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Where is Founder Pack for 10$

On steam i can found only founderPack 1 and 2 but where is founder 3!?!


It appears on steamdb, so it must be in the process of getting published. Someone mentioned me that a few minutes ago only the 50 dollars dlc appeared.

Read the announcement carefully before creating a new topic.

i dont see the pack 3

Id like to buy the 10$ founders pack :frowning: i didnt get money till today is there anyways i can do this ?

how do they combat this when its free? i wanna give umy money?

i guess ill wait till its free?

Hi, tigerweeds1.

DLC 3 has been taken down temporarily due to a high number of abuse cases. They’ll be on sale again, but I do not have an ETA at the moment. Hope that answered your question.

How come the announcement on the webpage has a completely different tone and information?

Let me translate IMC Message:

Dear users,

We got scammed so to make up for all the money lost, we decided to take the third option so that people who decided to pay the third option will pay the second option instead.

Thank you for your money.

Inquiring Money Cu*ts (IMC)

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I was waiting for the 30% discount to snatch all the remaining DLCs. Now DLC 3 is permanently gone!


Ps: probably all the people asking where the 10 dollar pack went are the first ones that are abusing such dlc. This thread is full of them, or seems like it :wink:

Are the discounted packages already in?

No evidence, just assumptions of all the players that are asking are all people who scam. Nice work Sherlock.

Hey, this looks familiar. Oh right:

Wow, didn’t know it was possible to lose money from selling intangible goods. Guess they were planning on losing money when they scheduled that discount sell for the last week too. Nice deduction. :^)

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My apologies, there’s been a slight miscommunication. The news has been corrected.

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Awesome hehe! :wink:

i didnt abuse anything i can give you my steam acccount if you want, im just an unlucky person that has been waiting for the chacne to get the game and i had that chance yesterday and now im not sure when my next opportunity will be. thank you for the response Julie.

Your next chance is free to play in less than a week. Patience.