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Brief Technical Guide to Transcendence

Just a quick update (dec 12). Some of the information below is outdated so I recommend looking through the comments near the bottom to get better info on - the new shard cost table, and how transcendence boosts HP% as con+basehp+con from gear, and maybe a few other things.
I will be travelling abroad for a month. Ill try to update this thread when i get the chance. I would like to thank everyone who are taking their time to provide important information.

29Oct16 UPDATE: Transcendence have been tweaked somewhat in ktos. But until more detail is unraveled I will hold off with any in-depth updates.
Instead, here is a perfunctory overview of the changes.

  1. Blessed shards, gems, spell rods, and hammers can now be traded (once) between characters and through the market. Transcended equipment remains untradable.

  2. When you fail to transcend an item, its potential will decrease by 1. The item breaks upon failing to transcend at 0 potential.

  3. The number of gems extracted through hammer of dismantlement (previously 40% of invested, rounded down) now ranges from 20% to 90% in proportion to fraction of item potential. While the specifics of ‘proportion’ is not known, a 10/10 weapon will likely yield a 90% recovery while a 0/0 weapon will likely yield a 20% extraction upon dismantlement.

  4. The number of gems required to transcend equipment has been reduced by various degrees depending on type, the specifics of which are unknown. Evidence so far suggest that weapon cost remains unchanged while armor costs are halved.

As always, thanks Gwenyth for the translation.

Ok so I am making this guide on Transcendence since its a very important system for our progression yet there hasnt been much talk about it at all. Since IMC’s guide already went over some basic aspects like how to get gems and shards, this guide will focus more on details and number crunching.
Granted, I dont know every nitty gritty detail about transcendence so I also hope this thread will promote discussion.

PS: Sorry, I have no pretty pictures.

Since I dont have much time, this guide is more to highlight some of the critical details which people thinking of investing into Transcendence might be interested in. Unfortunately I cant invest the time to take screenshots ‘prooving’ certain aspects so feel free to take them with a grain of salt.

As a sort of preface, I will say that Transcendence is not for the light of heart. It takes a long time and is very expensive. But with commitment, Transcendence can eventually help you ascend from a plebian into a god. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks that will be mentioned towards the end.

So getting strait to the point. The following table lists all the type of boosts which you can acquire through transcendence, courtesy to our fellow KToS pple who put the data together.
(Armor costs appear to be halved since the OCT update)

Curious which stat boost can be applied to which piece of equipment? Here it is.

For the equpments with two types of stats, say “%HP + %Pdef”, you do get them alongside each stage, together. After some testing, it seems pretty conclusive that hp bonus the %HP (also listed as %Con in the item descrption after transcending) gives draws from both your base HP and the HP derived from Con. This %HP buff does not seem to apply to anything else. This includes HP bonus from gears, buffs, transcendence itself, gems, etc… (We have yet to check if cards affect this).
Also unconfirmed is whether the con acquired through transpose applies, but presumably it should.

Obviously when we speak of transcendence we speak of cost. It is a very expensive system that caters to very established people who have no issues making over 1.5mil silver a day.

This first table describes cumulative cost efficiency per every tier.

This next table highlights the cumulative time and cost for transcending one piece of gear from stage 1 to stage 10. This time is calculated assuming you do 2 successful runs every day and 2x reroll every cube. It does not take into account 1. extra cubes from resurrection, and 2. blessed gems that you can get (1-5% unconfirmed rate) from opening each cube.

Compared to the other systems we have here on TOS for min/maxing, Transcendence ranks at the top in terms of cost/reward ratio. This table illustrates the raw %power boost you can expect from one tier to the next.

I mean, seriously. What other system atm provides even close to what we can get through transcendence? Admittedly it does cost a fortune. But dont begrudge that silver, for it will be well spent.

For your convenience, heres a table of numbers I used to make the plots.

I will post this here since its pretty useful and I might as well.
Main takeaway from this is you can use any number of gems for each stage. The ratio of your gems vs max gems alloted for that stage will spell your success rate. For example, going from stage 9 to 10 requires a max of 70 gems. Using 1 gem will give you a 1/70 success rate. Using 70 gems will give you a 100% success rate.
Credits to @Nekorin for the picture.

Ok im done talking numbers so here are some things to watch out for.

.1. How the transcendence bonus (damage, defence, etc…) is applied.
Transcendence only applies to the primary weapon stat & boosts from enhancements and squire reinforcement. This means all bonus stats including gem bonuses, awakenings, and other elemental/mAmp damage will not be factored in.
Confirmed [by GM and player] - Transcendence ALWAYS applies to the current primary stat (minus gem bonus), regardless of when it was originally transcended. This includes enhancements, briquetting, and weapon reinforcement.

dammit Neos

17Oct16 UPDATE: some people have brought up that gems are not boosted by transendence. I tested this myself and it appears they are correct.

Raw weapon

With gems & transcendence

You can see that the transcended weapon damage value, 923, can be obtained through -

which rounds down to 923.

.2. Acquiring gems back from Transcended gear.
If you choose to destroy your weapon and retrieve the gems, you will only get a fraction of it back. Whether that ‘fraction’ is a fixed or varied with each stage is not currently known. There has been suggestions here an there that the fraction is 40%, rounded down.
You should therefore be extremely meticulous in deciding on a weapon to commit on. Because once you switch, you will be losing a lot of invested silver.
At least for the weapon, you will likely run the risk of primary stat powercreep where future tier weapons will have significantly high base damage. This gives new players the opportunity to catch up.

23Oct16 UPDATE: Courtesy to @greyhiem for the video, as you can see this Stage 4 transcended finisher returned only 9 out of 25 invested blessed gems - a 36% conpensation.

Some of you may be thinking of trying to transcend at below 100% probability. The system appears to have a method to track the total # of gems you invested into your weapon. So lets say your stage 10 weapon only needed 100 gem (you got lucky); upon removal of transcendence, you will only get 0.4100 = 40 gems rather than 0.4283 = 113 gems had you always transcended at 100%.
Due to the heavy investment transcendence requires, this system further reinforces devotion to a single character - which is certainly not what most people want. Since running saalus doesnt take too much time, the best way to ‘futureproof’ a potential alt is to get it to lv 240 as soon as possible and run Saalus with them everyday. There is no need to reroll cubes right away. Since each cube has a weight of 5, you can thechnically have a thousand of them and still be underweight. Personally I wouldnt recommend rerolling at all until you have decided on a weapon to commit to. Stage 1-2 is pretty cheap sure. But they dont offer much of a boost either. Dont boost temporary weapons to higher than stage 2.

Ok thats all I can think of on the top of my head. Did this pretty much on a whim. So give comments below about additional questions you might have or corrections you wanna make to my guide. I will edit this accordingly.
Thanks a lot.

@Melon here you go lol


Tks for the info and graphs. But nearly 4 months for lv6 is insane and over a year just to reach lv10. I have no idea whether that lv10 weapon will be relevant or not.

And the cost is astronomical. Only bots can afford lv10

It does take a long time, so there will probably be events that gives us additional cubes. The cost is high, but I guess not too intimidating spread over a year : P

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What if you transcended the +10 and made it to +15 later then decided to transcend again does the 30% atk power factor all the current attack power of +15? If yes then it means the previous 10% stage 1 cancel outs for new transcended percentage of +15.

i remember people saying it doesnt matter when u anvil ur gear, transcendence will recalculate the damage properly.

not that i can check it… so shrug.

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Ic thats good to hear. We can transcend for 1st stage then if we got new additional primary stat(awakening/anvil) we can transcend again to recalculate for new value.

Yes, I’ve read the same thing several times.

It would be nice if a GM could confirm that.

Well done, sis :slight_smile:

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now think about someone playing this game for 3+ years and a new player. thats why i keep saying that if they don’t make all this thing A LOT faster, new players will end up only being able to go suport, cus dps will be only for older players

maybe thats what they want? thats why they have this top 5 world boss thing?

this is one of the things that is making me play less every day =/


You can all see for yourselves that Transcendence does recalculate its bonus on the fly by simply using a weapon buff shop.

You will notice that instead of simply getting +112 damage on a 220 item from weapon buffing, you will get 123 (112 x 1.1 if lv 1 Transcendence).


Yup, I just confirmed that with someone and made the changes.
Ive just been hearing a lot about weapon enhancements and transcendence tho. So ill look for confirmation regarding that.

I am not sure about someone having max Transcended lv270 weapons vs lv 500 weapons. The newbie might get easier time than us whom spent a lot of time and silver on Transcendence. Poof, here is your lv ??? weapon which is way superior than your Transcended weapon.

Bungie did that once and they had to bring back famous Year 1 weapons into Year 2. Not to mention this is a MMO, later stuffs will always be superior than the previous

u still keep more than 60% of ur shards with the dismantle hammer
(and its really easy to find, i have like 15+ )

More than 60%?
I am sorta getting conflicting information here then. Do you have a more exact number or can you give an example? I certainly hope its not random lol
Someone else told me they recovered 2/5.
Thanks a lot.

Too much investment into a game now.
I choose to be a plebian rather than a god.

I get that the game is about becoming stronger and etc, but I don’t think it’s making the game any more fun…just more grind hell and life burning.

BUT thank you for the guide as it has helped me decide it’ll be near impossible to achieve anything godly now.


lol someone told me it was 60%+, never tested o.o

youre not gonna test it next week? :wink:

i’m still deciding if i reroll for cleric, stick to my swordie and reset stats or just quit the game for good lol

i spent some silver on that weapon, so i duno if i should dismantle it right now


Seems like the transcend bonus applies on current primary weap value rather than its stage of enhancement when it was transcended.
I updated the guide accordingly. Hopefully someone can test this with two high lv weapons soon. Otherwise I will do it myself … eventually :V

i can confirm this. the value of bonus damage from transcend depends on its current state. noticed it when my +13 mana went down to +11. (mana mana is a Flat damage, so i won’t be wrong between the numbers)

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