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Known Issues - UPDATED (April 12th)

i forgot to tag you,so is there any expactations to class bug be fixed?


Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:


@STAFF_Ethan I’m getting some severe stuttering issues everywhere with good fps… Is there any fix to this? To elaborate a little its when im walking anywhere the camera shakes every few steps.

GeForce GTX 660
AMD FX 6300
16 gigs of ram
windows 10

HI everyone
Isn’t supposed to be free to play right now? i can’t play , the game doesn’t let me connect to the server, before you answer it is not for the known issues about connectng, it says that it will free to play but i have to purchase the founders DLC, is this a problem ?
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Greetings, Saviors.

Please let us know if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible. Screenshots, character/Team/server/class details, and timestamps would be greatly appreciated. That way we can have more information to work with on a more specified problem allowing it to be resolved faster.

IMC Staff

Why are we getting queue to enter the servers again?

Hello @elcharli_12,

The game will be free to play in April.

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Was hoping it would be fixed a little sooner so I could play today but certainly better than waiting even longer. Hopefully it will be stable and fixed by this weekend.
@STAFF_Ethan how are things looking on the bottleneck end? I’ve been sitting in queue for 45 minutes and have only dropped 320 positions in queue and still have 562 to go…

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May I ask which server you are on?

The problem child server Klaipeda. I would probably have jumped to Orsha but I had already redeemed items to this team @STAFF_Ethan

thank you for the reply

Orsha i queued 1070, now im 700 @STAFF_Ethan @amgine_dewodahs

@STAFF_Ethan I’m guessing that was you that just had the queue reset because within about 40 seconds of responding it disconnected me from the server and suddenly have 43 channels to the server and I got right in. If so thank you so much.

All my other characters seem to be able to advance so far… It’s just the archer (who I made first) that seems to be having the class advancement issues

@STAFF_Ethan did you see my post above you’ve answered a few others in that time.

@amgine_dewodahs @brian.bho Glad to hear that the server queue suddenly let you in. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :slight_smile:

Your system specs and the fact that you say that you have good FPS seem to indicate that the connection to the servers might be a little shaky. It could also be that the area you are in has many players causing lag spikes.
However, I cannot verify the specifics at this point in time due to lack of information. Have you perhaps tried searching the forums for any similar issues? My apologies for not being able to be more helpful on the matter.

@STAFF_Ethan so is there no fix for my problem…?

@STAFF_Ethan yep I’ve been trying to fix this problem since last night and I haven’t been able to play because it gives me a headache. I’ve tried a number of differen’t things listed here on the forums, ToS subreddit, and google. What other information do you need?

As I’ve mentioned, I would need more information in order to try to suggest a fix. However, if it is ping/server connection related, there is little I can offer since there is no magic fix to make internet speeds faster. :frowning:

I opened my founder’s pack in Klaipeda, but when things went bad i also opened my 2nd pack in EU before the option to transfer was announced, is there a way to transfer only the pack from the first server since i already have a levelled character in EU, and as what u said when transfering from server 1 to 2, the 2 would be erased… please help

and another thing, is there a plan to lower/lessen queue time on market retrieval of silver?

@STAFF_Ethan Thats what im asking, what else do i need to give you to help me lol. Is there a log or something I can post, My internet connection is fine at home and I’ve never had much of an issue with other games… Only ones not optimized well. How do i ping the server? I play on Klaipeda