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I have some questions regaurding buying the packs

First of all as I am from England is this game region locked? (also if anyone else is from England is there heavy lag?)

Each pack what date do they start on and time? (if you could put time in GMT that would be great)

I have been waiting for this game since it was mentioned as a RO successor and I don’t want to set myself up for broken hopes and dreams due to restrictions :frowning:

go read other posts on the forum and imc has answered this stuff multiple times now.

The following territories will be restricted. “Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Indonesia/China”

Yea… you could try the search function of the forum or at least read some annoucement :sunglasses:

so… yea… England should be fine…

thanks for the replys

btw about the date

and here’s the annoucement link if u need.

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As for lag, try this site: or this site:
Look at the ping to a US East Coast server
0-50 ms: Great. No problems whatsoever
50-100 ms: Generally no problems at all. Maybe some very minor glitch occasionally
100-150 ms: Can still game just fine. Expect an occasional attack to miss if you have a character with high attack speed
150-200 ms: It’s more than doable, but it won’t be the smoothest experience. But stilll no real problems
200-250 ms: Lag becomes noticeable in several places. If you can tolerate it, you can still game, but you’ll notice it
250+ ms: It’s getting difficult to game really well

Remember that network activity (for example, downloading things, especially torrents) affects your results. It’s best to test (and to play) when nobody is using your network very actively

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I buyed the 1st pack first of all because ive been waiting sooooo long for this game and I want to support it best I can and I tried cloud ping it said 90-105 for me so I am very happy by that :smiley:

from england too played ICBT the only lag is input delay you wont be spiking/teleporting due to lag.

Great to hear. You’ll be perfectly fine! You have an even better ping than a lot of West Coast Americans!