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The returning/new player event makes me not want to return

I’m not “complaining about you complaining.” I’m telling you that your complaining is childish and won’t garner you any sympathy or support here. The free stuff being offered to you is of comparable value price wise(actually a little higher in value, I think) to that of the Founder’s Pack you bought, but you’re here complaining they are only doubling your investment in the game for you rather than tripling it.

The stat reset has tremendous value because it doesn’t expire in 24 hours, and we know the balancing is going to continue well after the event is finished. The cost to actually get a non-expiring Stat reset in game is something around $100 if I remember correctly. That’s a lot more valuable than some extra EXP, in my opinion at least.

As for hours and hours of grinding saved…if you are grinding for hours and hours, either you enjoy it (check, you’ve lost nothing and gained hours of enjoyment) or you’re playing wrong. I’m not going to hold that against you since you’d have no way of realistically knowing that at level 50, but the argument is no less invalid. And if those hours are still so precious to you, you can do what the rest of us have to do - pay for our nice things.

Your analogies all fail because you still got and get to keep your $50 worth of stuff, which the new players cannot get. And yes, they are getting free stuff now, but so are you. You are still complaining just because you don’t feel you are getting enough free stuff - when you are still getting a lot more than the vast majority of us.

Newer players getting more EXP than you doesn’t hurt you at all, and nothing is stopping you from just buying more tomes yourself. Your money is only wasted if you decide to waste it. Stop acting like you’ve been conned just because some people who aren’t as well off as you are getting a slightly better incentive to play than you.


See, his problem is he bought a founder’s pack, so he feels entitled to get the new player bonus but also keep the founder’s pack stuff he got that no new players can ever get, ever.

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well let’s break it down, 900 TP is 81$. that means 11 TP per dollar meaning each TP is worth 9 cents. Each exp tome is 9 TP so thats 81 cents per tome, 4 tomes to make a 4x tome, and 2 4X to make an 8X means each 8X tome is worth $6.48

meaning just the tomes for new players valuates out to 110$ idk how to valuate the other items. how does one receive medals for the exchange shop? this system wasn’t implemented when I played last. If you get 1 per TP spent then yes you have to spend 100$ to get the stat reset potion, but you also get 100$ worth of tp items meaning you could either value it at 0$ or 50$ if you wanna consider it half the cost of the 990 TP you spent.

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It is about 1 TP per exchange medal iirc, but you only get the medals if you throw away the item you got from the cube. Basically, when you open the cube, you can trade the item you got from it back in for exchange medals. So if you cash in for 990 medals, you’ve lost 990 TP worth of items.

ok so that gives me some more information, each dungeon reset voucher can then be valuated at $7.65 so there’s another 23$ for a new player. can you valuate the fortune cookies and godess sculptures in any meaningful way? right now we’re at 133$ to roughly 147 factoring in my TP and stat reset potion. not sure how to value my hats and I don’t feel like the 300k silver difference between the two pets is significant enough to bother with.

the only exclusives that founders got were two hats that look like newbie monsters and again, to reiterate they specifically said it “might” be available for sale again at a later date at their descretion so it’s not entirely exclusive.

Honestly if you look at the sentiment at the time people kinda felt like it wasn’t really WORTH buying in the first place. I honestly thought the same but I was fine with it cause I wanted to support at the time so yeah I kinda feel slighted.


G I T G U D BOY ╮(─▽─)╭

A sculpture is about 2/3 the EXP boost of a tome for half the duration of a tome. So 3 sculptures is roughly equivalent in EXP to 1 EXP Tome, or 1/8th of an 8x.

1 Fortune cookie gives the same buff as 1 EXP tome, and once again lasts half the duration. So 35 Cookies is roughly 17.5 EXP tomes, or 2 8x Tomes and change.

The dolls “might” be available, but they haven’t been. But go ahead, take those out of the equation entirely if you feel like it, they aren’t of any particular value if you don’t specifically want them, and you can always buy them from another player.

There’s also that 60 Day token you got, which at the time had a value of about 400~ TP.

Then add in the value of the 8x tomes you’d get from the Welcome Back box, and you’ll have a good comparison of what you got versus what they are getting. If you are just trying to math out whether its worth it to start a new account, go ahead and ignore that Token, but really I feel like even comparing them is a fruitless exercise at this point. If you really want that extra EXP so badly, then go ahead and start a new account. If you don’t want to lose the stuff you already have, then don’t.

If you desperately want the EXP AND you can’t bear to lose your stuff, then buy more tomes yourself.

I can understand that you feel slighted since you didn’t really play the game, but really there is no point in being sore about it now. You got exactly what you paid for when you paid for it, and the new players are getting nothing that you can’t get yourself (except for I guess some terrible accessories that most players wouldn’t use even if they didn’t have timers on them).

I mean sure I COULD shell out 100$ to get the exp tomes. But why do you think I have that money to just throw away? Cause I spent 50$ on a founders?

Also last beta that I played to 150ish it took a LOT of grinding to get past certain levels. I remember spending about 10 hours grinding 1 level at some point. so thinking about it with that in mind, that 10 hour grind would turn into 2 and change? and exp bonuses stack right? like the statue, cookie, and tomes?

Also take into account that you can receive the new player bonus on 4 characters, instead of just 1 like the returning bonus.

Holy crap the salt, what in the world

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You pay for a founder’s pack because you want to SUPPORT the game.

Instead of embarrassing yourself by acting like an entitled ■■■■. Use the energy you’re spending on arguing and level up instead.

Dude… if you have spent the time playing the game all this time, you wouldnt need the exp tomes of the catch up event… We old players who do play the game devotedly got greater benefit from just the reset rank event alone. The salt is stronk here because you didnt play enough and now you really want that exp boost so badly. My suggestion would be to transfer all those founder stuff to the new account, that way you’ll get the benefits of the new event, while also still retain your bought stuffs.

The TP on your old account can be spent slowly to buy enchant scrolls each day (with the 5 free TP to maximize your income), and transferring it to your new account to sell for silver.

rofl this salty geek’s level of self entitlement is the real deal. just because you bought the founder’s pack a year ago doesnt make imc owe you anything salty. you knew what were the contents of the package plus aren’t those pack’s sole purpose was for early access? ., better quit bitchin and just leave if you dont want to comeback simple as that jeez… you left the game long ago and now you think u gettin back as if ToS’s time froze and you were the only one makin progress lolol


Jesus, if u feel scammed just quit and problem solved

Maybe if you were grinding level 1 mobs at level 150 this was the case, but the grind was never that bad even when the game was at its worst, and it’s certainly far easier to level now, especially with the newly added hunting grounds giving generally great XP rates for their level ranges. You could probably level pretty smoothly to max without any XP boosts at all now. Not to mention, a large majority of your XP will come from XP card rewards, which don’t get boosted by anything. If you’re running around with an XP tome active all the time while questing you’re literally just wasting it. You’ll maybe hit one or two spots where it makes sense to stop questing for a while to grind. The only reason you’d even need 17 8x XP tomes is if you were planning on making 17 characters.

  1. They didn’t forced you to spend $50. That’s your choice. Stop whining.

  2. If I were in your situation, I’ll considering this $50 as a support for the developers and stop nagging like some 13 years old.


I don’t understand the constant issue people have with something they paid for such a long time ago.

You paid for early access and the bonuses/items that you got with it, as advertised.

They delivered exactly what was advertised, exactly what was paid for.

You buy a toaster, you get a toaster. You don’t then get freebies and bonuses from the toaster manufacturer because you bought their toaster a year ago. You got what you paid for at the time.


I don’t even get a returning player box since I logged in for a short while before the patch

That and start doing research for your class or simply ask what best class for xxx or what class for farming… This game is possible to even invest just $6 for TP (assuming SEA price), buy enchant scroll and sell it for silver (plus cutting price from 5 daily TP). Use the silver for small investments then farming for gaining 10x silvers you invested before…

The shape of the eye brows in your avatar makes me glad you are not returning.