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Founder's Server : Exclusive Access Now Purchasable on Steam

Mostly because they have been delayed with the steam release. Not to mention that they are probably setting up the Eu server too which takes time.

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I´m a nobody so who are you?

I just gave you the reason why it was delayed - cuz everyone complained as always on the Internet and tried to cheer you up so what?

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It’s common sense really. Adding an extra 10 days will help maximize profit. Hence why they add the $10 package to began with. No reason to complain about it. It’s not going to do you or anyone else any good.

They might still change it. But for now, I guess, lets leave it as it is. I’m fine with it anyway.
Хотя сначала все же немного удивилась.

  1. Purchasing the Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access does not directly allow access to the founder’s server.

what does this mean?

also i would have to charge money on steam right?

Rly you will ■■■■ up so many people with this delay and you don`t even tell us why we even get this delay nothing has rly changed on the plan and still we get it one week later…

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Not starting on the 22nd now is understandable since they had to change their plans due to all the backlash of the first announcement.

Now to found something to do for another week…Black Desert is already getting to me, not sure how much longer I can play that. Was a bad idea playing the JP/RU server’s for awhile.


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Whatever IMC does some guys will always complain


Wow! Finally… Instabuy.

how u know they adding an eu server ?

Yay finally bought the 50$ one, because i love the game, :slight_smile: cant wait to meet you all at March 29.


Ah finally an official date. Founder pack has been purchased and now we wait !

Why cant I see the $9,99 pack? The Early Access Pack 3 is available?


Of course the first wave of comments are salty people.

Atleast be happy the OBT didnt stay on June 19th and we’d have to wait till may 20 to start.

See (some of) you guys in ToS in 10 days!

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I got vacation time off work for this cause i thought it would release the founders server on 22nd… still bought it , just a bit sad that i wont get to play in my vacation :frowning:


Holy pumpkin, be patient already! IMC did a good thing and reconsider their initial plans. Give them time needed to prepare all well. You and others like you will be the first who will start whining if something goes wrong because of rush!


I do not know, I’m just guessing. Honestly, if they pull up that much delay after that much crying for EU server…

Also, see the description. The packs can be only used on the selected server and I don’t think that they would risk that if they wouldn’t plan an EU server from the start.

@Staff_Julie with regards to the DLC pack pricing, I’m abit confused… I just made payment and I realized that it was not in USD. o.o
I paid SGD$49.00 for the ‘founder’s server: exclusive access 1’.

Could we get a world list before the game goes live?