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DLC content question

Can someone explain abit about DLC content please? Hats and pet self-explainatory but i’m confused about what is 60xDay and 30xDay tokens?
Also if someonep played kTos what can you spent tokens on in shop? Any nice things there?

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The 60xday and 30xday are VIP tokens, they grant you bonus EXP and other benefit while active such as more dungeon runs and movement speed.

Token is TOS VIP subscription. In Korea it’s $9.99 or 198TP per month. It gives the following benefits…

  • Able to learn up to 2 abilities simultaneously.

  • Reduced market commission fee 30%

  • Able to list up to 5 items on the market (instead of 2)

  • +3 character movement speed

  • +30% xp hunting from monsters

  • +2 mission and instance entry cooldown.

  • Able to use The premium Emotes

This is what’s in the Korean Cash shop…

Korean Cash Shop