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Please, i need beta key

Gostaria de saber, se ainda tenho chance de ganhar uma beta key do jogo. Baixei o jogo na plataforma Steam e não tenho acesso ao jogo pois não participei do closed beta.

I wonder if I still have chance to win a beta key game. I downloaded the game on Steam platform and do not have access to the game because not participated in the closed beta.


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WTF, zombie from CBT is raising again?..
So creepy man


“Please, i need beta key”

Well haven’t seen this one in a while. Must be bait. But on the off chance its not. You have to buy early access to play and if you dont want to do that you have to wait till the end of the month when it opens free.


Open beta would be the 27th?

free to play starts on April 28th, I believe. Before that you have drop $10 at least.

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I don’t remember the release date look on steam it will say there. but its near the end of the month.

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This is not ToS forum without it LOL.

Here, I was even nice enough to get you a link to the announcement with all of the information you need:

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ok sorry bro, thanks!