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Founder's server and f2p servers

So i looked at some discussion and i read all the infos about servers etc and there will be at 99% a founder server with users who bought a founder pack and in april there will be free to play servers; due to the fact 100% of free players will go in other servers it means that founders will remain alone in the founder servers ? There are some benefits for founders (maybe through a cross server storage or a way to send items from a server to another one) ?


Cross server transfert isn’t allowed by IMC as stated in FAQ. Maybe IMC will add a special transfert for FP to avoid such issue, but that hasn’t been stated by them yet, so short answer : No

About founder and F2P servers, we lack some info atm but we know this

Which means there will probably be more than one server on March 29th. IMC already said they will open more servers (in NA) for F2P launch IF needed, in case of regional servers, that might not be needed.

In conclusion, I think it’s too early to know if “founder only server” is a problem or not, as it depends on EU/LA/SEA/West coast servers and the number of servers opened for EA.

Hope it helps!

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Just as @Panplemousse said, we don’t know the effect that the “Founders” servers will have. However, after the F2P launch in April any player can create a character on that server unless they decide to restrict it (which IMC has said they will not do so far).

The only comparison I can draw is the Legacy servers from FFXIV. When my guild (free company) and I first started playing we rolled our characters on a fresh start server. Now, several years later the majority of us moved to one of several legacy servers. These servers were where people with characters from the 1.0 version of the game had their characters moved instead of deleting them when the game was re-released.

I’m SO much happier on the legacy servers. The economy is much more stable and prices are a lot better than on our old server. The player community is full of friendly players and less bots. It has a medium-high population as well. I really do hope that having EA for founders doesn’t scare players off from joining the server later on.

Three friend of mine will play on the founder server but the rest of the guild (9 of us) will go in a fresh f2p server. We would like to play togheter but they don’t want to lose a month of play :confused:

When the “Founders” period is over, they’re being switched into F2P servers. No one’s being separated. :3 It’s more of a lock to prevent those who haven’t paid from joining early.
They worded it badly in their post, but that is what it means.

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Hope so :slight_smile: i would love if founders will have the chance to change to the f2p they want (you know, because of region servers xD)

Yeah. The post about “extra” servers is just about how if the servers become too crowded, they’ll be adding more. In case of a population boom. But otherwise, that’s it.
So long as you and your friends know which server your Founder friend will be on, you can join him there in a months time (or earlier if you cave in and get the cheapest of the 3 packs… which still might not be cheap depending on where people live).
I doubt IMC would keep a P2P model for the founders, and no one else. It would really be fair :<

Oh i missunderstanding i tought founders could change servers… ><

I think they’re being given a one-time free transfer, IF there end up being a need for more servers. But I’m not 100% sure on that one.