I also don’t expect a immediate solution, but I’d love to get the game designers to think about this once more. So, I think complaining is a good thing.


If there was no trade whatsoever, they might aswell sold the game as a single player with lan option, not mmo.

This game was quite the RO successor, but the business model is kind of messed up.

Scrap the entire token thing and the bonus feature and maybe give the game a cheap subscription model or something.


Are Tokens, Coupons, Dolls and Premium Potions tradeable?

I know the tokens are, I am not sure about the rest though, at least the ones bought from the store. There’s always a chance that these might be bound due to being part of the EA packages.