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Updated FAQ on the Latest Announcement

IMC making sure we pay for our vegetables or else.

This exactly; free to play can make lots of money elsewhere. They don’t have to ruin part of the experience of players. As said before, trading should be a given in an MMORPG.
They should focus on things like cosmetics; many would gladly support through this kind of cash shop. Paying for things like trading is putting pressure on players to make them pay for basic comfort.
‘Because of Gold sellers’ is a lame excuse for pumping cash out of what could be a solid fanbase; they should just put a report feature if this is their reason.

Since nobody answered me, i will ask again:

After the F2P Release, there will be new servers apart of the actual “Founder’s Server”?

How many servers there will be?

There will be an official Latin America server? and where it will be hosted?

There will be servers for specific regions? like EU/SEA, etc? just like the LA server?

Another questions:

There will be Trade system? like normal trades with other persons for any item?

I read something about 1:1 trade or something like that, what it means?

There will be Auctioner at least? if yes, there is any restrictions on it?

1)Yes, there will be new servers.
2)No info yet.(wait for announcement)
3)same here
4)same here
5)same here.
6)There will be trade system with token (1:1), where you can tade items(not silver). Limited at 30 trades per month.
7)There will be auction house with 30% tax for free players and 1 auction slot, 10% tax for token users, 5 auction slots.
8)Token is Cash shop item, activates for 1 month account wide, benefits listed in another announcement(look for announcements section of this forum).

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That is insane!! X____X

You may check the original post at the thread again and here for official info:

A way to work around that is use your alt to sell the cheapest material item for what ever amount of silver you want to give your alt, lose some tax money but …well…it’s a viable method

Hi, thebloodyaugust.

I made that statement because it’s what I heard from the dev team, but since it’s been creating a commotion, I’ll be omitting that from my comment.

Again, the second half of my comment was just a personal idea and I am not trying to force you to adopt my way of thinking.

As for the difference between the two versions of TOS, I’d like to ask you for your patience as we’re planning to make a separate announcement on it. Thank you for calling for my attention on this matter. Do let me know if you have any other concerns. :blush:


Any news on Eu servers ?

Will the founder’s server open for F2P player later or they will stay exclusive for founders forever?

i think if there is space left they will open for f2p also

founder’s servers will be open to free players on april, as confirmed by the staff before :slight_smile:

I think many people are just misinterpreting the forum’s staff role inside this ocmmunity. As far as i understand it you guys have responsnabilities to report us what the dev team actually decide and to report the dev team with community concerns.

Kind of like beeing in the middle in between two fires.

I think many people actually think that the forum staff are the ones making the game decisions and creating the game.

I wonder if i’m correct


Your speculation on the role is correct. I will withhold further comments to prevent dispute.

Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile:


are there any updates regarding the regional servers?

If we do have updates on regional servers, I’m going to write up an announcement as soon as possible. I’d like to request your patience on this matter. Thank you for your continued interest.


I will be patient. thnx :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I bought pack 1 & 3. Could i receive all the items from 2 packs?

For what it’s worth, I can confirm that in the first ICBT 1:1 trading was a thing. I was there, I traded with people. Then again I have a terrible memory, so maybe only hold my word at 50% value.

Nope. You are 100% correct. The feature existed from the beginning and it was later changed to a premium feature…but that happened when the game found its first publisher. I actually don’t even think it was IMCs decision to do this…but maybe they liked the idea and now want to use it for the international server too